September 27, 2010

Traveling Acquisitions Part 1

Shirt and boots by COS and Khakis by J.Crew

Ever followed a brand but could never get your hands on the merchandise because there were no stockists in the US? This was the case for COS. I long for certain pieces every time the new lookbooks are revealed. During my stay in Munich, I was finally able to grab a pair of boots and a shirt. I thought long and hard about getting a jacket or two, but stuck to the basics since it was just the beginning of the trip. A shirt is always great to have, and I adored the boots. The SA called them "Gumi Boots" when he was ringing them up. My new favorites!

If you ever wondered where or how I take these pictures, they are on my balcony. I wish I had my own personal photographer, but I am incredibly self conscious if photographed from bad angles rarely comfortable with pictures I don't have 100% control of. The poster board behind me is used to focus the lens while setting the self-timer. I wonder how other bloggers get such good pictures of themselves...

- jerome

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