March 30, 2010

Hurry Hurry!

Photo from V Magazine

Hello, Everyone! I wanted to drop in and do a quick update. I have been very busy with work and birthdays (I have six friends who are born on March 24th alone!). Everything is catching up with me because I feel a horrible cold coming; yet I am still in the midst of deciding what to wear to a dinner party. I trust my wardrobe, sure, but I think I rely more on my uniform of a nice button-down, black jeans, a Burberry trench, some boots, and a prayer.

Japanese Fashion Week is underway. Beautiful People's Fall show was a simple break down of my new look: more color from within all the darkness, a little pattern, a little prep, and something off beat. The collection spoke to me, and not just because Camel was my brand (I quit smoking last June after... a LONG time). Throw in a handbag and I am set. This look is perfect for everyday, street style. Keep an eye on the footwear too. I think red leather is my new obsession.

And speaking of obsessions, I am doing everything in my power to obtain the Louis Vuitton Nèo bag in Khaki. I use my Monogram version everyday and have fell in love with the size, weight, design, and charm of the bag. It is useful and, um, practical, and though it is a steep price I can justify it by selling off some designer pieces from my wardrobe. There are many things I have collected over the years that are highly coveted, but I simply cannot wear them anymore because: 1) They do not go with my style anymore, and 2) I believe someone could wear the pieces as they were meant to be worn, not sitting in a closet collecting dust. So watch out for it, the Jerome Pour Homme Silent Auction will be posted soon! Check back for your chance to score pieces from Maison Martin Margiela, Dior Homme, Helmut Lang, and more :)

UPDATE: My partner goes, "That bag would look good if you were hanging out in the forest." Well then, I am chillin' in the forest y'all!
- jerome

March 26, 2010

Saks Fifth Avenue Hosts Details Magazine Party with Neil Barrett

Last night, I attended the Details Magazine party at the Saks Fifth Avenue Men's Store in San Francisco with guest of honor Neil Barrett. The event was much like the designer himself: casual and relaxed, yet chic and put together. I didn't expect this coming from a room of queens personalities, but there was a definite sense of calm that is a testament to Barrett's approachability. It was surprisingly easy to talk with the designer, as he gave his full attention to each of the many eager people surrounding him.

I noticed a change in Barrett's collections from seasons past. His menswear was consistently strong, but the womenswear collections were not as focused. It had androgynous elements but no true signatures like the mens collections. "I used to receive a lot of criticism for the womens collections. People kept saying I was designing for 'lesbians.' I had my assistants designing a lot of the womens collections, but I felt it was time for me to give it more attention or let it go completely," Barrett says. My question about where he draws inspiration for his womenswear was enthusiastically answered with stories about his good friend. Barret explains, "I have a friend that inspires me. She is incredibly chic and well-dressed, I want someone like her to wear my clothes." I do not remember his friend's name, but Barrett continued with more tales about his friend's childhood trio that grew up to be influential people in fashion that work at Celine and Ralph Lauren. Behind every good man, there is a good woman... for inspiration anyway.

"These past two collections, for both men and women, were all me. These were fully mine. I wanted to give the (womenswear) collections a more defined look, tailored and strong like the mens, but still sexy," Barrett proudly said. His past 2 collections really do belong to him. After playing lead designing roles with Gucci and Prada, Barrett began to design for his own eponymous line produced by the latter mega brand. In recent years, Barrett gained independence from Prada Group and Allegri and centralized production with Factory Srl in Tuscany who produces 90% of Neil Barrett's lines exclusively, including the Japanese brand BlackBarrett. Now the designer is excited about the future, and the cohesiveness of his new creations.

I was nervous to ask the generic question, "What type of man do you like dressing the most?" but Barrett quickly replied, "Justin Timberlake! He is the perfect man to dress right now. I did his last video with Madonna for 4 Minutes, and we are collaborating again for his next video." Barrett is no stranger to dressing celebrities, as leading actors like Ewan Mcgregor are loyal fans.

