March 6, 2010

Well It's About Time

The future home of the Dior Homme Flagship in Union Square, San Francisco

The rumors were true. A few years back, there was talk amongst the retail crowd in Union Square (San Francisco) of a Dior Homme opening on the top floor of the Dior Flagship. However, you can see that the entire store will be converted into a flagship store for the menswear division. Both Dior and Dior Homme are sold at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, but an actual menswear store still makes more sense. There is a clear market for designer menswear in the city, frankly by the sheer number of fashionable gay men with large disposable incomes alone. On the other hand, there is not a large market for couture dresses and leather goods at French Maison price points, so like Yves Saint Laurent another one bites the dust. At least Dior is replacing their store with another flagship within the brand's family, while at the same time staying present (via wholesale and shop-in-shop locations) in a famous shopping area known for heavy foot traffic.

I suppose this was better late than never, but I really wish the conversion happened during Hedi Slimane's reign for Dior Homme. Kris Van Assche may finally have found his groove with the label these past seasons, but no one can ever replace Slimane's rock and roll chic, sartorial genius. Only time will tell if Van Assche's designs (or the fame garnered from Slimane's past work for the house) can keep the store open.

- jerome

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  1. agreed! and thank you for the heads up. i, too, wish this had happened when i was quick to love dior homme. now, i have to consider it amongst several other loves, esp at those prices!