January 6, 2012

Check It Out

Burberry Muffler, Schott Motorcycle Jacket, Blood is the New Black Tee, J.Crew Khakis, COS Boots

Happy New Year! 2011 was a major trip, but I am beyond excited for 2012 as long as it isn't the end of the world. There is so much happening this year already. The first fitting for my brother's wedding took place yesterday, I am starting to pack for my vacation, and there is a new set of frames being fitted with my prescription. Blog time has been cut down drastically, but my New Year's resolution is to allow myself more creative time. We will see how well this plays out given the move to New York!

I've had this check wool motorcycle jacket for a while now. It has kept me warm and toasty this winter season. The classic ivy league colors used to make Schott's Perfecto silhouette is a match for my wardrobe. Plaids have never been my favorite print, but I've recently acquired some pieces. Another is this Giant Check Cashmere Muffler from Burberry. It is extra long and wide and made from the softest fibers. I recommend getting your hands on one before the winter ends!!

- jerome

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