December 30, 2009

C'est La Vie

I think I am starting to get the hang of this job thing. I woke up this morning to discover I slept through my alarm by almost half an hour and that the bag of coffee my partner bought last night was in bean form (and sadly, a grinder is an appliance we didn't have). I carried on like normal, picking up coffee before hopping on the bus.

During my lunch break, I headed to Louis Vuitton to exchange my previously mentioned Speedy 35 that was manufactured in the USA. I went into the shop-in-shop in Neiman Marcus to seek out my French made goods because that particular location is less busy with sales associates who actually have time to take requests. I mildly panicked when the woman who previously set the bag aside for me was not there, but I was happy that I was able to do the exchange anyway with another, less enthused sales associate. Though I love shopping at flagship stores, sometimes shopping at a smaller location works to your advantage.

By this time, I had finished eating, bagged a new handbag complete with new storage box, and I still had about 40 minutes left. Yes, working downtown sure is convenient. I spent the rest of my free time at the LV flagship, browsing and thoroughly annoying the commission hungry monsters who work there. My next conquests for that brand are the Noe and a custom Monogram Canvas Speedy 40. Having a job is wonderful.

My thirst for Louis Vuitton is kind of a shocker, even for me. I used to be so turned off by the brand, but Japan changed my opinion. For the first time, I saw people carrying the bags in their own way, customizing them with charms and using them to accessorize the perfect outfit. I fell instantly with the most classic model. I love carrying something classic and well known as an unexpected addition to my look.

This is another big indicator as to where my style is going. Style has a tendency to evolve, which is different from change. Stylish individuals with defined tastes always hit the same notes in new ways as their interests evolve. I am starting to shed my black and white, draped/strappy/asymmetrical wardrobe for a more tailored classic look that includes some pop of color or pattern. It is still a little androgynous (without being totally gay) and a futuristic approach to classic looks. At least that is what I am going for this New Year.

Oh yeah, this is probably my last post for 2009. Happy New Year!!! Here is to being healthy, looking good, working to live, saving for a Birkin, and enjoying life!! See you next year :)

- jerome

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  1. happy new year's, jerome!

    i like the speedy bag as well--can definitely see it as a "jerome" bag. and yay for tailored looks! if you think about it, your look has always been tailored! you play with dimensions, shapes, silhouettes, etc, with care, which is something that ppl can learn from!