October 1, 2010

Seeing Green

Parka by Burberry, Shirt by Virgin Blak, Shorts by See by Chloe, Boots by COS


Upon my return from Europe, I decided that my living quarters are not nearly as lavish as they should be. I am endlessly grateful for what I have; what really disappoints me is my failure to maximize my time and energy with beautifying my castle (castle GaySkull as Jeremy calls it). There is an intense home homme improvement bug growing inside of me and I am ready to commit. If any of you know where I can source baroque moldings or the palace interior wallpaper a la Anna Dello Russo, please let me know immediately. The renovation begins with trying to find frames large enough for my huge Alphonse Mucha posters. I need more paintings and lithographs in my life (starting with this shirt).

My short visit to Vienna left a lasting impression on me. Learning about Elizabeth "Sissi"of Bavaria was interesting. She was the Queen of Hungary, Bohemia, and Croatia who had an actual influence on politics - but lived much like a celebrity with a very real eating disorder. In her day she was considered the most beautiful woman in Europe. Seeing where she lived got me thinking: WHY THE EFF DID PEOPLE EVER STOP DECORATING IN BAROQUE STYLE??!! Dare to dream.

If you haven't noticed it already, I am really back into army green. This may or may not last into the Autumn/Winter season when I obsess over jewel tones. Nonetheless, this fuels the dilemma with picking a color for the PS1. Do I like green enough to buy the Olive leather, or should I stick with my first love of smoke?? There is still time to vote!!

- jerome

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