June 27, 2011

3.1 Phillip Lim SS12


SEN MITSUJI + PHILLIP LIM = all I want for Christmas

- jerome

June 25, 2011

I Wanna See You Peacock-cock-cock-cock

I miss Milano very much. It will always hold a special place in my heart. I cultivated my photography style in Milan, both in the club and on the street. Going over Tommy Ton's photos brought back a surge of nostalgia. I wish that I could be there for fashion week again with my friends, celebrating every night at PLASTIC. My favorite thing about Milan is that everyone is always dressed - and dressed well.

My current basic formula for an outfit includes a nice collared shirt, some bracelets, and some color. The Milanese have it down. It seems as if every well dressed man has a blazer, a striped cuff, and a stack of beads. European men are not so shy when it comes to dressing up, nor are they bashful with their brights. In the US, unfortunately, it is such an event when a straight man decides to get dressed in colorful hues. I Pitti Uomo pity these American men.

Coming in July, I will be in New York for vacation. I am already planning my wardrobe as it will be sweltering and my Bay Area arsenal of outerwear and shirting will be rendered useless. It has been a busy few weeks and the break is much needed. Hopefully I can post more. Until then, enjoy the sun everyone!!

- jerome

June 21, 2011

Palladium Powers

Say hello to my new piece of jewelry: The gauntlet finger cuff from Burberry Prorsum SS11. I have had this little gem for a few months now. It is pretty delicate, but I love it. The individual chevrons are linked at the edges, providing mobility in the finger of your choosing. Burberry's SS11 collection was biker inspired, which is why I was surprised about the midieval look to the ring. Like with other runway pieces, this was quite the headache to procure. Only one or two of each size were sent to flagship stores in the US (the ring is available in S, M, and L). Try your luck at the nearest Burberry Flagship.

Fringe Jacket by Jean Paul Gaultier, Gauntlet Finger Cuff Ring by Burberry Prorsum, Bracelets by Hermés

I am still stacking bracelets on the daily. Silver and Palladum have become my fetish. I love the striking luster of white hot hardware! For my birthday, my mother gifted me the Hermés Kelly Double Tour Bracelet in black. I am simply obsessed. Wearing these pieces together makes me feel like I am wearing weapons. My partner agrees, especially when I end up poking/pinching him with jewelry. Oops. WARNING: not everyone has the same anything-for-fashion attitude when it comes to sharp accessories.

- jerome

June 14, 2011

Spectacles Spectacle

These are just a taste of the 20 piece eyewear collection from the Thom Browne X Dita collaboration that will be debuted during Paris Fashion Week later this month. I am already in love with the round and wayfarer silhouettes, and with added shields and grommets á la Tank Girl, these sunglasses are sure to be a hit. Let's just hope that Thom Browne designed something for those of us with wider, rounder faces. It will be hard to replace my Karen Walker staples, but these might just be classy-but-outside-the-box enough to win me over. Fashion Month is on :)

- jerome

June 10, 2011

Target Acquired: Hermès 40cm Clemence Noir Birkin Bag

For my 25th Birthday, I finally got the beautiful black Birkin of my dreams. It really is the most amazing bag in the world: timeless, unparalleled quality in materials, and iconic. The 40cm in black was always my dream Birkin, but for the longest time I lusted after the Togo leather with gold hardware. I suppose fate wanted me to see my options first. After spending much time with my first born (The 35cm Clemence Bleu de Malte), I fell in love with the versatility of the Palladium hardware and the soft hand and drape of the Clemence leather. A 40cm Birkin made in Clemence, when empty, folds onto itself like it has been well traveled. Fill it with your belongings, and it has all the structure of a Togo bag. It is the perfect balance!!

Thank goodness I waited, thank my parents for putting an end to the madness, and thank JESUS the perfect bag was in stock for my birthday. Lady luck was on my side, and it is already shaping up to be a wonderful year!! I am sorry it took so long to post a picture haha

- Jerome

June 7, 2011

The Greatest Love of All

Leather Fringe Jacket by Jean Paul Gaultier, Gray Tank by Brian Lichtenberg, Trousers by H&M, High Tops by Lanvin, Sunglasses by Karen Walker, Leather Bracelets by Hermés, Spiked Bracelet by Funk Plus, Rings by Burberry Prorsum

A good client of mine at work surprised me a few days ago with a gift: a mint condition Jean Paul Gaultier Leather Jacket circa 1985. He had no idea that it was my birthday, or just how much I would appreciate such a piece. We had been talking about leather jackets for the past few weeks as I helped him to acquire a few new pieces for himself. I told him how much I love leather jackets and the budding collection I've been growing over the years. To my great astonishment he revealed that he had been collecting designer leather jackets for years, and that his collection boasts a whopping 150+ pieces. Needless to say there are some pieces that haven't been worn in a while. His wife had been hinting at the need for a downsize in the 3 closets that houses the collection, and I didn't think anything of it when he offered me to try on a selection from his prized possessions. When he finally came in I gladly and graciously accepted the generous gift when he said, "I have no use for it anymore. It suits your style more than mine, even if it is a show piece."

I still cannot believe this man's generosity. I am the proud and lucky new owner of a vintage Gaultier leather jacket. He said the piece had been worn approximately 7 times. It is missing the belt, but that can definitely be replaced. I am in love with the soft yet structured leather, lined with a triple tier of fringed leather. The cropped style anchored with a broad shoulder is a tell-tale sign of what era it comes from. I am debating weather or not to keep the shoulder pads, but for now I want to appreciate this jacket in its original design. I say that this piece is from 1985 because my client said that it is the men's version (plus fringe) of the biker jacket Whitney Houston wears in her music video for "The Greatest Love of All." BONUS POINTS.

One of the greatest gifts you could ever give someone is something that you feel truly suits them. What makes this jacket such an awesome gift isn't just that it is by Gaultier I MEAN THAT IS A HUGE PART OF IT, but mostly because it was personally given based on interest and appreciation. He knew it would suit me, and I am forever grateful to my fellow collector. What comes around, goes around everyone :)

Speaking of the greatest love of all, the same day I received this jacket, my partner dislocated his shoulder while grappling in a sparring exercise at his training gym. I have been happily playing the role of Nurse J while trying to make time to develop content for my blog. Bare with me. I'm back ;)

- jerome