February 28, 2010

Eyes On Your Own Paper

Left: Burberry Prorsum, Right: TOPMAN

Is it me or are these two collections awfully similar? Christopher Bailey has done some amazing things with the Burberry brand, making it highly sought after and the jewel of London Fashion Week (equally causing a stir for menswear during Milan Fashion Week). It is no surprise that the Burberry Prorsum runway collections would be translated into fast fashion powerhouses like Zara and H&M, but to show a very similar collection on the catwalk within the same season is, um, interesting.

Top: Burberry Prorsum Fall 2010, Below: TOPMAN Fall 2010

TOPMAN and TOPSHOP are probably the best at manufacturing the season's hottest runway trends at a lower price point. Furthermore, they edit key pieces to be street "wearable." But see how all the drama is lost when put side-by-side. The volume in the Burberry Prorsum aviator jackets is gone in the TOPMAN version, leaving a large patch of shearling that seems a bit arbitrary. It is more affordable, and although it tries, it is not the same thing.

Runway doppelgangers are not unusual, especially since fashion is constantly changing and influenced by the world we live in. But this particular instance is a little obvious because the Burberry Prorsum show was broadcast live and streaming in Milan before the TOPMAN show in London a month later (both are British labels). To watch the show live, alter the designs, and create samples to send down the runway within a month is not a far fetched idea. Maybe it was a coincidence between two brands that come from the same place, but suspicion erupts when one is a hot name in the industry with a heritage dating back to 1856, and the other is famous for creating affordable knock-offs.

Bloggers and editors tweet looks from the front row to followers around the globe in real time... the ones who aren't already watching it themselves live online. This season Gucci, Jil Sander, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, and other major houses streamed their Fall 2010 collections; Burberry did it in 3-D, taking online presentation to a new level. Fashion shows are easily accessed by the general public, no longer limited to runway pictures. I cannot remember (I think it was Scott Schuman) who said that pretty soon fashion shows will be like events where seating is purchased and the front row goes to the highest bidder. Everyone has access to the show through the Internet anyway, so the live version might become for those who can afford to attend. Since fashion editors cannot always make it to all of the shows, live streams in high definition save time and money and offer a solution to being at two places at once - or at least every show that day. While I am infinitely grateful that I can watch the shows live, I hope that the looks on the runway do not begin to lose their unique aesthetics.

- jerome

February 26, 2010

All Over the Place, Part 2

This is but a taste of the delicious styling brought to you by Panos Yiapanis in the Spring 2010 issue of Vman. The story, shot by Sebastian Faena, celebrates Dolce & Gabbana's 20 year history of dressing men. I worship Yiapanis. He is one of the leading fashion stylists/editors in the industry today. I'm pretty sure he was responsible for my obsession with black and draped/post-apocalyptic/warrior chic design. Then...

Remember when I blogged about the GQ editorial featuring Johan Johannson, styled by Andreas Krings, and photographed by Stefan Heinrich? That was probably the antithesis to the VMan story, but I love it NOW and just the same! I wonder what I am going to wear tomorrow...

All Over the Place, Part 1

You may have come across me saying that my style is evolving, changing, or something along those lines. It may go back and forth from draped to tailored and black to bright, but I want to assure everyone I am anything but confused! There are just so many options out there that, right now, I am trying to find a balance. As a pack-rat who has gone through many fashion phases, my wardrobe has come to be pretty eclectic. Here are some Fall collections that speak to me.

Lou Dalton is a master at infusing classics with an unsuspected twist. I find one off-beat design element that ties together an otherwise "traditional" collection. Dalton presented equestrian dandies and distressed hunters last A/W by using large cable knits and knee patches (the inner seams seen on riding breeches). This season, he crafted his take on the urban Scotsman. I am in love with the full tartan suit and half kilts, an idea that Marc Jacobs also utilized this Fall.

More plaid, but more punk. J.W. Anderson's tailoring updates alternative style. The hardware is chunkier than normal, as seen in the choker belt and Caravan Boots. The boots and OTHER EXQUISITE accessories remind me of Japanese street style, kind of like a quirkier Ricardo Tisci. Pay attention to the colors and layers of the shoes and bags, and how it all comes together with each look:

The Soar Fall 2010 collection strikes me as the male answer to Phoebe Philo's collection for Celine. The layers and proportions are modern, without the use of too much color. I like the combination of different textures with leather, a large trend for the upcoming Fall season.

