July 31, 2010

Pray For Us


Shirt by Band of Outsiders, Cape by French Connection, Rolled Trousers by H&M, Boots by Burberry Prorsum, Necklace by Alex + Chloe

I miss my black wardrobe. This month has been a roller coaster of emotions that kind of bled into my outfits these past few days. I think the world of retail having a job and paying for my own stuff this weather is really starting to mess with my head. I cannot wait for my family Euro-trip in September... maybe I will get to experience some form of Summer?

The shopping list continues to grow as another month comes to an end. BUT I NEED THEM.

- jerome

July 27, 2010

Panic at the Laundromat

Clothing and Shoes by Prada

Ever have something make it into the washer/dryer that really, really, REALLY wasn't supposed to? Well that is what happened to this gray Prada cardigan. I bought it at the Duomo store in Milano when I was 17. It was one of my favorites, and I wore it everywhere, but never washed it. About a year after its purchase I drunkenly mistakenly put it in my laundry basket, and it became about half the size it originally was. I was never able to part with it, using it as a warmer layer. For whatever reason, I think it works (now) on its own as a play in proportion. But then again, that could also just be the magic of the Prada stirrup pant :)

- jerome

Burberry for Interview Magazine


Check out the August issue of Interview for a, uh, interview with Christopher Bailey. London's Burberry's wunderkind (wait, he's 39?!!) naturally stays on topic with his brand's vision and current events but manages to answer questions truthfully and respectfully, and always with such gracious humility. Read the interview here. And it is legit if you ask me, I met him!!

But how lush are these photos! Stylist Karl Templer plays with the many textures of Burberry Prorsum's A/W 2010 collection, layering shearling atop heavy wool topcoats. BRILLIANT. Craig McDean photographs these luxurious pieces, bringing a dark and smoldering aura to Bailey's creations.

"I live with my eyes open. I never try to force myself to be inspired. I’m not someone who feels that they have to go to a foreign country or another culture to look for inspiration. Without sounding like a ponce, I think life is such a journey that you’re kind of discovering things the whole time. When you’re conscious of that and you don’t take it for granted, and when you meet new people and see beautiful things and get to travel the way we do in this industry, you can be constantly inspired. The trick is to recognize that and keep a little bank of impressions in your head. And who knows when they are going to pop out for you. But I never look for inspiration. When you start to say, “Okay, now I’ve got to think of something for the next collection,” it never works. You end up being blocked." - Christopher Bailey

- jerome

July 26, 2010

Runway Re-BOOT

Denim Shirt and Jeans by Uniqlo, A/W 2010 Burberry Runway Boots

Sometimes I forget just how much I adore a collection until it hits stores. It seems like endless seasons pass before runway looks actually make it to the sales floor. So when these Burberry Distressed Leather boots arrived in the store, I was delightfully surprised and fell in love all over again with the collection. The beautiful, buttery leather is such a treat to put on! Notice the wide silhouette of the boot that uses an authentic, historical shape to add romance to any ensemble. This collection featured plenty of shearling and double breasted coats inspired by aviators found in Burberry's archives. What really impresses me is that the looks are grand and dramatic but still totally wearable.

I need to keep a list of things I have my eye on each season. With such limited runs of special runway pieces, hardly anything makes it to sale anymore. Finds like this are a swift kick to my paycheck's balls pleasant surprise, but it is best to be prepared!!

- jerome

July 21, 2010

Jewelry, Magic, and Transformation Sequences

You can see from my previous post that I have started to dress like those smart lesbian extras who gossip a lot and provide comedic relief in the magical girl cartoons from Japan. Clearly, I have been watching too much Anime. But seriously, I wish I could get ready like this in the morning:

Transformation sequences from Mai-Otome Zwei

There are certain pieces in my jewelry collection that feel magical to me. Whether it is the shape of the stone or the whimsy of the setting, a unique ring or necklace can be empowering. My ring fetish has controlled my mood on more than one occasion. Sometimes I realize I have forgotten my rings when I get to work and a bad day is almost sure to ensue. They may not let me break it down in a transformation sequence, but my rings are my armor, my magic, and my se-kuuur-ity. So imagine, then, the jewelgasms that happen at Anna Dello Russo's flat. Observe how she stores - or displays - her collection of jewelry. Her pieces simulate armor when worn together, especially on top of her runway looks. Check it out through Tommy Ton's eyes.

Photos from JAK&JIL and ADR

ADR said that because she wears looks straight from the runway, her jewelry is one of the best ways to add a personal touch to her fashion week wardrobe. I believe a statement ring or brooch can change an outfit completely. Details like personal jewelry, understated or over-the-top, are a sign of high fashion and taste when executed properly. My rings may not be the catalyst for some sweet henshin action be made from precious metals and stones but they are magical!