Seeing the Spring collection on the models was an added bonus for the night. Most of the outerwear pieces are double breasted. I am in love with the exaggerated gun flap that folds into a lapel. The rubberized treatment and leather used were the key looks of the collection, while a black, white, and gray color palette only adds to the wearability of the forward designs. The shoes also captured my interest. At first glance, the models looked like they were standing on the counters because the footwear was too small. But after examining them up close (after awkwardly asking and getting low to look), I saw that the shoes are slip-on's and I NEED THEM IMMEDIATELY.

At the end of the night guests were treated to Neil Barrett ties. I opened mine and received an all-black, slim tie, which I think represents why I became a Barrett fan in the first place. My love for Neil Barrett began when my entire wardrobe started to fade to black. The first piece I bought was a sleeveless tuxedo shirt with asymmetrical pleats at the chest. It is one of those pieces you see on the hanger and step back before approaching, afraid the mystique might be lost in different lighting. It is well made, expertly tailored, tasteful, and seasonless - just like everything else Neil Barret creates.

- jerome

March 22, 2010

Black Fleece

Hat by Comme des Garçons for H&M, Shirt by Black Fleece, Trousers by H&M, Shoes by Prada

During a lovely stroll down Fillmore Street, I stumbled upon the Black Fleece store. I had completely forgotten about it opening since the opening date kept changing. According to one of the sales associates, there was much drama over opening the Black Fleece store on Fillmore because of the label's association with Brooks Brothers. Surrounding business and the community within the district were concerned about a tailoring giant like Brooks Brothers opening on Fillmore, which is known for smaller boutiques specializing in designer clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Black Fleece was finally allowed to open about 2 weeks ago following deabtes and much explanation. The BF store on Fillmore is one of two standalone stores in the world for the label designed by Thom Browne (San Francisco FTW!). The confusion with Brooks Brothers came from the fact that BF is based on designs found in the BB archives. Browne was given free range to re-interpret archival garments, fusing his own unique design sensibility with BB's heritage - a most appropriate collaboration given the focus of brand heritage.

Snapshots of one of the elaborate dressing rooms, my apologies to the SA for my appearing shady after taking so long in there!

Many times the collection is referred to as "quirky," but I think it is more of a smart, modern interpretation of the Fitzgerald era. In the store you will find seersucker, nautical prints, and an overwhelming sense of vintage Americana - but somehow the clothes are slightly off. BLACK FLEECE IS DEFINITELY NOT BROOKS BROTHERS so do not expect as much. With Thom Browne behind the clothes, you can be sure to find cropped trousers, shorter shorts, and well-fitted blazers in luxurious prints and fabrics, and that is just the menswear! The clothes are a great way to blend the traditional sartorial with fashion forwardness. The store itself is also impressive. The fixtures consist of refurbished antique furniture, and half the store space is allotted to the grand dressing rooms.

Photos from

There are so many things that I want at the Black Fleece store! Deciding between the short sleeve (seen in the store pictures) and the long sleeve was difficult, but trust that there are sport coats and shoes to go back for anyway. Check out the website for more information.

- jerome

March 21, 2010

In the Moment

This is a picture of me doing what I love most when surrounded by beautiful people. You may remember this particular event if you have been following my blog. I am posting this for 3 reasons: 1) It is a real, tangible, developed photo that I can keep forever 2) In the photo I am taking a picture of Wallpaper., one of my favorite bands, and 3) My good friend Josh hand delivered to me this very photo while I was at dinner not too far from his house, after reading my Tweet. I am forever grateful to the handsome and talented Joshua Clements!

- jerome

March 19, 2010

Look Mom, No Black!

Shirt by 3.1 Phillip Lim, Trousers by H&M, Sandals by Jeffrey Campbell, Bag by Louis Vuitton

Migrating away from an all-black wardrobe really gains purchase in the Spring. Today was the perfect day for shopping. I had originally planned to stay home and continue to power through the epic Final Fantasy XIII, but I am glad I got a chance to stroll out in the sun! I was able to grab some of my favorite magazines including the new issues of V and Vogue Hommes Japan.

I was agog when the till revealed the total for my small stack of Japanese fashion magazines. If the Vogue was not a bi-annual, and because I only buy the rest when it comes out, I would sweat the soaring prices! Chalk it up to the tough publication industry and rising shipping costs... I am only showing support :)

- jerome

March 18, 2010

And the Nominees Are...

