December 20, 2009

God Speed

It has taken my family a while, but I think they are used to my "unusual" fashion choices. Sure, a cape may not be so uncommon, but I am not sure my Aunts and Uncles have ever seen one on a guy before, accompanied by a handbag no less. Thank God I am out. It takes the edge off when going to family parties.

Epi Leather Speedy 30 by Louis Vuitton, Shirt and tie by Tim Hamilton, Hooded Cape by Bexist Japan, Trousers by Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane, Shoes by Topman

The Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Speedy 30 was the bag that started it all. Since I bought it in October, I have been obsessed with obtaining others. There are many gorgeous epi colors but I must exercise self control until after the holidays. I thought it would be appropriate for the Speedy to be my first LV bag because of its classic shape (only the Speedy models 30 and larger work for me, as the 25 is much too small). The countless counterfeits turned me off to LV for the longest time. However, discovering Epi leather has started a new love affair between me, Damier canvas, and a variety of LV goods.

Filipino women are notorious for being born with the Louis Vuitton gene, but I suppose my mother's delayed development was better late than never. I asked for a Damier Speedy 35 in ebony for Christmas, and my mother bought us matching purses. Again, a great piece to start her future LV collection. My anxiousness and impatience spoiled the surprise on a recent trip home, but I was paralyzed by the fact that my mother bought them on the LV website on "Cyber Monday." She could barely work a computer a couple of years ago, but now she is, "saving on shipping... I'll show you on my iPhone." SHOCKING.

I have to wait to get my Speedy on Christmas, but because of my mother's new understanding of my obsession, I think it will prove to be the gift that keeps on giving!

- jerome

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