- jerome

July 18, 2010

The Sun Also Rises

Shirt by Gucci, Harness by Zana Bayne, Tee by Brian Lichtenberg for BISTB, Denim by Levi's, and Shoes by Whoop-Dee-Doo

Once again the weather is hot! The mornings in my neighborhood are incredibly deceptive. I walk out the door in a trench and boots when I should really be kickin' it in a tank and my JUUN.J sandals, or as my co-worker says, AIR JORDAN JESUS.

I am also pleased to see more of Jessica Stam. She was my favorite for a long time, and it looks like she's still got it! Alexi Lubomirski shoots Jessica in this amazing Spanish-themed editorial for Harper's Bazaar US. Have I ever mentioned my thing for matadors??

- jerome

July 14, 2010

One Day, I Met Christopher Bailey

In the fashion world, you deal with A LOT OF PERSONALITY. There are egos to pad, toes to avoid stepping, and plenty of poker-faces to play when you want to speak to the right people. It is easy to develop an attitude when there are crowds of fans whispering your name, eager to meet the famous you... especially when YOU are the chief creative officer for one of the world's largest luxury brands, and the recipient of countless accolades in the fashion industry including the CFDA's International Designer of the Year Award. The average man might have an incredibly inflated self-esteem from such accomplishments. Luckily, Christopher Bailey is an exception to the rule, and one of the most humble people I have ever met.

I met Bailey during the launch party for Burberry Beauty, the first cosmetics line released by the brand. There were samples of foundation, lip gloss, shadows, and the rest of the beauty range, designed to be the finishing touch for the "Burberry girl." The packaging is really fresh: a simple etched check motif decorates the metallic covers and faces of each product.

Burberry Beauty now available Online and at select Nordstrom locations

The intimate event was attended by a choice crowd of socialites and high-profile clients. It was brief but I was satisfied after talking to Christopher (saying that I talked to CB hasn't gotten old yet) if not for the simple fact that there was no shortage of aggressive people seizing the opportunity to speak to the face of Burberry. It was such a relief to meet such a praised powerhouse in the industry who is full of talent and energy, but remains grounded and sincere when speaking to his colleagues and audience. I mean, how am I supposed to respond when CB asks how I'm doing? Apparently, "I'm very well and honored to meet you." I asked him what was next for men's Prorsum, but he said he hasn't begun work on A/W yet. I'm not surprised considering his schedule but I was delighted when he confirmed my suspicions about punk being an influence for the SS2011 collection. As his fierce PR team lead him from person to person I noticed his efforts to give full attention to whomever he was conversing with and obliged all requests for photos. There was a moment when Bailey was pulled aside from the fray to take press shots for the event. He politely excused himself and nervously tried to find his own angles without a jaded bone in his body. He seemed slightly fidgety and self-conscious - AS ANY NORMAL HUMAN BEING WOULD/SHOULD REACT.

Trench by Burberry, Shirt by Uniqlo, Khakis by J.Crew, Bag by Louis Vuitton, Vintage Boots and Sunglasses

Meeting Christopher Bailey was special for me; he is not just a celebrity, but an artist I respect and whose career I have followed with great passion. I still don't know what to expect from Burberry in the future. The brand is a purveyor for apparel, shoes, accessories, and fragrance (for men, women, and children), and now cosmetics. It is a little intimidating (or uplifting depending on how you view it) to see such growth from a fashion house in this economy. Whatever the next move is, I am comfortable with being a faithful client to the brand because I know it is in the hands of one of the good guys.

- jerome

July 13, 2010

Prepping for Spring


Shirt by Prada, Khakis by J.Crew, Belt by Burberry Prorsum, Desert Boots by Louis Vuitton

This whole barely-any-sunlight thing is getting old. Will spring ever come?? I am taking advantage of every ray of light I see, faking a reason to wear my spring wardrobe. Blue, olive, tan, white, and black pretty much sum up my current color palette.

- jerome

July 11, 2010

Keep It Casual

Trench by Burberry, Denim by J.Crew, Shoes by Lanvin, Clutch by Longchamp, Vintage Shirt

The cold keeps me in my castle on a cloud, but I headed to the cinema in an effort to stay sane. Good thing I have my trench coats to keep me cute (and warm) no matter what I wear. This is what I wore to the movies on my lazy day off. In a dark theater or club I prefer clutches so I can keep track of my belongings and minimize handbag spills. This cross-body was a hand-me-down from my mother. Never underestimate the power of the classics: a great coat, a classy clutch, and a cast of colors can go along way when you have no energy to try.

