December 30, 2011


Stella McCartney SS2011

During Christmas I was walking around my parents' garden and came across our calamansi tree. This tree was a small bush when we moved in, but it has grown into a magnificent part of our family. It bears the most delicious fruit. Calamansi is one of my favorite citrus flavors which I grew accustomed to from my Filipino heritage. The sun was shining down on the tree in such a way that was perfect for photographing. Calamansi reminds me of Stella McCartney's Spring prints from earlier this year.

As the Spring 2012 collections make their way into stores, I am excited to be planning my move to New York. My vacation plans to the Philippines and Hong Kong already have me stressed, but I think everything will run smoothly as soon as I return. Fashion week is but a month away and it will be my first time experiencing the harsh East Coast winter. Hopefully the end of March will be different for my move. I cannot wait for Spring!

- jerome

December 26, 2011

Outerlands Trouble

Karen Walker Sunglasses, Uniqlo +J Blazer, Gitman Brothers Vintage Shirt, J.Crew Khakis, Burberry Prorsum Loafers, Balenciaga Envelope Clutch

A few months ago I had a strange hair day because we drove with the passenger seat window open before my hair product could set brunch with my brother and his fiance at the amazing Outerlands restaurant in the Outer Sunset. The unique decor charms while the food satisfies cravings beautifully (I highly recommend the eggs, bacon, and gruyere on toast), and all the bread is apparently made fresh by the guy who owns the place. A post-meal coffee or tea at Trouble Coffee is essential. They have their own roast and the most amazing toast and pastries made in-house. And when you have had enough to eat and drink, General Store is there to satisfy your craving for craft with their selection of new and vintage clothing, accessories and home decor. The store even boasts a greenhouse in their backyard filled with succulents and plants for sale. Check out all of these awesome SF digs, all next door to each other! The neighborhood reminds me of a beach town. California.

This is a photo of my brother, Joseph and my soon to be sister-in-law, Saskia. We were all perched upon a large driftwood sculpture placed outside of the establishments I mentioned earlier in this post. Also, my Balenciaga envelope clutch. I still cannot get over the perfect Anthracite color matching the mugs at Trouble. I am glad I found these pictures on my phone. Sometimes I forget I even have a camera when I am having so much fun! Flash forward to the next month and we three had dinner with my niece. I don't think she has ever been past Masonic St., which is a total shame, but totally common. We have just the places for her to go to when she is looking for something to do on a beautiful day! I hope more people visit awesome places like Outerlands, Trouble Coffee, and General Store even though they are tucked away in a less frequented part of San Francisco. Support your local businesses!

- jerome

December 19, 2011

Christmas and Crystals

More photos HERE

I came across these photos of snow crystals by chance when searching for new jewelry. The cliche that certain things "...are like snow flakes; no two are alike" really had me excited. These specimens are some of my favorites. It is a wonder to think that snowflakes fall from the sky as microscopic masterpieces, all of which will never be repeated again. Did we start cutting out snowflakes made of paper only after the technology to photograph snow crystals was invented? I am not sure, but this bottle of malbec really wont allow me to do the research. For now, enjoy!

- jerome

December 14, 2011

Jerome Pour Homme Pour Tumblr

I started a tumblr! It will serve mainly as a "greatest hits" kind of page where I will post some of my favorite outfits. I think I will also post some of my favorite nightlife photos. Nothing has really been decided yet, but it is fun to play around with the possibilities. Follow me! Also, please comment if you have any suggestions for great tumblrs to follow. Interior design and fashion tumblrs are perfect for inspiration.

- jerome

December 9, 2011

Living in a Magazine

The soundtrack at my work has switched to holiday music and luckily our creative director has the same taste in music that I do. There is plenty of Queen and David Bowie, and even some fun with Camera Obscura. What took me by surprise was on old track by Zoot Woman. I was obsessed with the band at the pinnacle of my electro phase. They would prove to be my favorite band to listen to while applying eye make up. It is insane to think that this was about a decade ago. See how dated the looks are in these music videos. I am not praying for a come back for these styles, but these songs still have some power over me. Johnny Blake's voice can keep you warm at night.

