June 21, 2011

Palladium Powers

Say hello to my new piece of jewelry: The gauntlet finger cuff from Burberry Prorsum SS11. I have had this little gem for a few months now. It is pretty delicate, but I love it. The individual chevrons are linked at the edges, providing mobility in the finger of your choosing. Burberry's SS11 collection was biker inspired, which is why I was surprised about the midieval look to the ring. Like with other runway pieces, this was quite the headache to procure. Only one or two of each size were sent to flagship stores in the US (the ring is available in S, M, and L). Try your luck at the nearest Burberry Flagship.

Fringe Jacket by Jean Paul Gaultier, Gauntlet Finger Cuff Ring by Burberry Prorsum, Bracelets by Hermés

I am still stacking bracelets on the daily. Silver and Palladum have become my fetish. I love the striking luster of white hot hardware! For my birthday, my mother gifted me the Hermés Kelly Double Tour Bracelet in black. I am simply obsessed. Wearing these pieces together makes me feel like I am wearing weapons. My partner agrees, especially when I end up poking/pinching him with jewelry. Oops. WARNING: not everyone has the same anything-for-fashion attitude when it comes to sharp accessories.

- jerome


  1. Where would I find this item and whats the cost. I've owned serveral guantlets but only retained 2 *12-15yrs* & 1 recently aquired piece but nobody retail really sales them and are hard to locate.

    1. Hi Donald! This was a limited edition runway piece from Burberry Prorsum. I am actually trying to sell it, so contact me if you are interested. Gauntlet rings are still fairly common at punk shops like search and destroy and online. Look up Vivienne Westwood too, but of course, it is nice to try on these rings first because the joints have to be specific. Good luck!

      - jerome