Daniel Palillo is known for his graphics and outrageous proportions. The Fall collection retains the oversized silhouette, but it is smaller than usual for this designer. The irony is that the season calls for a top heavy look, and Palillo answers by shrinking his already trademarked volumes. But what I am really invested in are the prints. How amazing is that C-3PO/Skull shirt?!!

- jerome

February 25, 2010

A Quickie With Some Men

I have been having a hectic week. Trying to keep up with the shows (DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON WOMENSWEAR) has been pretty tough. I continue to toy with the idea of reviewing the females too, but I think I might do some touch points on the off season. I follow the women's shows just as closely as the men's, but there are many more of them in such a short amount of time. I like tuning in on menswear because it helps me evolve/learn about my own style. Besides, I promised myself I would cut down on buying women's clothes since my current obsession with handbags is expen$ive enough... and they almost always have my size ;)

Here are some more of my favorite looks for the Fall 2010 season:

Call me sentimental, but I am so smitten with this SK8R BOY looking collection from WOOD WOOD. The simple silhouettes are revamped, like the longer shirts and cropped pants for example. Everything is tied together with backpacks, beanies, and other boy-ish things that I was fond of so long ago. The updated look is much better because of the cut and the prints, but I think everyone is thankful there are no ball-chain-necklaces.

I am going out on a limb here and say that Marc Jacobs is the KING of "WHY DO I WANT TO WEAR THAT?!" contemporary sportswear. I am wowed each season with something so hideous I actually raise my eyebrows, and by the same token, I am computing and strategizing, figuring out just how the hell I am going to afford the look that just came after the total 'Fashion WTF' (this includes all of the brands he oversees: Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc, and Louis Vuitton). There is something offbeat about Fall 2010 that caught my attention. The belted jackets, cross body bags, and olive tones were on trend. However, the occasional wide leg trouser added the right amount of surprise. In a sea of top heavy menswear shows, Marc Jacobs knows how to stay in touch with the season's message while keeping you interested by utilizing unique ideas.

B Store is going to offer you lifestyle next season. With tops, bottoms, footwear, and outerwear to fit any occasion, the Fall collection is the perfect medley of basics for the young and modern male. I am living for the belted pajama shirt under the peaked lapel blazer, atop a tapered trouser tucked into a mid-calf boot. The silhouette is nothing new, but using long-johns as an alternative to skinny jeans is refreshing. This collection still maintains the emphasis of a relaxed and top heavy silhouette while excluding overly-sized/warm jackets, which (as a Californian) earns my respect and gratitude.

- jerome

February 22, 2010

More From Fashion Month

Fashion month continues as my wishlist continues to grow. I love what I am seeing: more futuristic henchmen and avant garde street wear. There are clothes that could easily fit the pages of both comics and fashion magazines. These looks are both conceptual and wearable. On the street the pieces may be worn differently to achieve a variety of moods. But certain statement garments are show stoppers not to be worn by the timid.

Todd Lynn's use of furs and skins is fresh, sexy, and luxurious. I cringe when sneakers are worn with the wrong jacket, and you would think that fur just doesn't go with a rubber sole. This combination of fur, leather, and high-er tops is the street-ready, masculine option for those who want that unisexual androgyny while wearing clothes tailored for the male physique. Lynn has received a lot of attention after Carine Roitfeld wore one of his furs. And if you were wondering who Janet Jackson is wearing in her videos, now you know.

I do not know much about John Rocha except for the fact that he is 1) Asian 2) based in Ireland and 3) shows in London. Now as a gay Filipino, I am not so sure I would assimilate so easily in Ireland (but a vacation there is still on my things to do before I die). Respect. Anyway, I was interested in this collection because of the raw edges. The looks seemed to be unfinished; not in the Demeulemeester way (though it has the same effect), but in this haphazard-yet-refined styling. I like the different textures of black that are layered together. It is as if these men are wearing rugs and upholstery in a very chic way. Jethro was an excellent casting choice.

Henrik Vibskov always has an interesting take on shape and color. This season, he uses color blocking and a mixture of prints to express his point of view. I am not entirely sure of the purpose of the helmets and spectacles but it is clear that he focused on how the clothes will be worn in real life. These pieces look a bit loud as ensembles, but as separates they may be the special something you need to pull everything together. If kilts aren't your thing then a jacket or cardigan with the right print can set the tone for your look this season. And remember that even in Copenhagen, the belted waist reigns for Fall.

