April 26, 2011

Barrio Apache Hyphy Crew


For the longest time I was obsessed with pointed toe boots with Cuban heels. The higher the heel and the pointier the toe the better. I finally found winklepickers and footwear from the London Underground and I thought that shoes couldn't get any pointer. And then my partner showed me the video above. Behold: the Pointy Boot tribal dance crews of Mexico. I mean, pointy doesn't quite cover it. The boots of this fashion trend have been known to span up to a whopping 7 feet (charms and other festive adornment not included). I am truly impressed with the craftsmanship and pride that goes into the boots. The sheer number of styles each member of a crew must own is something to admire, especially when most pointy boots are custom made for each "battle."

If you watch until the end of this video there is a clear message that really resonates. Dressing apart from the norms of the status quo can garner unwanted attention in the form of stares, back talk, and verbal harassment but consider the pointy boot dance crews. As ridiculous as they may seem to us, these crews are proud to wear their pointy boots because it makes them feel good. Sometimes it is disappointing when people put each other down for what they are wearing, just because it is different - or in my circles not "fashion" or not "forward" enough. The reason I fell in love with fashion is the way that it can alter my mood in the best way possible. A power handbag and the right fit working together in perfect harmony on my body makes me feel happy. So whenever I hear hollering about what I'm wearing from some random guy outside a dicey bar in the Mission, I will just imagine him in his pointy boots, giving me props for WERQING MY LEWK.

- jerome

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