January 30, 2011

Dreaming of Vacation

Miles Aldridge for L’Uomo Vogue 2005

So it looks like my plans to go to NYFW have been foiled. I suppose this gives me more time to save for another Birkin Milan Fashion Week in June!! That being said, it is clear that I need a vacation. First, my blog has been neglected and my days off are filled with photoshoots and house cleaning. Not that I don't enjoy shoots, but technically I haven't had a day off in months. Second, I realized how much I miss my friends. They are an inspiration, and many are leaving San Francisco so I have to spend time with them while I can. Perhaps I can take a staycation. Or eff it all, let's all go to Mardi Gras in March??

This editorial is pretty fantastic and sums up what I want my future to look like: exotic luggage, sharp suits, and salt and pepper business menz all up in my first class. I remember this spread in L’Uomo Vogue back in 2005. It captured the vibrant colors and luxe vibe that I was really feeling at the moment. Things have come full circle. I mean, who could forget Vincent Lacrocq?? EVER?? Someone take me on a private jet to go shopping.


- jerome

January 23, 2011

Man Peplums in Paris

Louis Vuitton A/W 2011

I always get a feeling of satisfaction and validation whenever my current style mood is in tune with some of my favorite designers. As we have seen in Milan and Paris, menswear is back in menswear! Even when pushing the envelope and walking the line between androgyny and drag, there is an unmistakable masculine attitude to the latest collections. There is a special place in my heart for Milano, but my soul belongs to the shows in Paris. And God bless them, the designers are doing peplums!! (Kind of!!)

2010 was the year of Louis Vuitton for me. I was quite taken to the womens Spring show and the message of finding beauty within the mix of city and nature. San Francisco is really a perfect example of this juxtaposition. This latest menswear collection was very modern. I love the small clutches, portfolios, and other leather goods balancing out the hard, structured ready to wear. The exaggerated lengths on the blazer silhouettes were a pleasant surprise, as were the pops of color. But of course my favorite looks were the belted blazers that created the peplum effect!!

Ann Demeulemeester can suit up a storm. Each collection really showcases technique by mixing draped garments with tailored looks. I am not sure I quite understand the weaves the models had this season. That being said OMFG I NEED TO GET DOWN WITH SOME DECONSTRUCTED CUMMERBUNDS AND WAISTCOATS. See how these unbuttoned layers of fabric create a skirted silhouette.

One other show I had my eye on in Paris was 3.1 Phillip Lim. It was the designer's first show in Paris for the brand, and I believe the collection is worthy showcasing at PFW. But Phillip Lim has always been a checking account drainer for me. The prints and baseball jackets really caught my eye. Bi-material garments might be my new lust in 2011. I can relate to Lim's use of color in that I like to dress with a neutral palette and use color or print as a statement. Aaaand check out that skirt action with the layering!

- jerome

January 18, 2011

Nice Collective Mobile Unit

San Francisco design darlings Nice Collective brings you their forward thinking pop up store. The retail space is better known as a mobile unit as the boutique will move throughout different locations in SF. This is Nice Collective's first stand alone store. Like their clothing, Nice Collective's store design is futuristic and chic. There are cameras in the walls projecting images of all who cross them, and the dressing rooms are reminiscent of decontamination zones. I wish I could have taken more pictures of the space, but there were so many people! But thanks to the interwebz, the collection can be seen on the Nice Collective website.

The opening party brought out the Bay's finest gentlemen. I am glad to see a brand from San Francisco be so successful. Nice Collective is a true inspiration for designers working out of the Bay Area who want to remain local. I cannot wait for the next mobile unit! If you cannot make it out to the store, Nice Collective clothing is available in specialty boutiques all over the world, and via e-commerce.

- jerome

January 17, 2011

A Lesson in Layering


Vintage Versace tee, J.Crew Khakis, COS Boots, H&M Cable Knit and Leather Jacket, Hermès Bracelet and Rings

Layering is essential in the unpredictable weather changes of the Bay Area. I try not to have any layers that couldn't be worn on their own. I follow a simple formula: basic white tee, a textured sweater, a strong outerwear piece, simple bottoms, and statement jewelry. The severity of each piece is usually interchangeable, except for the basic tee. I always have love for the purity of a basic jersey tee.