- jerome

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

Corduroy Shirt by Opening Ceremony X Levis, Tonal Check Shirt by Burberry, Shorts by A.P.C., Huarache Sandals by Jeffrey Campbell, Sunglasses by Tom Ford, Mason Bag by Heritage Leather Co.

After a full work week, I was prepared to sleep in, shop online, and listen to the endless rain that all the forecasts said was coming. It was a pleasant surprise when I awoke to a beautiful day. I think it's a good sign when the bad weather takes a break on my days off. Today was a good opportunity to wear the lavender I've been obsessed with and let my Mason Bag have its day in the sun. Papa's got a brand new bag.

The Mason Bag is one heavy duty sidekick. Made to hold a carpenter's basic necessities, the Mason is built to be durable and trustworthy. It naturally maintains its shape because of the steel frame opening and the leather and plywood base that reinforces the bag. It served me well when I ran a few errands today. The large, inner pocket kept all of my personals separate from the groceries I had picked up. Everything was secured inside when I dropped the bag thanks to the belt straps (I am a klutz, but thankfully I didn't buy eggs or anything). This is not the bag for someone in a hurry. Since it was built with a purpose other than being a cute hold all, the Mason does not afford easy access because of the secure closure. The bag itself is also heavier than most handbags, but its size makes it a practical bag for lazy errands or travel.

The bag is literally a blank canvas that I constantly think about having customized. My initials will surely be part of the design. The Mason Bag comes in larger sizes and is available through Hickoree's Hard Goods. Check out the online store for this bag and other sweet finds!

- jerome

February 20, 2010

An Opening Ceremony

The OPENING CEREMONY X LEVI'S Collaboration party was a wonderful night in San Francisco. A much needed gathering of creatives, I was pleasantly surprised by the crowd of well-dressed, non-pretentious people. It was exciting to discover a new legion of movers and shakers within the 7x7, amongst a sea of the friendly faces I am happy to have known for so long.

The OC X Levi's collection consists of a variety of separates in a charming selection of spring colors, fabricated in corduroy; a marriage of forward thinking and vintage Americana. I am particularly fond of the lavender hue that I have been itching to wear in Spring since Winter! Levi's is known all over the world for quality denim and trusted cuts. It is an established and respected brand that has evolved from an original idea. From that perspective, a collaboration between Levi's and Opening Ceremony, a boutique that is a platform for emerging talent from all over the world, seems so natural.

The party was quite the soiree. One thing I love about San Francisco events is the comfort of knowing that you will inevitably run into a friend. Bumping elbows with DJs, bloggers, and industry heavy weights is even more fun when amplified by an open bar, smores, and good company. And as always, I love a good dance floor. Local band Wallpaper., whom I previously posted about, played a great set that was followed by nostalgic jams from the 1990's, courtesy of DJ Jeffrey Paradise. It was a strange feeling to be dancing and drinking around all the merchandise! I went in the next day with my shopping list, surrounded by unsuspecting tourists who have no clue as to how much fun that I (and all the hungover employees) had the previous night.

Co-founder of Opening Ceremony Humberto Leon (far right) with local tailoring genius Al (center) of Al's Attire

Eric Frederic and Arjun Singh of Wallpaper.

Jeffrey Paradise (left) during a well received DJ set

SF really needed something like this. I am glad to see we are moving forward, and I hope to see more collaborations, establishments, and events like this in the near future. A special thanks to Ava Berlin. Looks from the collection to follow. XO!

UPDATE: I just realized I didn't update my copyright when watermarking these photos. Please don't laugh at me... or steal my pictures.

- jerome

February 17, 2010

Sun + Spring = Shorts

Shirt by Patrik Ervell, Shorts by Tim Hamilton, Custom Harness by Zana Bayne, Sandals by Marsèll, Ambassade Briefcase by Goyard

The sun was shining in San Francisco! It was exactly what I have been waiting for: SHORTS WEATHER. Thanks to GILT MAN, I was able to score this pair of Tim Hamilton shorts. Online shopping can be a little worrisome when buying clothes, but the asymmetrical button fly on these shorts won me over instantly. Luckily they fit perfectly. Just like the shirt I bought on the same site.

I basically lived in these Marsèll sandals last Spring, and I think they will be making a big return. After missing out on both the Balenciaga and the Giuliano Fujiwara peep-toe booties, I thought I would never be able to obtain a pair of shoes like these. Since then, the silhouette has become a trend that Maison Martin Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester, and Kris Van Assche have all adopted. Options! My beautiful and talented friend Zana Bayne of Garbage Dress made this harness for me. It was made according to my measurements, specifically to be worn undone over blazers, shirts, and other tops and outerwear.

