December 30, 2011


Stella McCartney SS2011

During Christmas I was walking around my parents' garden and came across our calamansi tree. This tree was a small bush when we moved in, but it has grown into a magnificent part of our family. It bears the most delicious fruit. Calamansi is one of my favorite citrus flavors which I grew accustomed to from my Filipino heritage. The sun was shining down on the tree in such a way that was perfect for photographing. Calamansi reminds me of Stella McCartney's Spring prints from earlier this year.

As the Spring 2012 collections make their way into stores, I am excited to be planning my move to New York. My vacation plans to the Philippines and Hong Kong already have me stressed, but I think everything will run smoothly as soon as I return. Fashion week is but a month away and it will be my first time experiencing the harsh East Coast winter. Hopefully the end of March will be different for my move. I cannot wait for Spring!

- jerome


  1. Great Blog!
    You have a great style:)

  2. thanks, birkinboy!!

    same to you. i love your world!


    - jerome