July 14, 2011

Sheer Necessity

Mesh Polo, Gauntlet Ring and Biker Sandals by Burberry Prorsum, Khakis by J.Crew, Bracelet by Hermés

The first time I laid eyes on the Burberry Prorsum SS12 mesh polo, I knew it had to be mine. It is just enough GAY classic-meets-different to belong in my collection. The price tag was pretty steep so I had to let fate decide - wait until sale and see if it survives. Flash forward to sale season and it was SOLD OUT in my size in SF. But I am not a quitter. There was hope in a size larger, so I went for it anyway. Yes, the original fit me like a dream, but in retrospect, I am happy with the size up because I will inevitably need to wear something under the piece... though I don't plan to in New York! The color is a lovely pale, grayish olive that plays tricks in different lighting. I sometimes have this aching regret in my heart about not getting my size, but wearing something under the size up justifies my decision.

It is important to develop instincts about buying certain designer pieces. I try to weigh the pros and cons; the price and value versus the quality and mileage a piece has. This has saved me many paychecks... All of which I am going to spend in New York. So much to do before my trip! And it turns out, I will be working on an exciting project while I am there :)

- jerome

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