December 7, 2009

Closet Case Vol. 1: YSL "Easy" Bag

Boy Blazer (Vintage), Scoop Tee by Pleasure Principle, Pleated Cropped Pants by H&M, Stacked Loafers by Whoop De Doo Harajyuku, YSL Easy Bag by Yves Saint Laurent, Leather Wing Shoulder Harness by Zana Bayne

There is proof that fate exists. I have been at the right place at the right time, walking by a certain window display or following a link to a website, serendipitously stumbling upon the perfect (insert article of clothing, shoes, or accessories here). After the price is revealed, the justification process begins. Unfortunately, I am not part of that tiny population who can walk into Barney's, point to stuff, and tell them to wrap it up; But I do have a passion, a job, and the uncanny ability to get what I want.

I am a firm believer in buying the classics rather the trendy. Every now and then I might pick up the occasional fashion/statement item (if the price is right), but generally I stick to collecting pieces with longevity. If there is a way to have it, then I will see justice done.

This brings us to my first Closet Case blog entry:

I was a bit apprehensive about the YSL Easy bag. I thought it might just be another "it" bag. But my hesitation was canceled during a visit to YSL Hong Kong. I instantly fell for the simple "Y" stitching on exceptionally luxurious leather, the rounded feet, and the versatility of the bag. But the price point was still too high for me to buy it during vacation, especially without knowing for sure the retail value in the U.S.

A month later, I walked into YSL San Francisco and found out that the store was closing. After taking a few minutes to get over the initial shock (Maiden Lane without YSL would seem incomplete), my sense of hearing returned and I tuned into "20% OFF EVERYTHING." I purchased the last Medium YSL Easy bag in black at probably the lowest possible price for a brand new handbag at a flagship store. It was fate; it was total JUSTICE.

The YSL Easy is a great investment if you want a quality handbag that you can actually use. It is understated enough to use everyday while impressing those who are in the know. I use the bag regularly. It is perfect for packing an extra pair of shoes (even boots!), holding the essentials, and carrying around comfortably. It is called the "easy" bag for good reason!

- jerome

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