January 22, 2012

Out of the Office

So posting during my vacation isn't going as swimmingly as planned. I have been super busy here in the Philippines. It is so wonderful to reconnect with my family and remember where they are from. Philippines is an entirely different world (if not for the simple fact that I paid the equivalent of 80 cents for a bottled water at a big ticket concert). I am only beginning my third day and already the most amazing things have happened:

1. Slept almost the entire 12 hour flight (15 hour travel time) thanks to the comfy business class seats
2. I had my palm read by one of the most respected healers in San Thomas (all good things I think)
3. Acquired some amazing pieces at Hermés, including a silk shirt on sale!
4. Indulged in a 5 hour spa session
5. Met up with a new friend at a gallery opening for renowned photographer Perou at the Ayala Museum in Makati
6. People keep thinking I am an "Artista" or actor/teen idol
7. Watched Katy Perry on whim, live, in the last show of her California Dreams Tour

The trip has also been one ENDLESS FOOD DIET FAIL EXTRAVAGANZA. Where this whole, "You look like Coco Martin!" thing comes from is a mystery to my bloated self. I blame it on my lack of jet-lag - the balance must be upheld. But I am not so worried about the scale seeing as I have the rest of the winter to trim down when I get back. The ultra luxe Shangri-La Hotel has been fun. They have security at the front door with sniffing dogs and metal detectors that kind of makes me nervous and impressed at the same time. I leave for the white sand beaches of Boracay tomorrow where wi-fi probably won't - and shouldn't - be had, so I thought a small update was in order.

Being out of California and singing a song as cheesy as "California Girls" really made me realize how much pride I have for the Bay. Let's leave nostalgia and sentiment for later... I leave for paradise tomorrow!!

- jerome

January 13, 2012

Glamour Shots

I found out what GPOY meant. I'm not sure that was the best discovery.

Vintage Motorcycle Jacket, H&M x Versace Sweater, Naked and Famous Denim, Nike Air Jordan 3, Hermés Bag

There are a couple of things I want to share with you all. First, I "borrowed" my brother's Jordan's after rolling my ankle during Christmas. No one is more surprised than I am, but somehow they go great with everything. I've never been a sneaker head so the borrow was purely out of necessity. Walking with a rolled ankle is impossible in unforgiving, leather brogues. Jordan's became my orthopedic shoes and my ankle's best friend. Two words: ARCH SUPPORT. Also, here is a close up of my initials stamped into the reverse side of the touret on my black Birkin. I like my monograms discreet, so this is the place I chose for all of them.

Yesterday, I finally styled a shoot after a long hiatus of active creative work. It was so much fun! The theme I conjured was "a motorcycle jacket for every man." My collection of outerwear has grown over the years, resulting in a strange mixture I am fond and proud of. Looking at the variations on one consistent item in my wardrobe (leather jackets) showed me how I came to my current styling choices. I have been so confused about my attraction to random styles, trying to make Rick Owens and J.Crew fit together. Perhaps it all makes sense when you look at the OCD preppy phase in my youth, the vintage/glam adventures I had in college, my quest for androgynous perfection, big brother's influence throughout my life, and my label obsessions in between.

- jerome

January 12, 2012

Kawaii Desho

Note: Always watch anime in a well-lit room and don't sit too close to the TV.

Jeremy brought home these adorable anime eye glasses. It is such a sweet gift! There are perforations so you can still see through them. However, it is a little creepy if you stare at someone for too long while they are wearing the anime eyes...

- jerome

January 9, 2012

Target... Acquired?

Karen Walker Sunglasses, Uniqlo +J Blazer, Céline Zara Silk Shirt, Naked and Famous Denim, Prada Shoes

On my never ending quest to obtain the Céline shirt I have been obsessing over since its runway debut, I may have found an acceptable substitute. I wandered into Zara looking to score on some basics during their mega sale and found this splendid silk shirt that mimics the original. It had to have been a return from another store because I have never seen it. The piece has a brilliant print that is similar enough to the Céline to achieve the same aesthetic, but different enough to be a dignified knock off without being completely counterfeit. Hooray! Now cross your fingers I can find the original when I go to Hong Kong. I hope I don't develop a silk shirt phase.

- jerome

January 6, 2012

Check It Out

Burberry Muffler, Schott Motorcycle Jacket, Blood is the New Black Tee, J.Crew Khakis, COS Boots

Happy New Year! 2011 was a major trip, but I am beyond excited for 2012 as long as it isn't the end of the world. There is so much happening this year already. The first fitting for my brother's wedding took place yesterday, I am starting to pack for my vacation, and there is a new set of frames being fitted with my prescription. Blog time has been cut down drastically, but my New Year's resolution is to allow myself more creative time. We will see how well this plays out given the move to New York!

I've had this check wool motorcycle jacket for a while now. It has kept me warm and toasty this winter season. The classic ivy league colors used to make Schott's Perfecto silhouette is a match for my wardrobe. Plaids have never been my favorite print, but I've recently acquired some pieces. Another is this Giant Check Cashmere Muffler from Burberry. It is extra long and wide and made from the softest fibers. I recommend getting your hands on one before the winter ends!!

- jerome