June 10, 2011

Target Acquired: Hermès 40cm Clemence Noir Birkin Bag

For my 25th Birthday, I finally got the beautiful black Birkin of my dreams. It really is the most amazing bag in the world: timeless, unparalleled quality in materials, and iconic. The 40cm in black was always my dream Birkin, but for the longest time I lusted after the Togo leather with gold hardware. I suppose fate wanted me to see my options first. After spending much time with my first born (The 35cm Clemence Bleu de Malte), I fell in love with the versatility of the Palladium hardware and the soft hand and drape of the Clemence leather. A 40cm Birkin made in Clemence, when empty, folds onto itself like it has been well traveled. Fill it with your belongings, and it has all the structure of a Togo bag. It is the perfect balance!!

Thank goodness I waited, thank my parents for putting an end to the madness, and thank JESUS the perfect bag was in stock for my birthday. Lady luck was on my side, and it is already shaping up to be a wonderful year!! I am sorry it took so long to post a picture haha

- Jerome

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