September 3, 2010

Red, White, and Blue

Shirt by Black Fleece by Thom Browne, Belt by Levi's, Khakis by J.Crew, Shoes by H&M

Even though all the forecasts say it will be short lived, the slight heatwave that has hit the Bay is an absolute blessing. I think my choice in bottoms is telling. Choosing to wear bermudas and khakis over black shorts and draped dhoti pants proves my new commitment to American sportswear. I love the colors red, white, and blue together. I even like stars and stripes. KEEP ME AWAY FROM EBAY. Soon I will be leaving for an Eastern European vacation with my family, and I wonder how much cash I should allot for shopping what essentials I will be taking. My flight is on 9/11. The heat and sunshine are a welcome guest that I wish could stay longer, but all of these


- jerome

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