December 29, 2009

Made in The USA v. Fabriqué en France

Call me a purist, but I believe that when I buy goods from a French Maison, I want them to be made in France. I am not putting down American craftsman ship, but being the OCD person I am, I NEED my French goods to be French.

So when I received my Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Speedy 35, I knew it was made in the USA because it was purchased online. The label confirmed my suspicion. Working downtown comes in handy because I can settle things like this with a sales associate, especially when it is a personal request. This need for "Made in France" goods is a little crazy (and definitely as stereotypically Asian as the Rilakkuma charm on my cell phone) but I can sleep better when I know where things are made.

Working downtown can also be really dangerous. When I was working as a nightlife photographer, I was able to distance myself from boutiques and flagships by maintaining a nocturnal schedule. Now, in the midst of almost every major luxury brand, my wish list continues to grow unhealthily from both exposure and tangibility! During my visit to Louis Vuitton (what else is there to do during your lunch break?), I stumbled upon the most charming key and change holder. Let us see what I come home with tomorrow!

- jerome

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