July 1, 2011

Tattoo Inspiration

Tank by Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane, Jeans by Levis

I have been thinking about getting a new tattoo. I only have one, and Hedi Slimane had a lot to do with it. My plan was to footnote my tattoos with the age in which I got them. I was going to get another one when I was 22 (my lucky number), but suddenly I'm 25 and I still only have the one from when I was 18. This might be a good thing though. You can't exactly wash a tattoo off if you don't really like it, so my impulses to get another one were not vainly muffled by reason and heavy thought. Lately I have been researching some things that might lead me in the right direction to get back into the chair.

Alphonse Mucha has always served as great inspiration, but I am afraid that he himself is/was the only one with the ability to produce an art nouveau masterpiece. Trust me, image search "Mucha tattoo" and behold thousands of thumbnails of the same butchered reproductions of iconic artworks. If I were to get a Mucha tattoo, it would probably be flowers of some sort, or a decorative motif resembling jewelry. Some of my favorite drawings by Mucha are sketches for jewelry designs. I wonder if his works were ever realized because the romantic curvature of the art nouveau style would translate beautifully as accessories, no matter how delicate. If I cannot wear them, the drawings dear to my heart would be lovely as a tattoo wrapping around my arm. My main concern with this is the detail needed to pull off the intricate sketches.

This may be a little more than random, but I like the idea of having J.C. Lyendecker's mermaid somewhere on my body. It still has the romanticism and shape of an art nouveau piece, and the illustration is also the work of an iconic gay artist. I love the symbolism of mermaids in folklore, and there is some version of the creature in every culture. They are my favorite!! Getting a mermaid tattoo would be so sailor of me. Orrrrr maybe I need to cool it on the Pirates clip of Gemma Ward (SPOILER Don't watch if you haven't seen the movie. If you have, let me know where I can get a better clip):

But I also have to consider how my new tattoo will relate to my other one. The first is quite modern and graphic while all my new ides are of a completely different style. I have to think about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Placement could be everything. Time to think a little harder now.

- jerome

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