- jerome

Sunset and the Smell of Leather

H&M Denim Jacket, J.Crew sweater and Chinos, Lanvin High Tops, Dior Homme Belt, Hermés Bracelets and Bag

The crisp air swept across my face as I was walking around town today. Sunset at 4:00PM in the city is a sign that Christmas is just around the corner. For the first time this season I was under-dressed and unprepared for an unforgiving cold that wouldn't melt away in the afternoon. But that ruffle of shopping bags and the satisfaction of crossing off names on a list...

There is a romance to the sun setting on the city skyline. That shade of amber lasts for just a few moments before San Francisco's fog swallows it whole again. Then it all fades to gray - to etoupe. I do love the smell of leather.

- jerome

December 8, 2011

Target Acquired: Hermés 40cm Veau Togo Etoupe Birkin Bag

Christmas came early this year. Behold my third child/Hermés handbag, the elusive 40cm Veau Togo Etoupe Birkin. Ever since I was a little boy I have dreamed of obtaining three coveted colors of the Birkin: A shade of Bleu, Noir, and either Etoupe or Gold. My trio is complete and I couldn't be more excited! I once crossed paths with this rare color before; I was lacking the funds and the soft and drapey Taurillon Clemence leather was not my first choice. With such a delicate hue, I wanted the leather to be structured. Patience and hard work and eating cheap food paid off once again! My luck at the San Francisco store may have something to do with the fact that my daily route to work includes a stroll right in front of Hermés, but I saw the plastic wrapped, factory fresh, newly shipped box opened and knew it was time.

The Veau Togo Etoupe leather is absolutely brilliant. The grain of this Togo skin is just as fine as in a Clemence and somehow just as soft and spongy. Usually Togo leather is stiff and rigid but this structured bag is firm yet supple. I am in love! Surprisingly I pulled the trigger on the 40cm. I was waiting for another 35cm bag, but my obsession with the color had a "more to love" effect on me. Etoupe is the perfect color of elegance. It reminds me of trench coats, dewy mornings, smoke from an extinguished candle, and tea. Hopefully this will put a hiatus on my Hermés bag hunger, but that may just be wishful thinking. Here is to another year of saving. Like I have said before, Birkins are like children - AND I'VE ALWAYS WANTED A BIG FAMILY.

Please don't shoot me.

- jerome

December 7, 2011

Meet Dee Dee

This is Dee Dee, the most adorable chug I have ever met. A chug is a mix between a chihuahua and a pug. Dee Dee prances instead of running, setting the cuteness bar quite high. I have been thinking about getting a precious puppy of my very own but with the move it seems unpractical. If I were to get one it would have to be the latest breed of adorable - See: pomsky.

- jerome

December 5, 2011

Spring in December

Blazer by Oscar de la Renta, Shirt by Uniqlo, Khakis by J.Crew, Loafers by Burberry Prorsum, Cuff by Hermés, Skull Bracelet by Links of London, PS1 Bag by Proenza Schouler, Thrifted and Vintage rings and bracelet

On the first day of December I visited the Ford Models offices here in San Francisco to scout candidates for a possible photoshoot. I have been dying to shoot the Burberry Prorsum studded jacket on the right guy! While browsing some of the new faces, a photo shoot featuring snowfall caught my attention. It dawned on me that I was wearing full blown Spring attire on what should have been a brisk winter's day. San Francisco's late summer barely lasted a week, and my spring clothes feel a little cheated. Living in actual seasons is another reason why I am excited to move to New York.

Behold my re-furbished PS1. To my dismay (or perhaps my mistreatment) my PS1 had gradually faded to a brown color. It was lovely, but the smoke color was one of the main reasons I bought the bag. To get the leather conditioned, protected, and back to its original hue, I dropped it off at Anthony's Shoe Repair. They are pricey and the service is not the greatest (I had to wait 4 weeks after they quoted me 2), but it was worth the wait. My sad distressed bag came back almost factory fresh. Actually, I have to break it in again, only this time the color should stay.

