January 17, 2011

A Lesson in Layering


Vintage Versace tee, J.Crew Khakis, COS Boots, H&M Cable Knit and Leather Jacket, Hermès Bracelet and Rings

Layering is essential in the unpredictable weather changes of the Bay Area. I try not to have any layers that couldn't be worn on their own. I follow a simple formula: basic white tee, a textured sweater, a strong outerwear piece, simple bottoms, and statement jewelry. The severity of each piece is usually interchangeable, except for the basic tee. I always have love for the purity of a basic jersey tee.

This palette of stone, white, and earth tones is the middle ground between my past of pure black and my future of color. Recently I had dinner with my partner's best friend's father. He was talking about the 1980's and the strange phenomenon of people wearing colors that weren't found in nature. It was funny, but it stuck a serious chord with me. I realized that my favorite monochromatic palettes all exist in nature. Even the brightest of shades can be found in the most heavenly of nebulae, which explains my preference for softer hues.

- jerome

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