July 29, 2011

The Blind Barber

Shirt by OAK NYC, Pants by Uniqlo, Harness by Zana Bayne AW2011

Here is me looking like I have just been tazed, when really I am just drinking on a Tuesday night and photographed from a very unflattering angle. I love when things are two things at once. The Blind Barber in New York is a barber shop by day, and a pretty sweet bar by night. They have rare tequilas, super smokin' bartenders (but what bars in NYC don't?), and an awesome set list. I had some good times here with Anthony and Ethan. Apparently they do photo booths a little differently. Thanks to Nicky Digital, I had the pleasure of re-living the very little that I can hardly remember from the night in stop motion. Check out the video by clicking any of these screen captures (we are around the 0.40 mark).

I love these pictures. They make me feel like I have a social life again! It was so lovely those warm nights. I wish that it could happen in SF, where I don't need to worry about bringing a jacket with me everywhere. Undoubtedly, we deserve and Indian summer. Stay warm, SF.

- jerome

July 28, 2011

If I Told You That I Was Thinking of Moving East...

Would you save a place for me?

This is one of my favorite songs. It has been the soundtrack to past loves and significant moments in my life. Now more than ever, it holds so much meaning. The pull of the East is incredibly powerful, even after one day of returning. This would change everything.

- jerome

I Love New York

Here are a few highlights from my trip to New York. I realized that lugging around a camera in the 98-110 degree humidity was not my favorite thing in the world, so I didn't take as many pictures as I really should have. But I did some work while I was there and the final cuts will be posted as soon as they are able to be published. I am going back in September for fashion week, and seriously considering moving. These are a few of my favorite things from this past week (in no particular order):

1. Seeing "Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty" at The Met with Krse Six and Anthony Deeying 2. 5 Hour rooftop photoshoot in Brooklyn in a record breaking 110 DEGREES!! 3. Catching up with the one and only Zana Bayne 4. Hanging out with Ethan

If you haven't seen the Savage Beauty exhibit at The Met, I highly suggest you go now. The exhibit moved all of us to tears for different reasons; for some it is an overload of genius, and for others it was a deep sadness that no one will ever replace the late, great Alexander McQueen. It was fun to experience it with Krse, the dark heart agent who truly could appreciate the artistry. I had the pleasure of art directing a shoot with Anthony. Unfortunately, it was a bajillion degrees outside and the location was on a rooftop. I did like the heat, but I made sure everyone wore sun block. I pulled exclusively from Zana Bayne, so harness tan lines had to be avoided! Seeing Zana always brings me back to when we were young, running around San Francisco with feathers, eyeliner, and brown bagged bottles of whiskey. She gave me a preview of her new collection, pieces which I couldn't help purchasing. The pentagram harness I am wearing here is a one-of-a-kind piece made from navy leather. I feel so special!! And speaking of old friends, I finally got to have some quality face time with my oldest friend in the world, Ethan. I think I was about 15 or 16 when we first started talking. Over the following decade, Ethan has been a diary of sorts, and vice versa. We did some shopping, had an amazing dinner, and hung out like we have been doing so all our lives. Did I mention it was our first time meeting in person?

(Regrettably) Not pictured are my sweet times with my good friend Ali Cohen, an authentic home-made Puerto Rican feast with the Malave Family in Brooklyn, moving and grooving to a flawless set by SF transplant LXNDR at The Darkroom, shopping with my gaysian Matthew, the giant chalice/cauldron/scorpion punch bowl of alcohol at The Standard, and cocktails at the Blind Barber. I love New York and the old friends that live there. Moving sounds like the next step in my life, and it would be a major life-changing decision to go through with it. Is this what being a grown up feels like?

- jerome

July 19, 2011

Start Spreading The News...

Shirt by Banana Republic, Trousers by H&M, Boots by COS, Bracelets by Funk Plus U.S.A., Cuff by Hermés

I am leaving for New York tomorrow! Apparently it is hotter than Jake Gyllenhal hell out there, but it will be so amazing to be out of this slump in SF. The Bay Area deserves an Indian summer, and I pray we get one when I return. Here is to shopping and wining and dining.

And research. I am looking at schools while I am there to try and figure out if I want to further my education with either a masters or another bachelor's degree. Wish me luck!

- jerome

July 14, 2011

Sheer Necessity

Mesh Polo, Gauntlet Ring and Biker Sandals by Burberry Prorsum, Khakis by J.Crew, Bracelet by Hermés

The first time I laid eyes on the Burberry Prorsum SS12 mesh polo, I knew it had to be mine. It is just enough GAY classic-meets-different to belong in my collection. The price tag was pretty steep so I had to let fate decide - wait until sale and see if it survives. Flash forward to sale season and it was SOLD OUT in my size in SF. But I am not a quitter. There was hope in a size larger, so I went for it anyway. Yes, the original fit me like a dream, but in retrospect, I am happy with the size up because I will inevitably need to wear something under the piece... though I don't plan to in New York! The color is a lovely pale, grayish olive that plays tricks in different lighting. I sometimes have this aching regret in my heart about not getting my size, but wearing something under the size up justifies my decision.

