April 29, 2011

Refinery 29 San Francisco Launch Party

Last night was the Refinery 29 San Francisco Launch party. I am so excited that my beloved city now has its own edition! Refinery 29 is one of my favorite online style sites, keeping me up to date on news and deals. Things just got local :)

Man do the folks at R29 know how to throw a party! It was so much fun I didn't have time to take too many pictures - what with all the dancing and debauchery.

UPDATE: Offical photos from the party HERE.

- jerome

April 26, 2011

Barrio Apache Hyphy Crew


For the longest time I was obsessed with pointed toe boots with Cuban heels. The higher the heel and the pointier the toe the better. I finally found winklepickers and footwear from the London Underground and I thought that shoes couldn't get any pointer. And then my partner showed me the video above. Behold: the Pointy Boot tribal dance crews of Mexico. I mean, pointy doesn't quite cover it. The boots of this fashion trend have been known to span up to a whopping 7 feet (charms and other festive adornment not included). I am truly impressed with the craftsmanship and pride that goes into the boots. The sheer number of styles each member of a crew must own is something to admire, especially when most pointy boots are custom made for each "battle."

If you watch until the end of this video there is a clear message that really resonates. Dressing apart from the norms of the status quo can garner unwanted attention in the form of stares, back talk, and verbal harassment but consider the pointy boot dance crews. As ridiculous as they may seem to us, these crews are proud to wear their pointy boots because it makes them feel good. Sometimes it is disappointing when people put each other down for what they are wearing, just because it is different - or in my circles not "fashion" or not "forward" enough. The reason I fell in love with fashion is the way that it can alter my mood in the best way possible. A power handbag and the right fit working together in perfect harmony on my body makes me feel happy. So whenever I hear hollering about what I'm wearing from some random guy outside a dicey bar in the Mission, I will just imagine him in his pointy boots, giving me props for WERQING MY LEWK.

- jerome

April 25, 2011

Mr. Dapper

Shirt and short by Tim Hamilton, Blazer by Zara, Patent slippers by Purplow, Stole by Louis Vuitton

On beautiful days when I don't have work, I like to dress up and pretend I have some sort of function that called for such attire. What possible occasion could there be that would merit for shorts and such? SHOPPING, DUH. I think next time I shouldn't photograph myself with my hands in my pockets because it makes me look bottom heavy DAYUM. Not much else to report other than the fact that May is on the horizon - quarter life crisis birthday month is about to begin!!

- jerome

April 21, 2011

He's Got the Look

Photos from The Fashionisto

Stylist Charlotte Brière must be a kindred spirit. This editorial for Hungarian magazine The Room showcases my current favsies: random exaggerated footwear styles, fashion cholo silhouette, man peplum realness (faked by color blocking). I do love my color lately, but this black and white color palette may ironically be my summer inspiration.

- jerome



My dear friend Anthony and I worked together to shoot Samuel Ferrier (Q Models, NYC). It was really fun putting together a shoot based on military uniforms. There is a whimsical aspect to the decoration of soldiers, particularly in the chords, epaulets, and badges. Of course, not all of the pictures can be selected, but thankfully Sam is a pro and turned it out.

(from top to bottom) Sam wears a Vintage Bulgarian Aiguillette, Cutt-off Shirt by Neil Barrett, Trousers by Helmut Lang, Vintage Jacket, Tee by Pleasure Principle, Short by Shipley & Halmos, Boots by Dr. Martens

Watch out for Sam. Not only is he a natural model with the grace and physique to match, but he is also the biggest sweetheart! It was such a pleasure to work with Sam and Anthony. I am beyond proud that this set made it to The Fashionisto!! Go team :)

- jerome

April 19, 2011

Kate Tested, Lanphear Approved

These are things I need like RIGHT NOW right now: 1. Classic Black Biker Jacket 2. More jewels 3. Burberry Prorsum Creeper Platforms

The search for the perfect leather jacket continues with the classic biker. My current loyal black leather jacket is a little too big for me and not quite the right silhouette for my style mood. I love it dearly and trust it completely, but it is time for a new love. Also, I need more bracelets to accompany my CDCs and leather wraps, preferably in stud r spike form. I am not sure if Kate has the AW2011 platforms, but I am betting she will be one of the first to be seen wearing them. There are creepers with tassels in both the mens and womens Prorsum collections too.

