September 10, 2010

All for You EDIT

Leather Jacket by H&M, Tee and Jeans by Uniqlo, Hat by H&M x Comme des Garçons, Vintage Boots, Bag by Louis Vuitton

Most people know that I worship Janet Jackson (Ms. Jackson if you're nasty). In most of her music videos, there is always an "edit" section where she does a dance break more technical than the rest of her thrusty/sexy moves. The "All for You" video is still one of my favorites, and while tragically styled, the ending ensembles featured one sleeved motorcycle jackets that stuck with me for a while. I started wearing my leathers with only one sleeve on; this came in handy at bars or parties when it was too hot to wear your outerwear indoors and I didn't want to pay for coat check. To refresh your memory:

I truly miss that album. It reminds me of sunny days and simpler times. I really don't care who knows that I enjoy good pop music as much as obscure/classic house/rock music. It really shouldn't be a problem, but if you don't like Janet then I can't help you.

- jerome

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