March 12, 2010

Unzip Him to Start

Those Europeans, they can sex up anything... including Wranglers? When I think of Wrangler I think of unflattering jeans worn by WAL-MART victims and the like. Unless you have some sort of cowboy or denim fetish you probably wont find Wranglers sexy, much less consider them one of your favorite denim brands. But there is a definite re-branding initiative taking place in the European market. The emphasis placed on heritage and quality products is a large trend this season that proves beneficial to a brand like Wrangler. The vintage American angle works, but I think that Levi's has alreadyly dominated the U.S. market (and certainly a good portion of the rest of the world). Launching this collection in Europe is a smart move for Wrangler. The U.S. clothing collections and website remain conservative and practical in design, while the European product and marketing are modern and provocative.

The Wrangler Blue Bell Jeans Collection website showcases the collection by allowing users to control a model with the click or drag of the mouse: Undress him, tug him back and forth, send him flying across the screen. If you cannot appreciate ripping the shirt off of male models, then get into the fresh concept and design of the website that was featured as The Favorite Website Awards site of the month. This is an excellent, memorable way to see how the clothes move in real life from all angles. The Blue Bell Jeans Collection consists of quality classics including shirts, jackets, and of course denim. Check out the collection on the European website.

- jerome

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  1. ya ive seen the same branding with lee jeans in europe. i walked into the lee jeans store in antwerp and its got all the slimmer fits and washes for the hip and young where as in the states, lee jeans is a brand def best for fat truck drivers.