- jerome

December 3, 2011

A Really Good Base

Serdar Uzuntas SS2012 by Ersoy Alap for NICEBOYS

These looks serve as an excellent template for what I have been wearing on a daily basis. Clean shirting with an interesting outerwear piece in neutral colors will never do you wrong. I put my spin on it by adding strange proportions (knee high socks or chunk soled shoes) and ALWAYS some dangerous looking jewelry. If it looks like I can tenderize meat or make someone bleed with it, I will probably wear it. But rings, my first love, are my main focus. I love to stack my bracelets, however, it seems that everyone is overdoing the arm party and I think it is time for me to keep it simple and really pick my moments.

On the last day of last month, I purged my closet and sold some old treasures to acquire some new ones. I think that I have to really be careful with what I keep, store, and bring to New York. December is finally here! The holidays are my favorite time of the year (did I say that already??) which makes me a little anxious because it brings me closer to the most EPIC LIFE CHANGES that will occur in the next months. This is like a dream; I can't believe it is all really happening so fast.

- jerome

November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

This holiday season, I am thankful for Korean BBQ, Zachary Quinto coming out, and my SNL fantasy (Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, and Jason Sudeikis).

It has been an incredibly busy holiday. I have been really behind with writing while preparing for the big move to New York. To tell you the truth, I have been drowning myself in work, completely uninspired. But I have a helluva vacation lined up and I cannot wait to go to the Philippines and Hong Kong. Also, I might try and score a new camera on Black Friday so I can easily take more daily photos. Lugging around an SLR is neither easy nor practical. Other objectives for boxing day include a new flatscreen, a Playstation 3, and some Blu-Rays. The fact that there are no clothes, bags, or jewelry in that line up is telling. Either I am in a creative slump, or I am saving for my trip/move. Perhaps it's both. But the holidays are here, and I have much to appreciate: I have the best family and friends anyone could ask for!! This is my favorite time of the year. I hope you all get to spend time with your loved ones :)

- jerome

November 11, 2011


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in their Halloween video for Style Mint

An entire day of blogs, news, and Charmed has inspired me. I haven't been able to post lately on account of writer's block. A lot is about to happen in my life and the stress had me so flustered I forgot how fun fashion can be - it all depends on the mood I'm wearing. I just wish I wasn't in a savings holding pattern. Hours of correcting what the Halliwell sisters are wearing has made me want to go shopping!!

- jerome

November 10, 2011

All in the Family

Here is the legendary mother Jerry Hall and her gorgeous offspring Georgia-May Jagger in the latest campaign for H&M. I am forever in love with Jerry's glamor, and it is no surprise her looks would be passed on to Georgia-May. Flawless, unique, blond bombshell beauty - true signs of rock royalty.

Speaking of H&M, the launch for the Versace collaboration is only a week away. There are a few pieces that I want but I am reluctant to wait in line and join the madness this year. It was different for Comme des Garçons and Lanvin because those menswear pieces were timeless and seasonless. Versace is anything but subtle. I feel like you must be cautious when selecting from this season's limited editions. If you show up to a party wearing a turquoise palm tree print shirt, there is a huge chance some other queen will too, and no one will NOT notice.

- jerome

November 2, 2011

Varsity Blues

Zara Jacket, J. Crew Khakis, Lanvin High-Tops, Hermés Jewelry

My long time need for a letterman jacket has been temporarily sated by this piece from Zara. It isn't quite the quarterback special, but the contrast leather sleeves make this the big sister version. The proportions can be changed with a simple tuck, it wears quite differently from doing up the buttons. I love the shape of the neck as well. Applause for versatility!

As happy as I am about this jacket, I still want a nice letterman with my initials and a few patches. Let me know if you see something!! Obviously the prep and spike combo continues. I find myself wearing more black again, but I don't think I could ever give up color. There is much from my closet to be sold as I prepare to move to New York. I wonder what will make the cut and what will prove to be cases of fast fashion impulse buying...