Here are the nominees for this year's CFDA Awards. Seeing as some major fashion bloggers can cast their nominations now (WHAT??!), I thought I might weigh in on the subject. My votes are in bold below. Who would you vote for?

Marc Jacobs
Donna Karan
Alexander Wang

Michael Bastian
Tom Ford
David Neville and Marcus Wainwright for Rag & Bone

Alexis Bittar
Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough for Proenza Schouler
Marc Jacobs

Joseph Altuzarra
Prabal Gurung
Jason Wu

Richard Chai
Patrik Ervell
Simon Spurr

Eddie Borgo
Dana Lorenz
Alexander Wang

Apart from the awards, this year the CFDA recognizes the following individuals for their outstanding contributions to the fashion industry.

Michael Kors

Christopher Bailey for Burberry

Kim Hastreiter, Paper Magazine

Tonne Goodman, Vogue


Alexander McQueen

If you have no idea what I am talking about, I absolutely recommend the documentary "SEAMLESS." It is an excellent film that follows four of my favorite (at the time emerging) emerging designers who are nominated for their fresh talent by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

- jerome

March 17, 2010

An Open Letter to Marc Jacobs and Bryanboy

Dear Marc Jacobs and Bryanboy,

Hello! My name is Jerome, and I am writing to you both from San Francisco, California. You probably have never heard of me (yet/until now, ha!), but I wanted to tell you how inspired I am from the recent photos I have been seeing from fashion week.

Marc, you've got the brains, the brands, the boy, the body, and the Birkin. Your creativity captures my heart yet again with clothes and bags I cannot possibly live without. From the moment I saw it, I knew the Néo bag was to be mine. I acquired the Monogram, and I am still desperate for a piece of the Eden collection... specifically the flat bag with tassels and tails. I was ready to surrender my savings for both the Néo and the flat bag, but to my severe dismay the latter never went into production.

Bryanboy, your relevant point of view and success has my respect as a Filipino trying to make it in the fashion industry. I never dreamed I would see a fashion Filiblogger reach such heights. I feel so proud that pinoys have Pacquiao in boxing, and Bryanboy in blogging. I smiled really big while reading your tweets about your visit to Condé Nast yesterday. I follow your twitter, so you can imagine the awkward earsplitting homo shriek jaw dropping action that occurred when I saw this picture during my commute to work:

Now, I propose that we keep those Eden Flat Bags all in the Filiblogger family. The Khaki looks beautiful on you, Bryanboy. And Marc, that is my favorite color from the collection; though favorites are next to impossible when the Argent and Pêche are just as gorgeous. So please consider passing on (or selling) the other flat bag to me. It would be an honor to carry it, and I promise to give it a good home. You will not regret it. I will even work for (either) of you. In any case, I will continue to be your loyal customer and reader, and possibly employee! All I would like is that bag, but you will get an employee out of it... an excellent return on investment. (see, I even know about things like ROI!)

I am currently working hard to make it as your peer (both of you) one day, but until then, keep doing what you do and please think about my offer.

Sincerely (serious),

- Jerome


UPDATE 10/16/12 - WTF WAS I THINKING. Even I can't fake liking these two enough to get swag ("swag" back in my day meant "stuff we all get.")

- jerome

March 16, 2010

Identify, Simplify, Justify

Monogram Canvas Néo Bag by Louis Vuitton Look 1: Vintage Blazer, Shirt by Dries Van Noten, Jodhpurs by Comme des Garçons for H&M, Shoes by Whoop-de-Doo. Look 2: Leather Jacket by H&M, Denim and Oxford Shirts by Uniqlo, Jeans by Ksubi, Brogues by Prada. Look 3: Trench by Burberry, Shirt by Shipley and Halmos, Shorts by See by Chloé, Sandals by Jeffrey Campbell.

Picking out a new luxury handbag can be a difficult and lengthy process when you don't collect them, are on a budget, and/or have no idea where to begin. If you have been following this blog for the past couple months, you know of my total dilemma with picking the right color for the Louis Vuitton Néo bag above! But I am happy with my choice. You can see that it goes with my normal color palette, and of course will last a life time.

