October 31, 2010

Pinky Swear

My rings are very important to me. I have been known to be half way to work, only to hop off the bus and go back for my jewels (OR ELSE THE WORLD WILL END). Last week I lost a ring at work. Twice. The first time, it was found in the pocket of a jacket at my work. The second time I found the ring, it was in my purse. It slipped off two times, almost gave me a heart attack two times, and I might need two years to get over the trauma to wear the ring again. This rogue ring didn't cost much but it has been with me all over the globe. It has seen me in good times and in bad, and means the world to me.

I am going through a quarter life crisis at the moment. What sucks about it most is the fact that my best friend and I have completely opposite schedules. But when we do get together we are reminded of why we are like family. The Olive Garden probably steals line from my blog. To symbolize our friendship we acquired matching pinky nail rings from our friends' store Shotwell. Another ring that isn't a huge investment, but is a priceless icon of a rather significant relationship in my life. Now we can pinky-swear-in our secrets with a little more pizazz.

HOLY SHISHKABOB! Being the boring workaholic that I am, I almost forgot that tonight is the


Vintage Kimono, Gold Pinky ring by Bijules, Lizard Nail Ring by Shotwell

I hope that looked somewhat spooky, or at the very least magical/fairy-like. You would not believe how many shots it took to get one decent "pink swear" picture on photobooth. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

- jerome

October 27, 2010

Brought to You by the Letter B


Burberry Brit Army Shirt
Brian Lichtenberg for Blood is the New Black Tee
Blue Jeans by J.Crew
Brown Brogues by Virgin Blak
Bag and Bag Charms by Louis Vuitton

This is my day look. Respectively. In San Francisco, you learn to bring a jacket or sweater everywhere you go. Forecasts say the Bay Area is about to get some major rain, so I took the opportunity to wear some lighter garments during the eye before the storm. HOLY COW I AM NOT WEARING ANY BLACK. Almost 2 years ago my entire wardrobe consisted of just black, white, gray, and muted neutrals, and even leisurely ensembles would have at least one asymmetrical drapey thing. Though I still love avant garde design, I have broken out of the darkness and started wearing colors and tailored clothing. More than anything, heritage pieces really struck a chord with me as of late and I have come to appreciate workmanship and concepts in the clothing I choose - be it fashion forward or preppy, designer or vintage.

The letter "B" has come up a lot in my blog lately; from bags to "Balmania," it is all about the B word right now. And let's not forget about Beyoncé. The following video surfaced about a month ago and I went crazy for it. Here's why:

1) I am a huge Beyoncé fan
2) I purchased this shirt direct from Brian Lichtenberg via MySpace messages upon its inception
3) The Beyowulf herself was quoted saying, "I love this shirt! I own all the shoes on it!"
4) All of the shoes on the shirt are by Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière
5) The shoes are arranged to form a B!!!
6)I love Barbecue and Block parties

Let us pray that Barney's will finally bestow upon me the bags I have beseeched!

- jerome

October 26, 2010


Valextra is a fine example of why Italians are famous for flawless leather work. The brand produces iconic bags using only innovative design to effectively stand out in a sea of logos. I often find myself staring at Valextra's offerings during my regular Barney's browsing. Sometimes we forget about just appreciating excellent craftsmanship in a handbag. Valextra has a wide range of highly sought after leather goods to suit any person's needs, with the added advantage of emblem/logo-free design to stand the test of time. They do not make "it" bags; for some, they make THE bags. And all of this, perfect for the resurgence of minimalist accessorizing.

Naturally, when a brand produces classic after classic, similarities are bound to errupt with other fashion super-powers. For example, take a look at these bags from Valextra's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection:

left: Valextra SS2011, right: Louis Vuitton, Hermès, and Cèline

See how Valextra's pink frame clutch looks like the frame Speedy from Louis Vuitton. The closure and carry of Valextra's bucket bag is also very close to the So Kelly bag from Hermès. And while the bowling bag is a universal handbag shape, see how the last bag resembles both the speedy and the new Kelly bag Phoebe Philo's luggage tote for Cèline.

Valextra is easily missed at the handbag line up because there is not necessarily a logo or prestige pull. However, there is a heritage and aesthetic from this brand that makes it the perfect option for that customer who loves the look of the current "it" bag, but would like a more low-key piece to translate from season to season. It will be made just as well (if not better) with high quality materials, it is free from heavy branding, and it costs just the same.