This palette of stone, white, and earth tones is the middle ground between my past of pure black and my future of color. Recently I had dinner with my partner's best friend's father. He was talking about the 1980's and the strange phenomenon of people wearing colors that weren't found in nature. It was funny, but it stuck a serious chord with me. I realized that my favorite monochromatic palettes all exist in nature. Even the brightest of shades can be found in the most heavenly of nebulae, which explains my preference for softer hues.

- jerome

January 16, 2011

Obey the Kitty Launch Party

I am working a new party at Vessel San Francisco. It feels great to be behind the camera again. There are some photographic opportunities that never happen here the same way as in smaller, dirty nightclubs, but maybe this is a sign of growing up. Larger venues can be intimidating, but I instantly vibed with the crowd. I love to see people who dress to impress!! Hosted by the lovely ladies of Betsey Johnson, Obey the Kitty is a new weekly party that brings an excellent mix of fashion, art, and music. Click on the pictures to view the gallery.



- jerome

January 10, 2011

Man Peplum

Jumper by N.Hoolywood, Tee by Dries Van Noten, Vintage Pants, Shoes by Whoop-De-Doo, Hermès Bracelet and Bag

I think I've been reading too much of The Man Repeller. Come to think of it, I have always put looking/feeling cute leaps ahead of comfort and getting laid, so perhaps the blog resonated with me on some subconscious level. It is not news that fashion gays are not top picks for hook-ups - the tights and heels are not the first thing to turn on the guys they are attracted to (unless they have a very specific fetish) - but we are they are certainly at the top of the fierce chain. Where it counts. Fashion gays are easily man repellers themselves, but the lack in conventional sex appeal is backed by an even sexier confidence. Unless someone wore the same shoes. Then you get back handed by a bitch/man wearing jewelry and shoes that double as weapons.

I dared to try and develop some sort of skirt with a shirt. Spawned from laziness, I discovered I create a sort of peplum when I layer a small sweater with an oversized tee that I refuse to change. Go with it. But be careful because it can easily look frumpy. That is why my choice for under shirt was a lovely print by Dries Van Noten. Now if I could just remember to keep my legs together (ha!) I would be showing you that diamond silhouette I was talking about. Oh well. Also, remind me to get a wind machine because it would really help in showing you a better peplum... a work in progress.

- jerome

Target Acquired: Hermès Collier De Chien in Vert Bronze and Bleu Indigo

So here are my new precious babies in all of their glory: Hermès Collier De Chien in Vert Bronze and Bleu Indigo. Only the sun can bring out their true colors. Both are suede with palladium hardware. I am very lucky to have got them, as the Hermès store in San Francisco sells out of these almost instantaneously. The last time I tried one on was when I bought my Birkin, and trying to get one of these on top of a bag is a little insane when you're not ballin' out of control.

When I spotted the Indigo CDC, I knew it was going home with me. I mean, the various shades of Hermès Bleu speak to me, and this indigo just sings next to my Bleu de Malte Birkin. By chance the Vert Bronze CDC was returned to the counter as I went to pay. Of course it is the perfect everyday color to my current wardrobe palette! I am absolutely in love with the gorgeous luster of the hardware, the shape and size of the medor details, and the soft texture and grain to the suede. See how special the fasteners to the bracelets are! Luckily the womens leather jewelry fits me. After a few wears you can feel the leather give way and mold to your wrists.

Hermès is the new Pokemon. GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL.

- jerome

January 9, 2011

Moving Forward

Bracelets by Hermès

Finding just the right accessory to make you get over a phobia is empowering. I discovered that I can actually wear things on my wrists. All of a sudden I am finding more inspiration in the world around me; catalysts to evolve my look I think. Last year I preferred the top heavy silhouette with the aid of button downs and parkas. The year before that the uniform was slim with draping accents. Now I am in the mood for an elongated diamond shape - a tailored top, a statement in the waist and wrists, and a tapered leg with heeled or statement shoes. Bring on the belts and bracelets from Hermès. I will show you what I mean very soon. In the mean time, lets take a trip back memory lane to Prada's A/W2008 runway show. Mine is not quite as severe, but BEHOLD: THE MAN PEPLUM.