Finally, I am happy to bring out my Goyard Ambassade Briefcase once more. I was carrying important documents and the like, so it was essential for me to use it. Good thing I chose a classic color for my first Goyard. I had it customized with my initials "JFI." I did not know that painting is usually done when you first buy your goods. I had been using it for some time before taking it in for customization, and they said it is best to do it in the beginning before the bag is broken in. I love the look and feel of hand painted initials, and cannot wait for my next custom bag. A Louis Vuitton Speedy or Keepall? Another Goyard, perhaps? Or maybe I will have my partner paint something on my Heritage Leather Co. Canvas Mason Bag. He is an amazing artist, after all!!

- jerome

Fall Trends Fall Into Place

Key trends for menswear are solidified as the shows continue in New York. Like the collections in Milan and Paris, there is a strong focus on outerwear and the top heavy silhouette this season. The denim and chambray shirt is also popular, along with a consistent use of green hues and mixed prints. Concepts are pushed to extremities of either completely avant garde or authentically heritage.

Using proportion and color, Timo Weiland produces an ideal Fall collection. I am a big fan of the variety in outerwear: double breasted double collar/belted trench coats, camel top coats, and chunky knits to name a few. The shades of green are particularly beautiful as they are paired with navy, black, and all the other staples of the modern wardrobe.

All hail Rad Hourani, king of unisexual design. This collection was the perfect example of forward thinking and futurism. Apparently, clothing in the future isn't gender specific. I have been wearing a lot of color lately, but the drapey/strappy/androgynous/all-black wardrobe I have accumulated is begging for more moments in the form of Rad Hourani. These clothes are innovative in design and function, as many of the pieces are known to transform. (Note: Aside from Givenchy, I think this is one of the most diverse model castings this season. Bravo!)

Richard Chai captured my heart a few seasons ago with his unique but trendy but wearable streetwear. His print choice (and their combination) is perfect for the season, and as always, the styling is impeccable. Styling is an asset to the Chai's presentation, but the clothes can speak for themselves. The top-heavy silhouette is demonstrated here flawlessly. Just look at how the jackets fall at the perfect place on the body. The proportions!!

Chambray shirts, classic outerwear, trousers and caps. I'm intrigued. Let's just say I have a thing for this milk man, lumberjack, Colonel Sanders hybrid of a man. The Billy Reid show was set against an appropriate Autumn atmosphere. I need to find some woods to wander through. This color palette of timeless neautrals is a great option for Fall.

Diesel has always been the exception to the rule; the over-sexed, leathery, gay/guido exception. This season's Black Gold collection was a happy medium. On trend in color and silhouette, this is another collection I am interested in for its variety. I think I am going to need a leather top for Fall (and thank goodness it doesn't have to be at the Margiela price point). Also, more olive, chambray/denim shirts, boots, and belts... TREND. But being the exception, Diesel shows some skin in Autumn.

T.Bro is like that eccentric and fabulous old woman at all the fashion events who knows everyone but somehow remains mysterious. What a fantastic showing of lavish apparel! One day I will grow the balls to wear these looks in their entirety, but until then I will pick and choose individual pieces... starting with that black and white printed sweater. I love the red, white, and blue stripe on the placket. This is another brilliant interpretation of modern tailoring. With each look, there was an experiment in proportion. Thom Browne makes clothes I WANT TO LIVE IN.

- jerome

February 15, 2010

Nature v. Nurture

Shirt by Yigal Azrouël, Trench by Burberry, Bells by Adriano Goldschmied, Vintage Boots, Nature Tote by Bree

In an attempt to move this blog forward, I finally took a stab at taking pictures of myself. It seemed like a good day to do it since San Francisco was bright today. It was only for the afternoon, of course, and the fog is rolling in now. During that brief window of sun I took the opportunity to take my Limited Edition Honolulu Special Bree Tote out for a spin. I purchased the exclusive design last July at the Bree flagship store in Hawaii (the only one in the U.S.A.). It is from the Nature series, meaning it is made entirely of vegetable tanned natural leather. Exposure to the sun will keep changing the bag's color until it finally tans to a deep cognac shade! Purchasing the new bag was such a treat because it starts off as a pale, blush tone. I do not take out the bag too often because of San Francisco's weather (rain and dampness can leave unsightly water marks), so here is where my bag's color is at now. I growed it myself! In the picture, you can see the bag's original tone on the change purse that comes attached inside the bag. It is always protected from the sun inside so it hasn't changed very much in color.