It is important to develop instincts about buying certain designer pieces. I try to weigh the pros and cons; the price and value versus the quality and mileage a piece has. This has saved me many paychecks... All of which I am going to spend in New York. So much to do before my trip! And it turns out, I will be working on an exciting project while I am there :)

- jerome

July 10, 2011

Thinking of You

The following are a few images that represent my life. I haven't been able to blog with as much frequency as I would like because I am either exhausted from work or exhausted from working out. I have about 10 days left before I leave for sweltering New York, and I cannot hide my NOT READY FOR bikini season body in a tank top. The weather has actually been nice this past week in San Francisco, and I urge anyone to take advantage of it when they can. Anyway, here are some of my favorite things:

Hermés 40cm Etoupe Birkin

A few days ago, I was meeting up with my Niece's mother at Hermés because she couldn't find the Starbucks I use as a meeting point near my work. That alone was fate. But upon entering, I experienced deja vu when one of the sales associates brought out an artisan fresh 40cm Etoupe Clemence Birkin to the center of the room for replenishment. Remember, that is how I acquired my first Birkin. The Etoupe is one of the most beautiful colors of leather, and the contrast white stitching signifies the quality craftsmanship in the bag. This color is now at the very top of my list for Hermés bag goals. I couldn't afford another, let alone a second Birkin in the span of 3 months. But it is a life goal! Soon after I put it down, the gaysian that tried to buy my 40cm Black Birkin the day I got it came in and asked my opinion. He is a fan of Togo leather, but didn't have any Clemence yet. He casually tossed his HAC aside and said, "I have a couple of these." EYES ROLL. I told him if he didn't buy it, I would. AND THEN HE BOUGHT IT BEFORE MY VERY EYES. And after that, the cousin I met up with told me she had a 40cm Black Crocodile Birkin and my head exploded. I graciously accepted the beverage she offered to get me.

Hermés Silver Collier De Chien

Anja Rubik doesn't need to sell me on the bracelet she is wearing. I think I want the silver CDC before I would acquire an exotic. This editorial shot for Vogue Nippon's June 2011 issue captures the style and attitude that I want my clothes to express right now: polished but tough, rough and a little ridiculous. Note the pairings of tailored and embellished garments in the full spread, seen here.


It must be Blake Lively. In a Marchesa dress. On the red carpet. I see a gorgeous gown that covers up one of my favorite actresses who usually shows off more of her assets (although, in a classy way. Minus the leaked n00dz. I try to block it out). But let's be real here: you can still see her mile high legs. The gown is sheer, but it creates this incredibly regal look that cannot be beat. I wonder if anyone else at the BAFTA Brits to Watch Gala was as insecure as I feel now after seeing this picture. Did I mention I spent 2 hours at the gym this morning? Even Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge was in attendance, but still could not hold a candle to my girl Blake.

Oldie But Goodie

This picture was tumbled to death on tumblr, but it is still pretty funny to me. And even though this post doesn't contain a lick of menswear, I thought you should all know that I miss writing about it. Once this New York trip is over I think things will slow down and I will be able to share more photos.

This Is My Jam

This song is on the playlist at my work. It is pretty old (from 2006) and I am not sure I really like any of the other songs by the artist. It is funny when that happens. This song makes me feel sentimental about this winter-in-summer season we are having in SF.

- jerome

July 1, 2011

Tattoo Inspiration

Tank by Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane, Jeans by Levis

I have been thinking about getting a new tattoo. I only have one, and Hedi Slimane had a lot to do with it. My plan was to footnote my tattoos with the age in which I got them. I was going to get another one when I was 22 (my lucky number), but suddenly I'm 25 and I still only have the one from when I was 18. This might be a good thing though. You can't exactly wash a tattoo off if you don't really like it, so my impulses to get another one were not vainly muffled by reason and heavy thought. Lately I have been researching some things that might lead me in the right direction to get back into the chair.

Alphonse Mucha has always served as great inspiration, but I am afraid that he himself is/was the only one with the ability to produce an art nouveau masterpiece. Trust me, image search "Mucha tattoo" and behold thousands of thumbnails of the same butchered reproductions of iconic artworks. If I were to get a Mucha tattoo, it would probably be flowers of some sort, or a decorative motif resembling jewelry. Some of my favorite drawings by Mucha are sketches for jewelry designs. I wonder if his works were ever realized because the romantic curvature of the art nouveau style would translate beautifully as accessories, no matter how delicate. If I cannot wear them, the drawings dear to my heart would be lovely as a tattoo wrapping around my arm. My main concern with this is the detail needed to pull off the intricate sketches.

This may be a little more than random, but I like the idea of having J.C. Lyendecker's mermaid somewhere on my body. It still has the romanticism and shape of an art nouveau piece, and the illustration is also the work of an iconic gay artist. I love the symbolism of mermaids in folklore, and there is some version of the creature in every culture. They are my favorite!! Getting a mermaid tattoo would be so sailor of me. Orrrrr maybe I need to cool it on the Pirates clip of Gemma Ward (SPOILER Don't watch if you haven't seen the movie. If you have, let me know where I can get a better clip):

But I also have to consider how my new tattoo will relate to my other one. The first is quite modern and graphic while all my new ides are of a completely different style. I have to think about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Placement could be everything. Time to think a little harder now.

- jerome