Photos from GQ.com

This look is achieved by layering sweaters and oversized t-shirts. Again, I will show you what I mean in the coming posts. The current climate (and recent weather conditions in general) make for horrible lighting on my little runway of a balcony. Hopefully I will be able to get back on the horse and take some consistent photos. Enjoy some music videos of the girly music I listen to on the way to work.

Here is the kind of pillow talk I have with my honey:

me: "I guess I am really influenced by English musicians. My dad had me listening to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones at a young age."
him: "Yeah, for some reason I would go crazy for 'Get Off My Cloud' when I was a baby. Like I would not stop laughing."
me: "Cute! So yeah, I listened to them growing up. And even when I was a teen, the Spice Girls changed everything."
him: "Wait, wait... something changed there..."

Happy Monday, everyone. I am still deliciously gay for English songstresses.

- jerome

Weekend Update: Phobias Lost

I usually hate returning things. In fact I only take back merchandise if there is an unforgivable flaw I missed, or if there is an emergency. This was an emergency. Working in close proximity to Hermès is a blessing and a curse. On my lunch break I discovered that two Collier de Chien bracelets came to the Hermès boutique around the corner from my work. I tired them on and it was crystal clear I would not leave without them. Here is a small preview of the newest members of my family.

What is most surprising is that this is my second bracelet purchase in three years. I rarely wear anything on my wrists because I have a strange sensation whenever something is on them for a long period of time. These CDCs, along with the enamel bangles I purchased in Shanghai last year, are the only pieces that have felt correct when I put them on. They are comfortable and personal, and perfect.

In order to afford these new acquisitions, I had to return two Twillys so my entire paycheck wouldn't disappear before my very eyes to help foot the bill. I am not too upset because I was not so attached to them yet. The pink Pour Sortir Twilly I purchased online was much more hot pink in person, and the Brides de Gala from the first Twilly Tuesday of the year had not even been used yet. I may return for the latter at a later date because I am still in love with the color, but when opportunity knocks, you have to make it work. More coverage on my new dog collars soon!

- jerome

January 4, 2011

Happy Twilly Tuesday, Everyone!

Twilly Scarf by Hermès

This is my first Hermès purchase for the new year. I think the Twilly is such an excellent and relatively affordable item from the land of orange boxes. A Twilly is a silk piece cut from larger scarf designs. These baby scarves are easier to use for accessories and soft jewelry. Twillys will cost you no more than the average price for a luxury tie, and with high demand and few supply, the beautiful designs become highly collectible.

Personally, I hate mixing labels when it comes to bags, charms, and accessories. Each designer brand has a unique aesthetic and personality that doesn't have the same "plays well with others" capabilities as clothing. Can you imagine a monogrammed charm worth with a bag of another monogram design?? BARF. You can pair handbags to outfits, but mixing hardware, leathers, monograms, and/or engraving makes my toes curl. Thus you will only see my Twillys worn on Hermès leather goods or on the body :)

- jerome

Fresh Faces - Jacob Crumbley

Jacob wears Polo by Comme des Garçons X H&M

Happy New Year, everyone! It has been a crazy busy past couple of weeks. Work is slowly but surely coming back to a normal load and pace, so I hope to be back blogging to you at regular intervals. Apart from my day job, I told you I have been doing some styling work with some amazing talent. It totally paid off!

Behold, a "portrait session" with Jacob Crumbley. Major models in NYC signed him after just an online video and a few photos. What a face!! I had the pleasure of working with him under the direction of my good friend Anthony Deeying. My inspiration came from Jacob's boyish charms. Don't miss the plush-toy necklace and Manicorn tank!! I am so proud of this work. And if you want more, THE STORY CAN BE SEEN ON THE FASHIONISTO!!! Consider my mind blown.

Custom tee, stylist's own; Scrimmage sweater by Y-3, Custom Rilakkuma Plush-toy necklace, stylist's own, Khakis by J.Crew; Manicorn tank by Berhard Willhelm.

Thanks for sticking with me!! I hope everyone had a safe and joyous holiday. Back to work!!

- jerome