January 9, 2012

Target... Acquired?

Karen Walker Sunglasses, Uniqlo +J Blazer, Céline Zara Silk Shirt, Naked and Famous Denim, Prada Shoes

On my never ending quest to obtain the Céline shirt I have been obsessing over since its runway debut, I may have found an acceptable substitute. I wandered into Zara looking to score on some basics during their mega sale and found this splendid silk shirt that mimics the original. It had to have been a return from another store because I have never seen it. The piece has a brilliant print that is similar enough to the Céline to achieve the same aesthetic, but different enough to be a dignified knock off without being completely counterfeit. Hooray! Now cross your fingers I can find the original when I go to Hong Kong. I hope I don't develop a silk shirt phase.

- jerome

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