March 30, 2010

Hurry Hurry!

Photo from V Magazine

Hello, Everyone! I wanted to drop in and do a quick update. I have been very busy with work and birthdays (I have six friends who are born on March 24th alone!). Everything is catching up with me because I feel a horrible cold coming; yet I am still in the midst of deciding what to wear to a dinner party. I trust my wardrobe, sure, but I think I rely more on my uniform of a nice button-down, black jeans, a Burberry trench, some boots, and a prayer.

Japanese Fashion Week is underway. Beautiful People's Fall show was a simple break down of my new look: more color from within all the darkness, a little pattern, a little prep, and something off beat. The collection spoke to me, and not just because Camel was my brand (I quit smoking last June after... a LONG time). Throw in a handbag and I am set. This look is perfect for everyday, street style. Keep an eye on the footwear too. I think red leather is my new obsession.

And speaking of obsessions, I am doing everything in my power to obtain the Louis Vuitton Nèo bag in Khaki. I use my Monogram version everyday and have fell in love with the size, weight, design, and charm of the bag. It is useful and, um, practical, and though it is a steep price I can justify it by selling off some designer pieces from my wardrobe. There are many things I have collected over the years that are highly coveted, but I simply cannot wear them anymore because: 1) They do not go with my style anymore, and 2) I believe someone could wear the pieces as they were meant to be worn, not sitting in a closet collecting dust. So watch out for it, the Jerome Pour Homme Silent Auction will be posted soon! Check back for your chance to score pieces from Maison Martin Margiela, Dior Homme, Helmut Lang, and more :)

UPDATE: My partner goes, "That bag would look good if you were hanging out in the forest." Well then, I am chillin' in the forest y'all!
- jerome

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