December 14, 2009

Here Comes the Rain Again

Shirt and Rain Jacket by Corpus, Houndstooth Bomber Jacket by Reiss London, Jeans by Uniqlo, High-Tops by Raf Simons, Tote by Burberry

San Francisco is notorious for its rainy, gray weather. The random seasons can confuse even locals, which is why the abrupt change from summer to fall this year was a nice surprise. I happen to enjoy the cold for three reasons: comfort food, cuddling, and layering.

I love to layer. The cold presents the opportunity to create new outfits, and gives reason to my leather jacket collection. I am so excited to bust out the sweaters and tall boots! Usually reserved for such an occasion, we can wear some of our favorite pieces when it's wet. I thought it appropriate to start off the rainy season with some of my favorite London labels, thinking of the times I took refuge under awnings when it sprinkled on Oxford Street.

I don't mind rain so much. It is a combination of wind AND rain that kills me. I feel like a woman whose skirt has been blown up whenever the wind bends my umbrella in the wrong direction.

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