After helping Lindsey Shook pick out a bag, I thought a little advice from a bag addict might help more people. Here are a few tips that can hopefully help you out when shopping. NOTE: I am writing this from a male perspective so even though I am writing about women's handbags (though some options are more unisex), this applies to briefcases, holdalls, and other man bags.

First, think about your wardrobe as a whole and how the new bag will assimilate. Handbags can be a statement piece or the perfect accent to an outfit, but remember that you will be carrying it everywhere and it is an investment. If you normally like to wear minimalist silhouettes and let your shoes, jewelry, and accessories do the "talking," then fashion bags that come in seasonal styles and bright colors will work. Otherwise, stick with a classic shape and color that suits your style. Do not try to match exactly because wardrobes and moods change constantly. Think about versatility. If you can afford to splurge on designer collector's pieces on a regular basis, share the wealth more power to you. But there are many fast fashion brands producing affordable trendy bags as well.

The next step is dumping out your old bag to see what you have in there now. Your new bag should be able to carry your daily essentials. Estimate how big your bag should be based on your old one, which will help you decide on a functional silhouette that matches your needs and personality.

Finally, it is time to decide on a budget and do some research. Budgets almost always determine where you are going to shop, but do not rule out sales, the Internet, and promotions. Research is important, even for the seasoned shopper. There is always something new and multiple options are a godsend when you are nervous about spending; there is security in knowing you made the right decision.

And when you cannot make up your mind, ask your friends! Ask for an honest opinion from someone whose taste is similar to yours, or at least someone who knows your style. I had such doubt about my color choice for the bag above that I asked everyone to vote. When everyone weighed in the other color seemed to win, but after taking a couple of my friends to view the bags, they all agreed that the Monogram suits me more. I am glad I trusted my instincts (backed with objective opinions). I couldn't be happier!

I hope that this post was helpful, or at least a little educational. Many of you are probably saying, "DUH" right now, but at least you are reading.. Thanks again for that! I think I can cool it for a little while on the bag posts, but as my wishlist indicates there will definitely be more to come :)

- jerome

Target Acquired: Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Néo and Circus Bag Charm

The wait is over! After months of intense saving, deciding, waitlisting, heartache, and patience, I finally received my very own Louis Vuitton Néo! As you can see I went with the Monogram Canvas for its versatility and classic appeal. This bag is absolutely stunning, and truly the most wearable from the Spring 2010 collection. Getting the Monogram instead of the Eden Khaki allowed me to pick up the Circus Charm too!

These oversized tassels are the most charming bag charm I have seen in a while. They can be worn with my other LV bags as well. I am in love with these two new pieces and happily took them off my wishlist :)

Thank you to everyone who voted and helped me make my decision!!

- jerome

March 14, 2010

I Like Buying Stuff for You

If only, right? Even though I cannot actually buy you (and usually myself) stuff, I can at least help you pick out things. Let's just say I have clocked more shopping field time than your average homo guy. When local muse, marketing guru Lindsey Shook recently approached me about a new handbag, my ears perked up excitedly because of her high taste level and style code. Based on the two bags she sent me for reference and budget (low: Alexander Wang Rocco, high: Givenchy Studded Nightingale), I came up with a range of pieces with versatility and staying power. Lindsey, CEO of Harputs Market, is looking for a medium satchel that is not too trendy. That attitude is KEY: In order to go for a high price point while remaining responsible with money, stay away from "it" bags and trust in ICONS. The following is an assortment of handbags I chose for her.

(Click Image to Enlarge) From Left to Right 1. Be&D Genesis Leather Bag 2. Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag 3. Givenchy Studded Nylon Satchel 4. Yves Saint Laurent Medium Easy Bag 5. Proenza Schouler PS1 Messenger Bag 6. Givenchy Nightingale Satchel in Corset Chain/Old Pepe 7. Louis Vuitton x Sofia Coppola Bag

1. Be&D Genesis Leather Shoulder Bag, $1,095

The Genesis is a an excellent sized bag with accents that are trendy, but not overwhelming. It is a durable and popular bag that can be hand carried or worn using the cross body strap. The black leather and silver hardware will match everything. Slightly edgy, but simple enough to adapt to different outfits in your wardrobe.

2. Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag with Strap, $595
Its name suggests its purpose. The Morning After Bag is built for girls (or guys ha!) who need space for daily essentials and a little more for all-night adventures. The classic satchel silhouette is simple but modern, and the blue/white stripe lining is a pleasant surprise. There is also a mini M.A.B. for those who like the look but need to downsize. The M.A.B comes in variety of colors depending on the season.

3. Givenchy Studded Nylon Satchel, $735
Studs are on their way out this season. Unless you really committed to the entire look in the past and plan to continue with it in the future, a studded purse might not be the right choice when shopping higher price points. However, I added this to the mix because Lindsey showed an interest in studs and the price is not as high as the other selections. The studs are trendy, but the bag is a unique enough shape to where it won't get lost in the shuffle. Also, the different handles allow the bag to be a sling, tote, or cross body.

4. Yves Saint Laurent Medium Easy Bag, $1,295
The "Y" seams on this versatile bag is bound to be a classic for the house of YSL. The pebble grained leather is magnificent. You can also increase the capacity and change the shape of the bag from satchel to tote by adjusting the tabs on the sides. I have this bag in black, but I love it so much that I often consider getting the smaller version in the deep sapphire color. This bag also comes in different styles with studs or perforated/patent/printed leather, but I still swear by the soft leather.

5. Proenza Schouler Medium PS1 Messenger Bag, $1,595
The PS1 is a beautiful interpretation of the classic briefcase silhouette. It has been seen on the arms of many "it" girls, but is still sure to be a classic. What really impresses me with the PS1 is its ability to adapt to different personalities. The bag is reincarnated each season with new colors, though as seasons pass I still favor the black, navy or camel suede. This is another bag that comes with a strap so you can drink cocktails freely while texting. The medium is the perfect size if you need a bag for both day and night.

6. Givenchy Nightingale Satchels, $1,815 - $2,240
Givenchy Nightingales can be seen in many different colors, treatments, sizes, and finishes. It is a charming, roomy bag that is popular for a reason. The wide range of hardware seen on different styles of the Nightingale makes shopping for one a little tricky. The bag itself is that rare classic/statement piece, so buy one with a luxurious leather and simple accents that will give the bag staying power. I have found that even though decadent hardware may have an impact now, many people get bored of it as the fashion cycle turns. You will get more use out of a bag that you won't grow tired of looking at because it is too shiny, flashy, or dated.

7. Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Bag, $2,250 - $3,730
The Louis Vuitton SC Bag is my top pick for this selection. Because of its price point, it is almost a hypothetical suggestion, but it can be considered the bag that sets the bar. The SC bag is the perfectly sized, classic satchel that exudes class and refinement. The bag is lined in luxurious calf suede and comes in monogram canvas, asphalt suede, and jasper (red) or cobalt calf leather that has been specifically treated to produce the softest leather I have ever felt. The bag includes a covered padlock, clochette for the keys, a cross body strap, and protective feet at the base. You can bet that Louis Vuitton bags will last forever, so it is a great investment. I ache for this bag, and one day it will be mine! For now, it will remain one of the standards for searching for a high-quality handbag :)

- jerome

A Plethora of Products and Prices

Tarnished Leather Backpack, $1,290, Medallion Coin Belt, $375

I adore the tarnished leather backpack and the medallion coin belt from the Burberry Prorsum Spring 2010 Collection. I know the canvas version of the bag is large, versatile and perfect for spring, but I would imagine that the bag would be too large and cumbersome in leather because it cannot collapse in the same way as the fabric. The leather version is not for sale in America, so it would be difficult (but not impossible) to acquire. I had the pleasure of viewing the belt during Burberry's trunk show. Even when sitting on the shelf, the gorgeous belt evoked a sense of history like some precious heirloom. My only concern with the piece is that at the largest adjustment it only fits at my true waist. That is where I would wear it the most, but I want to be able to wear it as a regular belt (and I do not normally wear high-waisted trousers or jeans). But who am I to complain about fitting into a runway sample piece?! Maybe the actual belts will be made a little larger, but they are one size... In women's. I am told that these same belts will also be sold with trenches in the women's Burberry London collection.

