February 22, 2010

More From Fashion Month

Fashion month continues as my wishlist continues to grow. I love what I am seeing: more futuristic henchmen and avant garde street wear. There are clothes that could easily fit the pages of both comics and fashion magazines. These looks are both conceptual and wearable. On the street the pieces may be worn differently to achieve a variety of moods. But certain statement garments are show stoppers not to be worn by the timid.

Todd Lynn's use of furs and skins is fresh, sexy, and luxurious. I cringe when sneakers are worn with the wrong jacket, and you would think that fur just doesn't go with a rubber sole. This combination of fur, leather, and high-er tops is the street-ready, masculine option for those who want that unisexual androgyny while wearing clothes tailored for the male physique. Lynn has received a lot of attention after Carine Roitfeld wore one of his furs. And if you were wondering who Janet Jackson is wearing in her videos, now you know.

I do not know much about John Rocha except for the fact that he is 1) Asian 2) based in Ireland and 3) shows in London. Now as a gay Filipino, I am not so sure I would assimilate so easily in Ireland (but a vacation there is still on my things to do before I die). Respect. Anyway, I was interested in this collection because of the raw edges. The looks seemed to be unfinished; not in the Demeulemeester way (though it has the same effect), but in this haphazard-yet-refined styling. I like the different textures of black that are layered together. It is as if these men are wearing rugs and upholstery in a very chic way. Jethro was an excellent casting choice.

Henrik Vibskov always has an interesting take on shape and color. This season, he uses color blocking and a mixture of prints to express his point of view. I am not entirely sure of the purpose of the helmets and spectacles but it is clear that he focused on how the clothes will be worn in real life. These pieces look a bit loud as ensembles, but as separates they may be the special something you need to pull everything together. If kilts aren't your thing then a jacket or cardigan with the right print can set the tone for your look this season. And remember that even in Copenhagen, the belted waist reigns for Fall.

- jerome

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