April 16, 2011

Target Acquired: Louis Vuitton X Scott Campbell Stole in Bleu

Denim Jacket by H&M, Tee by Adam Kimmel, Jeans by J.Crew, Shoes by Prada, Bracelets by Hermés, Stole by Louis Vuitton

Runway pieces are fairly hard to come by. I am fortunate enough to live in San Francisco, a city not heavily populated by the fashion obsessed with large flagship stores offering runway collections from many major fashion houses. My sales associates at each store are at the ready after each show I view during fashion week. Building relationships with the people at the luxury stores in your area will help you secure hot items, just like the Prada Espadrilles. My sales person at Louis Vuitton came through, and now the Louis Vuitton X Scott Campbell stole is mine!

When I saw the Spring 2011 shows I knew that it was an expensive season. Thank goodness this is the final piece on my wishlist I will acquire for Spring before my birthday!. Louis Vuitton's menswear doesn't usually catch my attention. My affection for the house stems from their heritage and history with luggage, handbags, and accessories. During the Spring 2011 show, I took notice of the tattoos on the models and the graphic designs on the accessories. The stoles were particularly beautiful and versatile and I imagined layering the piece as on the runway. The color and hand of the marvelous accessory is very bewitching in person. The all-cotton stole drapes beautifully and is lighter than air. My Birkin fund has taken a massive hit this season but I think runway pieces are worth it, if not purely for exclusivity. There is a second color - Khaki - that still may be available at the SF store, but you're looking at 1 of 15 pieces in the country. This is my second Louis Vuitton Tattoo stole, and let me tell you I am a big fan!

Watch this video on the Louis Vuitton and Scott Campbell collaboration. You can see Campbell inking the drawings found on the stole. The design is based on Chinese astrology with a subtle LV monogram. His tattoo style is quite beautiful and flowing, perfect for the collection. The second video in this series showcases the design and realization for his custom tattoo kit by Louis Vuitton. I hope that one day I can get my own quality custom piece made from the house!

And while we are on the subject of fashion and tattoos, focus your attention exhibits A and B. On the left we have a model sporting Scott Campbell's (washable) tattoo design for Louis Vuitton's Spring 2011 menswear runway show. On the right we have an anonymous-yet-unfortunately-infamous LV monogram sleeve tattoo that has absolutely no context or personality. I mean, let's just hope this guy is a part of the LVMH family (judging by the chin strap, it doesn't seem likely). I may have a clear addiction to designer clothing but because I ain't ballin' out of control, I have to be careful with my luxury purchase choices. The same caution should be exercised to the 100th degree when getting a new tattoo. Perhaps it makes him happy; I certainly don't have the balls to do it. Bold move, sir.

- jerome

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