Field Sport Utility Belt ($72) w/ Game Bags, $260, Leather Backpack, $435, Lambskin Rucksack, $1,325

During a random search for leather backpacks, I stumbled across the Mullholland Brothers website. It was serendipity from the start because within about 3 clicks, I found this leather backpack and a similar hunting belt which were available for my viewing pleasure at the designer's showroom about 3 blocks from my work. The size of the Mullholland backpack is manageable, the leather is buttery, and the price is more my speed (AND THEY DO MONOGRAMING). They also make a Lambskin Rucksack (right), but I am not as enamored with that design or price point. The belt is sold by itself or with a set of ammunition bags in 3 different sizes. Obviously the Burberry design is much more attractive and the Mullholand price is substantially lower, but I feel I can get much more use out of the former and achieve the same look.

Now my dilemma lies in practicality, prices, and product. Do I choose the less usable, but more beautiful and expensive luxury goods? Or should I go with the authentic hunting supplier at a lower price point? Decisions...

- jerome

March 12, 2010

Unzip Him to Start

Those Europeans, they can sex up anything... including Wranglers? When I think of Wrangler I think of unflattering jeans worn by WAL-MART victims and the like. Unless you have some sort of cowboy or denim fetish you probably wont find Wranglers sexy, much less consider them one of your favorite denim brands. But there is a definite re-branding initiative taking place in the European market. The emphasis placed on heritage and quality products is a large trend this season that proves beneficial to a brand like Wrangler. The vintage American angle works, but I think that Levi's has alreadyly dominated the U.S. market (and certainly a good portion of the rest of the world). Launching this collection in Europe is a smart move for Wrangler. The U.S. clothing collections and website remain conservative and practical in design, while the European product and marketing are modern and provocative.

The Wrangler Blue Bell Jeans Collection website showcases the collection by allowing users to control a model with the click or drag of the mouse: Undress him, tug him back and forth, send him flying across the screen. If you cannot appreciate ripping the shirt off of male models, then get into the fresh concept and design of the website that was featured as The Favorite Website Awards site of the month. This is an excellent, memorable way to see how the clothes move in real life from all angles. The Blue Bell Jeans Collection consists of quality classics including shirts, jackets, and of course denim. Check out the collection on the European website.

- jerome


Hello, everyone. Sorry it has been a while, but I have just recently returned from a small vacation and was unable to post during my trip. I felt a little uncomfortable being away from my computer for so long, even with my iPhone at the ready. It seems that there is life outside of the Internet, but who cares when I can do everything (at one point it was school, work, AND shopping) from the safety and comfort of my very own home?! Although in hindsight, tweeting and keeping up with fashion week while going 80mph on the i-5 probably wasn't the best idea. I doubt that is how all the road kill ended up dead, but what a waste of furs! (JUST KIDDING, PLEASE CONTINUE READING).

Getting cut off from the Internet hurts, but not nearly as much as when you finally log on and discover that what you want is not available online. The elusive limited edition products from your favorite brands can give reason to working so hard, and then have you waiting all night for the product to go live because there is nothing worse than seeing SOMEONE ELSE turning it out on StreetPeeper, JAK AND JIL, or whatever daily you happen to subscribe to.

The most painful is when something, especially a limited edition something, is not available online. That is pretty much just a SOL, "the world isn't fair" type situation when you don't live in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, London, or Milan. However, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE SITUATIONS. The Opening Ceremony and Levi's Collaboration bore more fruit than I ever imagined when I was recently informed of their shoes. The vibrant footwear includes the traditional OC desert boot, fabricated in the colors of the collaboration corduroy. But beware, they are NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE. Another score for SF, the OC x Levi's Desert Boot are only available at the Levi's Flagship store in San Francisco's Union Square or at the OC store in New York. High fives to my fellow Bay Area connoisseurs on this rare exclusive, and happy hunting to everyone else!