So don't pass up Valextra. I know it sounds like the name of some villain in a sci-fi movie, but really it is the label of her fierce handbag.

- jerome

October 25, 2010

Bargain Balmania

So this is what I wore to the VINCE. x 944 party.
Too bad I don't have hot doodz taking pictures of me everywhere I go.

Ribbon Tee and Boots by Burberry Prorsum, Denim Trousers by Hussein Chalayan, Double Breasted Blazer by Balmain Zara

Now you will notice the close resemblance of the blazer I am wearing to one designed by Christophe Decarnin for Balmain. It is no secret that fast fashion power houses like H&M, Zara, and Topman "draw inspiration" from high fashion looks. I am not one for knock offs, and counterfeit goods are the bane of my existence, but with prices at the house of Balmain escalating at unreasonable levels I could not pass up this cute little jacket. Aside from the fabrication and the placement of the emblem and a few buttons, the same look is achieved. Look, Mom! I saved $2,800!!

(top to bottom) Balmain vs. Zara Blazer and Sweater/ iStyle Shop Denim

Zara is currently in a state of Balmania. Much of their look book offers variations of Decarnin's designs at the fraction of the price. One could argue that Balmain's prices are so high because the quality is much higher. I could see that, and I often use that argument for any designer goods I purchase. However, I had to wonder how much greater is the quality of a $700 distressed-with-so-many-holes-its-practically-fishnet t-shirt from Balmain compared to a $20 distressed-with-so-many-holes-its-practically-fishnet t-shirt from Zara? This occurred to me when I was shopping for Balmain's famous motorcycle jeans. It might be worth it to some to own the real deal denim at $1,200, but being a recent college grad, my mother's son, and an American, I could never live it down - so I went with the Asian-models version on eBay. Because jeans (something I can miraculously tear crotch holes in without fail - give it time) are not Birkins (an icon of style and the only handbag that appreciates in value).

Whatever, good thing there are places like Zara since I guess I am not rich enough fortunate enough to shop Balmain.

- jerome

October 23, 2010

Anniversary Issue


I CANNOT WAIT. 10Mag's cover star for their anniversary issue is none other than Anna Dello Russo. WERK. First Tony Ward and now ADR? This is fashion mag heaven!

- jerome

October 22, 2010

VINCE. and 944 Fall 2010 Preview

OMG Knits! I always know the holidays are upon us when I go to a party straight after work with an umbrella in my bag, worried the rain will come and kicking myself for not going with the trench coat option. Such was the case last night at 944 Magazine's event at the VINCE. store in San Francisco. Just a block away from Union Square, the VINCE. Fall 2010 collection was showcased to a number of private clients in-store. My top pick of the night was the flannel shirt in the same plaid seen on the VINCE. blazer featured in Vogue Hommes Japan (try to spot it in the screen shot here, second model from the left). The blazer I speak of was not there, but it easly could have been behind one of the guests. I am one for knits, separates, and relaxed American sportswear - and open bar and free sushi! I did not know what to expect from the crowd, so it was a delight to spot some great street fashion pieces.

TOP TRENDS OF THE NIGHT: Leopard and Metal

After the party I went to go get greasy Thai food with a fellow Gaysian Fashion Mafia Officer, Anthony, and Bodyguard his personal trainer. I think I will hire him next year to stay on top of my New Year's resolution of getting healthier. But this has not happened yet so I had BBQ Pork fried rice in front of him. With a fried egg on top. We met a few young ladies with hearts of gold along the way. Ironically one of them had a dog named Jerome, which made it really easy for her to jot down my URL. They really reminded me I am searching for a chainmail top and a pair of leopard loafers.

- jerome

p.s. Brands or bands with punctuation at the end of their names are such a nightmare to write about. All caps is enough, dude.

October 20, 2010

Aspirations, Thinspirations... Like, Real Goals

Mary-Kate Olsen with Bodyguard, purveyor of my entire wish-list

Sometimes I wish I was Mary-Kate. She doesn't ever have to choose. She can have her cake Céline Luggage tote and eat it have her PS1 too. Extra large. In Python.