This is also another day where I am not wearing black. It is so strange to return to that mode. I am even wearing Bell Bottoms that have not seen the light of day since 2008. It is refreshing to wear bottoms that are not shrink wrapped to my legs. The jeans are even loose in the thigh, which makes them infinitely more comfortable. The only drawback is that I have to wear them with these boots because the cut of the jeans is only flattering with the right shoe. It is no surprise that the one pair of shoes that could go with this vintage cut are a pair of vintage boots.

- jerome

February 14, 2010

New York Moments

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and boy have there been some moments to remember! Menswear is looking fantastic, and it appears that all of the trends of the season are translating to American design. Ivy-league school boys, military brats, and new-age travelers are sent down the runways. Heritage is big this season. Looking to the past for inspiration is one of the best (looking) ways to move forward.

Phillip Lim knows how to suck my wallet dry. This recent Fall collection looks like the uniforms of the students who would attend the Academy for Inglorious Basterds. The olive and camel colors are my favorites this season, and the hint of navy seals the deal for me. The belted waist is transformed into a harness/holster look that I MUST HAVE. Also, words cannot express how much I adore the Varsity Motorcycle Trench in black.

Robert Geller surprised me this season with the simple looks, and semi-healthy looking models. I was going to pigeon-hole this designer as someone who made beautifully tailored pieces for boys who look dead. Past collections have been dark and complex, but this Fall is simply chic. Statement pieces like the Mongolian fur muffler (thing?) was dramatic because of its volume, not because of gaudiness. Sweet derby hats!

Patrik Ervell (San Francisco native!!) is famous for his use of technical fabrics. He pushes the limit again, creating rainwear made entirely of rubber that is bonded together, producing a seamless, see-through, and practical garment. This fabric was sometimes draped over the side of the shoulder in such a romantic way, which is a testament to Ervell's skill (can you imagine, draping rubber?!). Although it is a bit too condom-ish for my taste, Anna Wintour is most definitely a fan of the rubber. Those pieces aside, the Chinese-military-inspired collection featured many of my favorite things for this Fall: monochromatic ensembles, belted looks, and a chunky shoe. What's not to love?

I am still on the fence with this Rag & Bone collection. Maybe it's because I cannot picture myself in beanies. I am a fan of fairisle, and mixing prints is key this coming Fall, so I am on board with that. But camouflage?! The layered lengths are also very smart, but strip it down and you are left with expensive flannel night gowns. I wonder what will be edited for stores. Aside from my beanie envy, I like the color palette. It looks like a good collection to grab key pieces from since Rag & Bone produces well-made clothes.

- jerome

February 13, 2010

Waiting to Exhale: The Louis Vuitton Nèo Bag

Today, I finally got to see the Louis Vuitton Nèo bag from the Spring 2010 Eden collection. It is a sight to behold. The metallic lambskin leather feels like butter, meticulously sewn in perfect synchronization with shimmering ribbons of Monogram canvas. There is even a decorative lock! However, I didn't realize that the pictures could be so deceptive. The Nèo bag is beautiful, but its luster is overwhelming. There is a soft glow when photographed because it glimmers like a jewel in the sunlight. I love it as a fashion bag, but it is out of my budget. Thank goodness there is a Monogram Canvas version!

Louis Vuitton SS10 Runway, SS10 Ad Campaign with Lara Stone, Naomi Campbell for White Ribbon Alliance

I was toying with getting a Monogram Noè, but thank goodness I waited. The limited edition Nèo bag is more versatile, measuring in at the manageable size of 11.4" x 10.2" x 7.5" (compared to the 10.2" x 13.4" x 7.5" Noè). It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that can be shortened to the same tote length as the Noè, or elongated for a cross body option. The top handles are excellent for hand carry or a sling. The classic Monogram is more my speed, too. A shimmering, metallic, Monogram Louis Vuitton bag just might get jacked in the Tenderloin (one of the many shady parts of San Francisco), or dirty. I am also in love with the closure. The Noè is secured with a leather strap that must be tied. The tedious and constant manipulation of the ties can wear down the leather. The Nèo is secured with a rucksack-style drawstring, similar to a bolo tie. It more practical, exclusive, and (dare I say it) masculine (yeah, ok Jerome). And let's not forget the studded feet on the bottom!

