September 30, 2010

Canadian Tuxedo

Tee and denim by Uniqlo, Shirt by H&M, Shoes by Whoop-De-Doo

This is what I wore yesterday. It seemed pretty appropriate for the morning commute. The sun was shining, but there was just enough breeze to need coverage. Apparently many other people had the same idea because I was seeing denim on denim on denim on douche bags my entire way to work. I think I even saw a jumpsuit not unlike J-Lo's. However, I have an edge: Thanks to Jackie Chan, Asians in the 90's totally owned this look. So instead of looking like a total victim, I looked like...


The "American Pop Art" shirt is one of my favorites. It is Keith Haring inspired as part of a collaboration with Uniqlo. I picked it up in Shanghai. The design on the front is actually embroidered, which is a really nice touch for such a cheap shirt. I also like having my fingers crossed, just in case.

I desperately hope they will open a Uniqlo in San Francisco. Also, the PS1 would look mighty fine with this (or any) ensemble. So please vote and tell me which color I should get in the poll to the right :)

- jerome


  1. Thank you! I wish they sold them here in the US. I bought them in Harajuku last year. The brand has some other great shoes, but mostly intensely J-Rocker styles (which might explain why it would be hard to find here).

    - jerome