Since I am a post-grad living in an economy presently in a recession, I have to choose one... for now anyway. LET'S NOT KID OURSELVES - I WILL BE GETTING BOTH. It is more of a matter of which one comes in first I think. Obviously the PS1 is near and dear to my heart. I even took a poll of which color I should get because there are so many lovely colorways. However, the PS1 is the "it-bag" of now whilst the Céline tote is close to my heart as well. The tote is also an it-bag but being dubbed "the new Kelly" it has classic potential. I have been alerted that both of these beloved leathers will be making there way into the store SOON for this upcoming holiday season. Fingers-crossed they don't come at the same time... The Birkin fund cannot take too many more hits! I promise I will cool it with the bags after these... I may or may not have my fingers crossed on that one too.

Until the time comes when I can spend like an Olsen, I will continue to dream of a shopping furiously like MK for hypothetical babies.

- jerome

October 19, 2010

Boys Be

Illustration by HAMLETMACHINE

I thought this was cute. Minus the cigarette, this is exactly what life is like with my boo. Just add hella shopping. And food.

- jerome


All images from Vogue Hommes Japan

Here are some of my favorite moving pictures from Vogue Hommes Japan's digital issue. It seems that everything comes with a digital copy these days, even our favorite magazines.

- jerome

October 18, 2010

Bring Your Whole Crew Part 2

Remember how much I love editorials shot with a whole crew?
Well, get a load of this spread from GQ Style Germany:

Images from The Fashionisto

I am particularly drawn to the tonal dandies in the third picture down. It is like everything I love about Phoebe Philo's new minimalism on German dudes wearing nude tones: LOTS OF GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING HERE. Presenting the season's fashions as a group really highlights trends. After all, aren't trends born within social circles? Styling notes are found all over the world amongst groups of friends and the uniforms they wear within their subcultures. Which tribe (and I use that term loosely since no one can ever agree on labels) do you subscribe to?

And speaking of group shots, a preview advertisement for the H&M x Lanvin collaboration has been circulating the interwebs. Check out the runway inspired looks. If this is any indication of how the menswear will be designed, I just might get to own a silk parachute parka!!

- jerome

Old News


As seen on CarLust

My beloved friend Ethan brought this incredible video to my attention. Some of you may have seen this already, but it is fresh to my eyes so I am still in a state of wonder. This is a video captured on April 14, 1906. The footage shows the view of a cable car traveling down Market Street in San Francisco less than a week before the great earthquake. First of all, Air's music usually puts me into a trance. The song "La Femme D'Argent" (the silver lady??) only adds to the incredible experience in viewing this short film. To see a candid view of how everyday life in San Francisco is pretty surreal, as my morning commute is basically this exact route. Take note of the newspaper boys, men in coats, and women in full Edwardian-Gibson-girl realness. Enjoy!

- jerome

October 10, 2010

Currently Reading


3. "Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk" by David Sedaris

There are many necessities that pretty much drain my checking account every month, one of them being fashion magazines. I have been collecting i-D and V since I was 17. I draw inspiration from the photography and writing housed on the glossy pages within these publications.

The latest issue of Vogue Hommes Japan features Lady Gaga's alter ego "Jo Calderone." I cannot read anything, but the editorials are stunning (more CREW style!!) and there is a poster of Lady Gaga wearing the infamous meat dress by Nicola Formichetti, photographed by Terry Richardson. The TEN MEN anniversary issue is all about the cover star,Tony Ward. He is featured on almost every page - which is totally fashion porn. Actually, it is just porn if you don't believe nudity can be seen as art.

I also picked this up while I was at Borders during my lunch break And when I am on fashion overload, I like to take a break with some humorous literature. David Sedaris is one of my favorite authors. Somehow I manage to be out of the country every time he comes to read in San Francisco. Sedaris is famous for writing about his every day life, but this latest work is a collection of stories examining everyday life through the eyes of animals. I do not LOL like I normally do at his books, but the morbidness of the writing and illustrations by Ian Falconer make this book a fun read. Quick too, I read the entire thing in an hour or so.

Happy reading everyone! What is on your coffee table this month?

- jerome

Weekend Update: Mad Relevant

Thanks, Donna Karan.