Note: A portion of the proceeds made from the bag will go to the White Ribbon Alliance Charity, thanks to Naomi Campbell! I think this is one limited edition piece that I do not mind paying a pretty penny for. After all, the Nèo is rare while my other choice is a classic that I can get some other time. I am not particularly attracted to house monograms, but I think the classic LV is great juxtaposed with the modern shape of the Nèo. It is a perfect sized bag that will surely be a classic in my closet! That is, if I put my name down early enough on the waitlist... fingers crossed and pocketbooks locked!

- jerome

February 12, 2010

God Save McQueen

Shirt by Alexander McQueen, Jeans by Uniqlo, Shoes by Whoop-Dee-Doo

In this time of sadness and confusion, the fashion world is in a state of reflection. Many toasts were given in remembrance on the eve of Lee McQueen's passing. I think that celebrating his genius is one of the best ways of honoring him. Because, even those who find fashion frivolous cannot deny that McQueen was one of the greatest artists of our time. It is unsettling to think that no one could ever fill the void he has left in the creative collective consciousness, but maybe that is part of his legacy. He was authentic, original, and unique, and I regret the fact that I will never get to meet him. Rest in peace.

- jerome

February 11, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

Lee Alexander Mcqueen, 17 March 1969 - 11 February 2010

What happens when an Icon dies? I do not know how to feel right now. The world is in mourning, but my thoughts and prayers go with Mcqueen's loved ones. A tragic, major, and heartbreaking loss for the fashion world. Thank you for everything... just, everything.

UPDATE: I am home from work, and I spent the day trying to verbalize how I feel about such a huge loss, but I am at a total loss for words. I am not alone in feeling this way. I couldn't agree more with Scott Schuman when he says:

"I'm rereading what I wrote and what has been written on other sites and blogs. All very nice but I still feel so unsatisfied, so empty, even a little mad. When a big time movie star or politician dies someone like Tom Brokaw has always been there to help put it into perspective. If it was a sports star, fans would talk about it for days on talk radio. However, for someone that loves fashion Alexander McQueen is just gone and no one seems to be able to make sense of it. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to turn to make it feel right or understandable. I don't have any answers for you either. All I know is this sucks."

This might take a little more than a day to digest. What do you do when a hero takes the fall?

- jerome

February 10, 2010

Bags for Tools (Not the Ed Hardy Kind)

I have used bags all my life, as I am sure many of you have too; school bags, lunch boxes, and briefcases accompany us through much of our educational and professional lives. After graduation, I continued to use bags to hold all of my daily essentials and it is a wonder how anyone could go anywhere without one. Designer handbags have worked their way into my heart with their design and quality craftsmanship. I have a distinct memory of this black Playschool children's doctor bag that held all you needed to feel better. Then there was my father's tool box that contained gadgets that could fix pretty much anything. It is no wonder then, that I am so drawn to the shape of a doctor bag, a structured silhouette, or a combination of both. Enter: The Mason Bag.

The Heritage Leather Co. Mason Bag garnered hype recently after Bagaholic Boy wrote a feature on the piece. This particular model, the 16" Canvas Reinforced with Yellow Leather, is probably the sweetest blend of function, fashion, and at $79, frugality. A classic man bag that won't harm my Birkin fund? INSTANT ORDER. Lets not forget that this bag was built to take a beating, and still look timeless (if not better ditry) with the Heritage Co. logo embossed on the leather. Also, if you haven't caught this, I am a sucker for feet on a good bag. The Mason also comes in 20" and 24" models.

Created originally as lightweight, eco-friendly bags for trips to the flea market, Fleabags are a top quality carry all with many uses. The original model has been on my radar. There are more color ways to suit different wardrobes but I love the original canvas and saddle color combination the best. The striped lining inside the canvas bag is a wonderful surprise! There is also The Porter which is similar to the original design, except they are made from a denim, leather, and sometimes suede combination. Note: Each bag is made in New York from organic cotton, water-based ink, and American/Italian vegetable tanned leathers sourced in America.

Fleabags releases new models each season in limited edition runs, with the exception of the year-round original style. Here is the latest model, The Salt, which is similar to the Heritage Co. Mason Bag (only smaller). Like the previous collection, the Salt has feet to protect the leather and also comes with a cross body strap. The strap is an add on that makes this piece particularly tempting, but the price difference from the Mason is something to think about. Depending on fabrication, Fleabags range from $440-595.

- jerome