February 14, 2014

Jeremy Scott FW14 Backstage

Jeremy Scott with the legendary Caroline Cerfe de Dudzeele

At Jeremy Scott's FW14 runway show, I found myself amongst so many photographers and bottles of coconut/smart water I didn't know what to do with myself.  Backstage at Milk Studios is always a rush.  It is fun to be around the clothing, the energy, and the passion that comes from back of house - when everything is running smoothly like that day anyway.  Here are a few shots I took from behind the scenes.  Catch the rest on The Wild Magazine Online!!

- jerome

Soo Joo Park

I took a taxi with my girl Soo Joo to the Jeremy Scott FW14 runway show.  She wore a beautiful Sandy Liang coat with such ease, as if it were nothing more than a white t-shirt.  She woke up like this.

- jerome

February 11, 2014

Zana Bayne FW14

Zana Bayne presented a stunning Fall 2014 collection.  I strongly suggest you look up the runway images.  During the show the entire room was silent, with the exception of some gasping and jaw dropping.  The tassel leather leggings are a stand out in the collection, as is the croc embossed bride.

It was very special to witness this collection.  I have known Zana since we were young and running around San Francisco.  She has come such a long way and she works very hard with such beautiful and well deserved results.  Congratualtions, Zana!

- jerome

February 6, 2014

Deszo by Sara Beltran FW14 Presentation

Shaman Carlos Sanchez and Guru Ravi Singh wearing Dezso by Sara Beltran FW14 Shiva collection.

Duckie Brown FW14

"The Duckie Has Two Faces."  Duckie Brown doing womenswear is really exciting.  I was unable to take the best photos from where I was standing at this show, but I urge you to you check out the entire collection here.  The silhouettes are innovative yet wearable, new yet familiar.  Do not miss the shoes for both the men and women - I am guessing by Florsheim - I'M GOING TO NEED A PAIR OKAY.

- jerome

Ernest Alexander FW14 Collection

Carlos Campos FW14 Presentation