Speaking of tassels, Ms. Lanphear wouldn't wear these but the tassel overload kind of makes me in dire need of them. I am not a huge fan of metallic shoes on me, but the triple tassel wings are calling my name. This particular pair is from Spring 2010 so I am back to trolling eBay. Keep an eye out, y'all!

- jerome

April 16, 2011

Target Acquired: Louis Vuitton X Scott Campbell Stole in Bleu

Denim Jacket by H&M, Tee by Adam Kimmel, Jeans by J.Crew, Shoes by Prada, Bracelets by Hermés, Stole by Louis Vuitton

Runway pieces are fairly hard to come by. I am fortunate enough to live in San Francisco, a city not heavily populated by the fashion obsessed with large flagship stores offering runway collections from many major fashion houses. My sales associates at each store are at the ready after each show I view during fashion week. Building relationships with the people at the luxury stores in your area will help you secure hot items, just like the Prada Espadrilles. My sales person at Louis Vuitton came through, and now the Louis Vuitton X Scott Campbell stole is mine!

When I saw the Spring 2011 shows I knew that it was an expensive season. Thank goodness this is the final piece on my wishlist I will acquire for Spring before my birthday!. Louis Vuitton's menswear doesn't usually catch my attention. My affection for the house stems from their heritage and history with luggage, handbags, and accessories. During the Spring 2011 show, I took notice of the tattoos on the models and the graphic designs on the accessories. The stoles were particularly beautiful and versatile and I imagined layering the piece as on the runway. The color and hand of the marvelous accessory is very bewitching in person. The all-cotton stole drapes beautifully and is lighter than air. My Birkin fund has taken a massive hit this season but I think runway pieces are worth it, if not purely for exclusivity. There is a second color - Khaki - that still may be available at the SF store, but you're looking at 1 of 15 pieces in the country. This is my second Louis Vuitton Tattoo stole, and let me tell you I am a big fan!

Watch this video on the Louis Vuitton and Scott Campbell collaboration. You can see Campbell inking the drawings found on the stole. The design is based on Chinese astrology with a subtle LV monogram. His tattoo style is quite beautiful and flowing, perfect for the collection. The second video in this series showcases the design and realization for his custom tattoo kit by Louis Vuitton. I hope that one day I can get my own quality custom piece made from the house!

And while we are on the subject of fashion and tattoos, focus your attention exhibits A and B. On the left we have a model sporting Scott Campbell's (washable) tattoo design for Louis Vuitton's Spring 2011 menswear runway show. On the right we have an anonymous-yet-unfortunately-infamous LV monogram sleeve tattoo that has absolutely no context or personality. I mean, let's just hope this guy is a part of the LVMH family (judging by the chin strap, it doesn't seem likely). I may have a clear addiction to designer clothing but because I ain't ballin' out of control, I have to be careful with my luxury purchase choices. The same caution should be exercised to the 100th degree when getting a new tattoo. Perhaps it makes him happy; I certainly don't have the balls to do it. Bold move, sir.

- jerome

April 15, 2011

Sartorial Cowboy

Photos from The Fashionisto

I do love a Japanese cowboy. Check out this preview for Ato's Fall/Winter 2011 collection starring Daisuke Ueda and Sen Mitsuji. Total babes! The romantic silhouettes are very French, but the style and design is very Japanese. I think that sort of innovation is why great Japanese designers choose to show at Paris Fashion Week. Someone get me a cummerbund, a vest, and a ten gallon hat. Holler. Check out the rest of the preview here.