- jerome

March 6, 2010

Well It's About Time

The future home of the Dior Homme Flagship in Union Square, San Francisco

The rumors were true. A few years back, there was talk amongst the retail crowd in Union Square (San Francisco) of a Dior Homme opening on the top floor of the Dior Flagship. However, you can see that the entire store will be converted into a flagship store for the menswear division. Both Dior and Dior Homme are sold at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, but an actual menswear store still makes more sense. There is a clear market for designer menswear in the city, frankly by the sheer number of fashionable gay men with large disposable incomes alone. On the other hand, there is not a large market for couture dresses and leather goods at French Maison price points, so like Yves Saint Laurent another one bites the dust. At least Dior is replacing their store with another flagship within the brand's family, while at the same time staying present (via wholesale and shop-in-shop locations) in a famous shopping area known for heavy foot traffic.

I suppose this was better late than never, but I really wish the conversion happened during Hedi Slimane's reign for Dior Homme. Kris Van Assche may finally have found his groove with the label these past seasons, but no one can ever replace Slimane's rock and roll chic, sartorial genius. Only time will tell if Van Assche's designs (or the fame garnered from Slimane's past work for the house) can keep the store open.

- jerome

March 4, 2010

Good Things Come to Those Who are Waitlisted

At Louis Vuitton with the Nèo bag in Khaki and Monogram, wearing a Trench by Burberry, Trousers by Comme des Garçons, and Boots by Zara

Today was a sad day. I was planning my whole day off tomorrow around taking my new Louis Vuitton Nèo home and shopping accordingly. To my dismay, the shipment was delayed until the 15th. It turns out that the Monogram Nèo, the one I am waitlisted for, is one of the most limited of this season's limited edition offerings. The Khaki Eden bag was highly publicized by the ad campaign and Naomi Campbell's charity work, so I would imagine the stores were prepared for orders. However, there is a high demand (and apparently less supply) of the Monogram version because of the lower price point and versatility of the classic print. Thus the waitlist - I hate that word - and my extreme disappointment. Remember kids, don't count your chickens until they've hatched handbags until you're off the damn list.

But this may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I was able to see all of the bags in person and try them on. As I expected, the color of the Khaki Nèo was not as metallic as the Argent or the Péche from the Eden collection. It was perfect, but the fact still remains that the Khaki has a luster that could potentially lose relevance with both my taste and wardrobe. I already have another beautiful Burberry purse in a green color way that I have trouble working into daily use, so imagine the trouble with a bright, emerald, come-mug-me purse. The Louis Vuitton Monogram is a classic that cannot lose with a modern shaped bag. Now I can make an educated decision and I won't have to wonder. I WANT SO BADLY TO GET BOTH but I am going to stick with the Monogram Nèo... if it doesn't sell out. What do you think (comment or message!)?

- jerome

March 2, 2010

Collaboration Masturbation

Fred Perry knows exactly what I want/need/must-have each season, especially in the form of collaborations. How could you go wrong with classic wardrobe staples redesigned by the likes of Comme des Garçons, Raf Simons, and Stussy? This new Blank Canvas collaboration with Liberty of London has me listening to Whitney Houston's "Run To You," and scouring the Internet in a frantic search for these shirts. The traditional Liberty prints hit the right note for the recent call for heritage, and the prints are perfect for spring. Look out for these shirts in April.

- jerome

March 1, 2010

I Have an Addiction, Sir!

I realize that I have been writing a lot about Louis Vuitton. I am not going to pretend like I didn't despise the brand in the past. Hyper exposure and mass-counterfeited, the Louis Vuitton Monogram was all too much for me until I found styles that worked with my wardrobe. There are tons of products that I still find repulsive, but with this season's emphasis on heritage, I have slowly come to appreciate the history and quality that goes into each piece. As I blogged before, I love the classic shape of the Speedy, and this is translated into the larger Keep Alls. Classic silhouettes used by any brand usually have me surrendering my plastic, but Louis Vuitton particularly makes it worth while because their bags are the perfect weight, shape, size, and quality I am looking for.

Like Snoop Dogg, I am a fan of the Damier Ebene Canvas. Friday will mark an extremely intense, fraud-prevention-freeze-my-card inducing, Spring shopping spree, and (FINGERS CROSSED) my first Monogram Canvas bag in the form of the Nèo bag. Wish me luck and wisdom!!

- jerome