October 22, 2010

VINCE. and 944 Fall 2010 Preview

OMG Knits! I always know the holidays are upon us when I go to a party straight after work with an umbrella in my bag, worried the rain will come and kicking myself for not going with the trench coat option. Such was the case last night at 944 Magazine's event at the VINCE. store in San Francisco. Just a block away from Union Square, the VINCE. Fall 2010 collection was showcased to a number of private clients in-store. My top pick of the night was the flannel shirt in the same plaid seen on the VINCE. blazer featured in Vogue Hommes Japan (try to spot it in the screen shot here, second model from the left). The blazer I speak of was not there, but it easly could have been behind one of the guests. I am one for knits, separates, and relaxed American sportswear - and open bar and free sushi! I did not know what to expect from the crowd, so it was a delight to spot some great street fashion pieces.

TOP TRENDS OF THE NIGHT: Leopard and Metal

After the party I went to go get greasy Thai food with a fellow Gaysian Fashion Mafia Officer, Anthony, and Bodyguard his personal trainer. I think I will hire him next year to stay on top of my New Year's resolution of getting healthier. But this has not happened yet so I had BBQ Pork fried rice in front of him. With a fried egg on top. We met a few young ladies with hearts of gold along the way. Ironically one of them had a dog named Jerome, which made it really easy for her to jot down my URL. They really reminded me I am searching for a chainmail top and a pair of leopard loafers.

- jerome

p.s. Brands or bands with punctuation at the end of their names are such a nightmare to write about. All caps is enough, dude.

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