- jerome

October 27, 2011

Black, Blanc, Blue: Back to Basics

Uniqlo +J Jacket, Zara Caftan, J. Crew Denim, Burberry Prorsum Loafers

Sometimes, nothing beats the classic combination of a crisp white shirt, your favorite jeans, and a well tailored jacket. Update the look and play with proportions. I can't wait to go shopping for winter :)

- jerome

October 18, 2011

Dries Van Noten SS2012

My favorite show from Paris was Dries Van Noten. Quite a bold statement, but this SS2012 collection is in tune with my personal style on every level. The prints, the tailoring, and even the peplum pants have my checking account tearing with anxiety. The master of prints mixes the city with the wilderness in a random - yet perfectly orchestrated - selection of images. The "lightscapes" are from the works of photographer James Reeve in a series that focuses on capturing the light in the dark. This theme is off beat for your average Spring show but Dries often benefits greatly from the unexpected. I never thought I could feel the same serenity in representations of both the ocean and Circus Circus, but trust Dries to harness that kind of emotion. He is so bad ass clever he decided to throw in an embellished matador jacket to an already stunning show of sophisticated silhouettes.

Dries was quoted backstage that he was inspired by the volume he had seen at the "Balenciaga and Spain" exhibit in San Francisco. DEAR DRIES: I CANT BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T CALL ME?!! I totally go to the de Young like all the time, dood!

I have to stay on top of these shirts so that I don't have another Céline mishap. The Circus Circus print reminds me of my childhood and running through the Midway, playing games to win stuffed animals and begging my parents for more quarters for the arcade. Everything would stop when the acrobats would perform over head. The peplum pants and shorts may have to be a try on, but I am pretty sure they will both be too feminine for my taste.

Photo by Emil Dizon


- jerome

October 17, 2011

Norman Ambrose SS2012

The last show I attended for New York Fashion Week was Norman Ambrose. I had no idea what to expect, but it was a treat when standing room guests were allowed seats and I was able to get to the second row. This came at a huge advantage for Ambrose's Spring 2012 runway presentation. There is an incredible amount of detail in the endless opulence of this collection. Each ensemble was dripping with sparkle; crafted from luxurious fabrics that were tailored to perfection.

There is a distinct Asian influence in the design. I loved the black paddy hats and mix of coral and jade. The stand out piece has to be the golden urchin jacket. Watching it come down the runway, I overheard one of the design assistants say that the piece was made of glass rods. That thing has to weigh a ton! Now I may not like the entire collection but I can appreciate the work and skill that went into it. Maybe one day I will be a legit Fu Tai Tai (the Mandarin term for "Real Housewives of China") and need a jewel encrusted cover up for my jewel encrusted bikini, but until then the only thing I can relate to is the urchin coat - kind of. It has to weigh as much as the Burberry Prorsum studded jacket. Still, a lovely presentation by Ambrose.

- jerome

October 14, 2011


Zara Tunic, H&M Trousers, Burberry Prorsum Loafers, Balenciaga Clutch

My obsession with the Céline silhouette continues. I may have missed out on the foulard blouse, but thank goodness for Zara and fast fashion. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT I GOT THIS CAFTAN/TUNIC/THING IN THE MEN'S SECTION?? I usually don't shop at this brand's men's department, but I was able to acquire the "limited edition" piece in New York. Zara has an approxiamte 2 week capsule turn around (introducing new looks every two weeks) so I am not quite sure what limited edition really means, but I could not find the tunic here in San Francisco. Perhaps limited edition pieces are only available at certain locations. This tunic is one of my new favorite daily staples. Not only does it fill the void in my heart closet of the Céline blouse, but it is also excellent for layering. The front-tuck is perfect for the long top. Also, behold my new Balenciaga envelope clutch. I was attracted to the anthracite color because it is a shade of blue/ocean that has a similarity to stone. The clutch is the perfect size for all essentials and daily use.

Summer is finally here. It is strange to not bring a jacket to work on account of having 80 degree weather. I hope it keeps up!!

- jerome

Backstage Pass

Working in nightlife has its perks of bypassing lines and getting backstage. This comes as an advantage when traveling abroad too, as a blogging gaysian is still kind of endearing abroad (for now - goddammit BryanBoy, TommyTon... call me JerryJoy??). But there is nothing quite like the thrill of rushing backstage after a fashion show. It was my first time, and I didn't want to over step my bounds, but seeing Robert Geller and all the workings of his fantastic presentation was a humbling experience! The make-up chairs, the changing models that I didn't take pictures of I SWEAR, and the interviews were all insanely intoxicating!

New York Fashion Week would not be complete without a WOOSTER SIGHTING

- jerome