This look from the latest DKNY menswear collection is a perfect blend of classic and modern. I am finding new ways to wear trench coats. True classics can be dressed up, dressed down, worn in, and worn forever. That is the rule I am trying to follow when shopping now, especially with designer apparel and accessories. It is important to find pieces that will be relevant when the current fashion moment passes.

I have been really busy with work, so I apologize for the lack of updates. Thank you to everyone who voted!! My heart is with you, readers all 26 of you!. I am in love with the Smoke. However, it seems that I am not the only one. Everything is now up to fate - which bag will be re-stocked first?? Stay tuned...

- jerome

p.s. I saw the movie Easy A and have such an adoration for Emma Stone, but Blake Lively is still my number one girl ;)

October 5, 2010

Isn't It Ironic?

Openly pregnant Canadian Alanis Morissette was seen at the Los Angeles International Airport last night as reported by Perez Hilton. More importantly, it seems that she is rocking the Proenza Schouler PS1 in Smoke. The votes are in, and it seems that my two top choices, Smoke and Military Olive Green, are at the top. Keep voting (in the poll on the right)!! My heart is with the smoke color still. Oh the irony!!

- jerome

p.s. My high school English teacher made a valid point about Alanis Morissette's song Ironic. Morissette mentions "ironic" situations including:

- rain on your wedding day
- a free ride when you already paid
- ten thousands spoons when all you need is a knife

However, we all agreed that these situations are not actually ironic. They just suck.

October 4, 2010

Stuff I Wish Guys Could Wear

Guys who wear women's clothing are usually/apparently/eventually gay. And if you think those guys who wear ladies' clothing "because Miuccia is a genius" are straight because you hooked-up with them... chances are I know a few men who have too. I may be generalizing here, but only from personal experience. I am obviously not a homophobe and I fully support self expression, but c'mon ladies, YOU ARE PROBABLY NOT LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE DATING PELAYO DIAZ.

For years I have shopped for both menswear and womenswear. It was never my intention to do drag, but at one time it was impossible to find jeans tight enough or jersey that draped properly in the men's section. One of my New Year's resolutions was to stop shopping in the female section (except for handbags and accessories of course) because I find that I end up selling back most of the womenswear I buy. This might have something to do with realizing my body type is not as androgynous as I would like - or maybe tastes are changing. I have actually held to this resolution all year, but every now and then there will be a revelation that tempts me. For example: Céline Spring/Summer 2011.


Phoebe Philo captured my heart years ago with her work at Chloé and returns to rock my world by reinventing minimalism at Céline. For SS2011 Philo uses color print blocking in a variety of looks. This design element, paired with modern silhouettes and crafty textures, all make my heart flutter. Sure, the leather tunic may not be so masculine, but I swear I could really fall in love with those printed-track-suit-things. Don't even get me started on the bags. I normally do not cover womenswear on this blog even though I follow it closely. Philo's collection was just too good not to write about!! I hope you have all enjoyed the shows!!

- jerome

October 1, 2010

Seeing Green

Parka by Burberry, Shirt by Virgin Blak, Shorts by See by Chloe, Boots by COS


Upon my return from Europe, I decided that my living quarters are not nearly as lavish as they should be. I am endlessly grateful for what I have; what really disappoints me is my failure to maximize my time and energy with beautifying my castle (castle GaySkull as Jeremy calls it). There is an intense home homme improvement bug growing inside of me and I am ready to commit. If any of you know where I can source baroque moldings or the palace interior wallpaper a la Anna Dello Russo, please let me know immediately. The renovation begins with trying to find frames large enough for my huge Alphonse Mucha posters. I need more paintings and lithographs in my life (starting with this shirt).

My short visit to Vienna left a lasting impression on me. Learning about Elizabeth "Sissi"of Bavaria was interesting. She was the Queen of Hungary, Bohemia, and Croatia who had an actual influence on politics - but lived much like a celebrity with a very real eating disorder. In her day she was considered the most beautiful woman in Europe. Seeing where she lived got me thinking: WHY THE EFF DID PEOPLE EVER STOP DECORATING IN BAROQUE STYLE??!! Dare to dream.

If you haven't noticed it already, I am really back into army green. This may or may not last into the Autumn/Winter season when I obsess over jewel tones. Nonetheless, this fuels the dilemma with picking a color for the PS1. Do I like green enough to buy the Olive leather, or should I stick with my first love of smoke?? There is still time to vote!!

- jerome