- jerome

April 11, 2011

Balenciaga and Spain


In front of the de Young Museum, San Francisco

I took my PS1 for a test drive to the Balenciaga and Spain exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco's Golden Gate park. Cristobal Balenciaga is one of my favorite couturiers, and being a fan of Nicolas Ghesquière (who was notably absent from the opening gala) and the house in modern times, the exhibit was all the more exciting. I have to say that it was a gorgeous day in the park: sun, laughing children, and POLLEN. It is a little embarrassing to go to an exhibit such as this and sneeze the entire time. I crossed my fingers and prayed for a break in my allergies - at least until the gift shop.

Photo via The de Young

Balenciaga and Spain is a marvelous collection of beautiful pieces, both garments and accessories, from Balenciaga's career. The exhibition is thoughtfully divided into 6 sections, each highlighting a key influence in Balenciaga's work: Spanish Art, Regional Dress, the Spanish Court, Religious Life and Ceremony, the Bullfight, and Dance. There is a true sense of Spanish culture in the works presented. The frills and drama of the flamenco dancer, the volume of the farthingales in Spanish royal fashion, and the intricacy and detail in a matador's bolero are all translated into the most elegant of garments. It is inspiring to see how Balenciaga was able to incorporate his heritage into clothing without producing costume, while at the same time creating visionary modern pieces in the budding fashion world of the 1960's. I highly recommend checking out the exhibit at The de Young March 26, 2011 - July 4, 2011.

A few tips: 1. Students receive a discount for admission 2. Those with proof of public transportation will receive an additional discount 3. Even if it is warm outside, the light and temperature controlled exhibit is a bit cold (as to protect the garments) so bring a sweater or extra layer

- jerome

April 9, 2011

Target Acquired: Proenza Schouler PS1 in Smoke Leather

Shirt by Uniqlo, See by Chloé Shorts, Sandals by Burberry Prorsum, Bracelets by Hermés, Handbag by Proenza Schouler

I finally got my PS1!! It took forever for the smoke color to be re-stocked at the right time for me to get it. Thanks again for all of your votes! I am glad that I went with the smoke leather. The color and hand of the leather is of the highest quality. Somehow the bag even smells wonderful. There are many pockets and compartments in the PS1, along with a convenient cross body strap. In the few weeks I have had it, my new bag has proven to be one of the most versatile pieces in my artillery. Definitely worth the wait! The beautiful leather will age nicely; imagine the patina of the smoke gray in the future :)

The Smoke PS1 is featured in a Charity Buzz auction to benefit Japan. The auction, "Includes: the opportunity to custom design a Proenza Schoulder PS1 bag with Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez." I mean that opportunity is priceless, but you would simultaneously be helping aid those effected by the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan. Click here to place your bid!

- jerome

April 7, 2011

Slow Spring Start

Behold the handsome Dan Felton photographed by Thomas Cooksey in this month's Vision Magazine. The combination of punk boy and dandy duds really sings to me. A juxtaposition of polished tailoring with a devil-may-care attitude does it for me every time. I need to start beefing up my Spring apparel, taking a break from my accessories obsession.
Photos via The Fashionisto

I have been feeling hella frumpy less than posh lately. Perhaps it is because spring has not fully sprung here in San Francisco and my main goal is to stay warm. We received a small stint of heat, but even the sunshine we have now is trumped by chilling and aggressive winds. At least 5 people I know have tweeted something along the lines of, "Like srsly the wind literally almost knocked me over. #SFisthenewChicago" today. How I ache for warmer weather when I can wear a nice blazer rather than my uniform of fishtail parka or trench. If good things come to those who wait, I DEMAND an Indian Summer.

- jerome

April 5, 2011


Vintage Sweater, Tee by Pleasure Principle, Pants by H&M, Boots by COS, Bracelets by Hermés

So this is pretty much what I have been wearing for the past month. Kate Lanphear is kind of ruling my life if you haven't noticed. My left wrist remains permastacked with leather bracelets, and my right hand dripping with 925 and Palladium. I need more long shirts for some peplum action. This BMW sweater was a find in my mother's closet. Actually it belonged to my brother's girlfriend who was going to donate it until my mother found it and kept it then gave it to me after she saw how much I loved a similar vintage sweater that I stole from my father. Yeah.

