February 3, 2010

People I Like

There is more to come from Fashion Week. I am struggling, hobbling to work to bring home the Birkin, and keeping the Advil/Zyrtec/DayQuil at the ready. There is a lot to report on, and more things that I NEED, but for now I will keep that on the hush-low. I am tired from work, so let me present you with my favorite people of the week:

You had to see this one coming. I mean, it was Lady Gaga jumping around stage in Armani, getting thrown into a firey pit, and then popping out of a closet-like door to end her set in a duet with Elton John. It was GAY. Like really Gay. And it opened one of the most televised Grammy Award shows in years. I love Lady Gaga and Elton John because like Kanye, they "LIVE FASHION HARD." (Photo from Getty Images)

This is (what I hope is) me in the future, kickin' it with my girls and getting photographed wearing the latest fashions (Photo by The Sartorialist).

I love Jennifer Garner. I still love to re-watch Alias, seasons 1-3 anyway, for her amazing performances and the brilliant story/direction by J.J. Abrams. Sure, I totally should have done the costumes for the show that could have addressed both the fashion world and horny nerds watching the show (instead of just the latter), but trust me when I say that her beauty and talent make up for all the chunk heels and excessive feathers. And lets not forget she starred in a series created by the guy who brought you the new Star Trek. GARNER LOOKS GORGEOUS in Isaac Mizrahi on the March 2010 cover of Marie Claire and Jessica Biel wears Marchesa and the dress is amazing blah blah blah... (photos from Marie Claire)

Meet Dr. Gianluigi Vernet. Here he is stomping it out in Milan, Italy (from what I can tell, this looks like Via Spiga). Not everyone can wear a cape, but clearly Doctor Vernet can at age OLDER THAN YOU. To top it off, he is rocking his white handbag complete with custom, hand-painted initials. GANGSTA. Correction, I hope this is me in the future (Photo by The Sartorialist).

- jerome

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