Also, check out the poster I have there for stand ins. Emma Watson does all my test shots ;)

- jerome

July 9, 2010

It's Morphin' Time!

Meet two new lovely additions to my closet: Burberry's Britton Trench in Honey Gabardine and Prorsum Coin Belt. I am going through a Louis Vuitton and Burberry phase because I am hella asian, but I figure if you are going to be obsessed with luggage and trench coats, lusting for the original isn't so bad.

Britton Trench and Prorsum Coin Belt by Burberry, Denim by Uniqlo, Vintage Boots, and Trench 46 (below) by Burberry

This trench coat is a shorter version of one I already own. The set-in sleeve makes the coat more casual, slim fit, and versatile when compared to my first Burberry Gabardine trench. See how this short version is more youthful/modern than the standard trench length you usually see on older types. Burberry's recent runway shows have had a strong military element that incorporates a belt in almost every look. This is my favorite belt from Spring 2010, and I am happy that it goes well with the beige color I have been obsessing over this season. It looks like the morphing devices from Power Rangers, but remember that the design is inspired by hunting ammunition belts.

Back to my first love, the Trench 46. I have lost weight since I bought it so it is one size big, which is a shame since the cut of the coat is fuller to begin with. Anyway, see how the belt updates the coat and tailors the shape to my body. The raglan sleeve (sewn into the neck) allows for more room in the shoulder to wear a suit jacket or heavy sweater comfortably underneath. This will be useful for the future if I gain a ton when I'm older ever move to a colder place. Thanks to global warming, it may start snowing here... I cannot believe my trench coats are useful in July. SUMMER FAIL.

- jerome

July 8, 2010

Gray Days in June Gloom

I finally start appreciating color, and then San Francisco decides to revert to darkness. The constant cloudiness has me reaching for the black once more. Oddly enough, there were plenty of A/W styles for spring which might prove useful next year because winter likes to stick around longer in the city by the bay. Here are some looks from Spring/Summer 2001 that matches my mood now; and while we are on the subject, I am still in dire need of the elusive PS1 in either smoke, navy, or pre-fall print. Seriously, is there PS1 to fit every mood?


SS2011 Looks from top to bottom: Tim Hamilton, ACNE, Burberry Prorsum

California dreamin' is for San Franciscans too. I am aching for some sunlight and pray that I get some before fall arrives. Seriously, I need more weather to justify new additions to my wardrobe!

- jerome

July 7, 2010

Unusual Suspect

My daily commute is filled with colorful stories. I usually tweet what I see in the morning because it makes my bus rides go faster, and documenting my #munidiaries has become a ritual. Mobile technology has rendered fake calls/texting obsolete in awkward or lengthy situations because you can update statuses instead of lying in an act of desperation. Sometimes I take pictures of the people or things I see if I'm ballsy.

So whenever a great moment catches me off-guard, I cannot help but stare impolitely and take pictures. Like this guy. I was pleasantly surprised by this man who got on the bus completely low key but dressed in head-to-toe designer. I will not get into specifics with who made his tee or which jeans he made into cut offs (both bought at Barney's). However, his backpack had me beaming with curiosity. Here is someone who obviously invests in designer goods, but dresses as if he shops thrift. It is not intentionally rebellious or categorized; rather his style is reserved for people who know what they are looking at - or at least that is what I gathered from this brief encounter. I was smitten with his rucksack but it was not until I looked at the Rag & Bone patch that I knew it was designer, then the rest fell into place. Notice the utility knife and pens... he uses the compartments and wears the bag as it was meant to be used. Chic! Who needs a knife though?

My Louis Vuitton usually surprises people. Carrying accessories that are unexpected yet appropriate and complimentary is a challenge, which is why I think I am addicted to bags. Monograms may be obvious, but pair it with menswear and you get something new. The same is true with gladiator sandals, cut out shoes, or Cuban heels: they can be the show stoppers on the right outfit, with or without a label.

- jerome

July 4, 2010

Asian Tendencies

Glasses by SEE Eyewear, Oragami Shirt by Gucci, Tee by H&M, Harness by Zana Bayne, Barbed Wire Ring by Burberry Prorsum

After a lifetime of squinting to read the On-Demand menu on the television I finally got glasses. I thought I couldn't look more Asian but I am NOT A QUITTER. I love my new glasses: a standard metal frame that is light weight and practical. Originally I had planned to get some sort of vintage silhouette, but somehow I fell in love with something modern. The wonderful people and selection at SEE Eyewearoffer amazing frames made in mom and pop factories all throughout Europe, all designed to be ultra chic without logos.

I can actually see things clearly now! Plus, this opens me up to a whole new world of accessories!

- jerome