Rings from left to right: Made in Ireland, Burberry Prorsum, Ugo Cacciatori, Hermés, Made in Thailand

Rings were my first love. Bracelets are now the name of the game. My obsession with the CDC continues but it wouldn't be right without acknowledging the accentuating bracelets that surround it. Seen here are two Hapi bracelets from Hermés. The black one is a double wrap that is also double sided, the other color being etoup. The bleu de malte is a single wrap and also double sided with gold leather on the other side. These simple accessories are great to stack without being too showy.

- jerome

April 4, 2011

Target Acquired: Hermès Black Collier De Chien Homme with Palladium Hardware

Collier De Chien by Hermés

I finally obtained one of the sacred pieces in any Hermés collection: the black CDC with Palladium hardware. It is a true beauty with unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. The leather is smooth and soft, and the gorgeous Palladium shines brightly. It is a flawless piece and I am happy to add it to the family. This is technically the CDC Homme, part of the men's jewelry collection. However, there is absolutely no difference in size when compared to the women's version. In fact, based on the past couple of days of wearing it, the CDC Homme may even be a little tighter on the wrist. This may have something to do with the leather. My suede CDCs have both stretched out a little so that they sit comfortably on my wrist using the notch of my choosing. The black calf leather of the CDC Homme is not stretching as easily. Luckily I have dainty woman wrists it still fits me quite well. I was informed by the buyer of Hermés San Francisco that all of the mens leather jewelry is black with silver hardware.

The black CDC is very difficult to find brand new in stores. I have considered purchasing it through eBay, but I was worried about the condition of the item, and its authenticity, etc. There are some that look legit, but I feel this is the sort of item you should buy new. Some of the CDCs I saw had loose rings and unsightly scratches and bends. A CDC is a leather piece that stretches to your body and changes color according to your lifestyle. It is a personal thing. I am glad to have waited for a new one, stamped with an "N" for the latest craftsmen series.

I am in love with the Collier De Chien. It is really a beautifully designed piece of jewelry. My luck with the color selection at my local store has been fantastic, but I really struck it big with the black and silver ONLINE. That's right, this rare gem was made available on the website for a few days. I think the fact that it was specifically labeled as a men's piece deterred many women from buying it, giving me more time to collect enough funds. Don't worry if you missed your chance. I am guessing that many people (myself included) thought that the CDC Homme was going to fit a larger wrist, so check with your local store for any returns. The CDC Homme is also part of the Spring buy for flagship stores.

Now all that is left to get are the red suede, crocodile, lizard, and full silver CDCs. But if I get a Birkin with gold hardware... Yikes.

- jerome

April 2, 2011


Polo and socks by Comme des Garçons X H&M, Khakis by J.Crew, Shoes by Prada SS2011

So the sun is back out! On this particular day I wasn't ready for how hot it really was going to get, but you can never go wrong with polka-dots. I ventured out to the De Young Museum here in San Francisco for the Balenciaga and Spain exhibit. It was beautiful and wonderfully curated with an impressive selection of garments throughout Cristobal Balenciaga's career. The opening night a few weeks ago brought curator Hamish Bowles, actors Gwyneth Paltrow, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, and even Anna Wintour herself to the city by the bay. AND NOT ONE OF THEM CALLED ME. More on the exhibit later. Fun fact I learned from the exhibit: "Lunares" means polka dots in Spanish.

Selma Blair stopped by my work while I was there but no one bothered to tell me. I also found out Blake Lively was in town this past month for WonderCon and I could pass out from missing her. I am normally not so celebrity crazy, but I MEAAAAAN. Two of my favorites. C'mon?!!

- jerome