October 28, 2012

The Evolution of a Nickname

Nicknames are given out of love. Here is the list of names my friends and family have christened me with over the years. If you did not develop the name, then please do not refer to me as such. Except for "J." That is pretty neutral. No one can really reserve first initial nicknames, not after Gossip Girl or 9/11.

Roma Downey
Roma Downey Jr.
Roma D

Here are the nicknames I am giving to Hurricane Sandy (which is quite ironic because my good friend Steven gave me the name "Roma D" because of the line in Grease where Sandy sings "Look at me! I'm Sandra D!")

Hurricane Hella Inconvenient
Hurricane of Emotions

Everything seems to be going awry today. JUST PLEASE GOD DON'T LET MY WIFI GO OUT! And scene.

- jerome

October 18, 2012

Italians and Outerwear

While I was living in Milan, I received a lesson in creating a lasting wardrobe built from classic and quality pieces that stay sartorially relevant and functional for a very long time. Just being around the Milanese teaches you a great deal, the first being that Americans are sloppy. Casual to Italians (and this is not reserved for the fashion capitol Milan) is still polished. Sweats are dressed up. They take pride in how they present themselves to the world. As winter nears and the leaves change color, outerwear is an important part of dressing up again. Thank goodness for that because as a San Franciscan I have the urge to bring a jacket everywhere I go no matter what my eyes tell me about the weather outside. My collection of outwear does not always live up to what I have learned during my time abroad because for some reason I used to believe I could pull off womenswear and have it look correct on my body type but I hope I can get it right with time. Here are some men I met in Milan who knew what they were doing.

gentleman @ via della spiga. him @ via porta ticinese. dapper dan @ via montenapoleone. photographer @ via montenapoleone.

I took these photos on main luxury shopping streets in Milan, more specifically Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga. All these men were either running errands or going to work. Look how well the clothes fit, the comfort and naturalness of the ensemble, and how each piece can be worn today or years from now. My theory holds up: I took these 4 or 5 years ago.


Winter is Coming

The cold is coming fast and it is making me feel nostalgic. A revisiting to my fall/winter outerwear was long overdue because of the sweltering heat from this summer. Rediscovering things in your wardrobe can be such a rewarding experience especially when you realize you were right when you said, "I WILL TOTALLY WEAR THIS ALL THE TIME". Looking through my collection I came across pieces I used to style a past project. I am surprised I never posted this shoot. This was another collaboration I did with Anthony Deeying during a visit to New York. It is strange to think that we did this together a year ago, and now I live here. The model Jon Paul (FORD) was such a sport and really knew how to move, producing amazing shots considering the freezing cold. I love a good night shoot in Central Park!

Outerwear pieces by Burberry Prorsum, Alexander Wang, and Alexander McQueen

- jerome

August 28, 2012

Target Acquired: AMBUSH Designs Claw Rings

It's an AMBUSH!!! These are some statement rings if I ever saw one. They have such a powerful weight to them and so fun to wear! The blue version comes with gold bands (as I assume all of the other styles do) and the silver is the same color throughout. The shipping from Japan was unbelievably fast. I am very pleased with the quality of AMBUSH's products and customer service. I highly recommend getting these before they are knocked off! If you are thinking about ordering, here is a sizing tip: my ring finger is a US size 8, so I ordered the size "3" on the website. This worked out perfectly for the other fingers. Good luck!

- jerome

August 24, 2012

Free Me

It is always a pleasure to find old projects on the Internet when you are googling yourself "just in case" when doing random searches. I came across this shoot I did with Anthony Deeying, a dear and talented friend of mine whom I've worked with many times before. Pulling clothing for this shoot was relatively painless. Many pieces came from my personal wardrobe. I was unaware that this project would be optioned for a magazine, and it was a surprise to see it published in TANTALUM (read the Anthony's interview below). Maybe I did read this forever ago, but for some reason it was so new to me to see it again...

TANTALUM: Anthony, thank you for your amazing story "FREE ME" for the first issue of Tantalum can you tell us how the editorial came about?
ANTHONY DEEYING: The editorial came to life thanks to the stylist; Jerome Ison. He loves patterns especially Starts/Polka dots/stripes. He was able to pull pieces that focused on mixed patterns in the same color palette and add stacks of bracelets which is his go to personal style as well.
TANTALUM: The model has such great presence, did you direct her or did she just bust out in those moves?
ANTHONY DEEYING: Evan is one of the best movers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. We gave her some 'key' poses to mimic and she ran with it... we had music playing and she got into the mood and went to town. Her hair was also so amazing, between hair flips and wind she made it work.
TANTALUM: Whose idea was it to use a leather harness usually reserved for The Folsom st fair mixed with a vintage cardigan!?
ANTHONY DEEYING: The Harness is actually designed by Zana Bayne (www.zanabayne.com) who is a dear friend of the stylist. Her pieces are addictive! beautifully hand made, and just will make any outfit so cool.
TANTALUM: The images are far less static then typical fashion editorials, do you find that sense of movement is common in your style of shooting?
ANTHONY DEEYING: Movement is very common in my shooting. As much as I love the standstill poses in other editorials - My style is very much emotion and movement, giving the freedom to the model to make it their own with the mood we've worked on for the shoot.
TANTALUM: How did you get into photography? was it something you always wanted to do or was it a fortunate accident?
ANTHONY DEEYING: I've been fortunate enough to be in the arts my entire life. I was apart of an intense magnet program in high school that specialized in fine arts so I was able to be in the dark room and learn colors, patterns, you name it from some amazing teachers at a young age. But photography as a job I never thought - originally I wanted to design, but then got bored and tried photographing my friends... submitted them to agencies and was booked for my first test shoot the next day.
TANTALUM: Do you have any mentors/muses?
ANTHONY DEEYING: Muses, yes.. many - I love awkward people... not the typical 'pretty models' I like character that comes out in photos. Evan (in this editorial) is definitely a muse for me. I wouldn't narrow it down to just one person, but a handful of amazing talent i've been able to photograph and produce amazing pieces. Mentors; I absolutely adore Steven Klein's work - I'm a goth kid at heart and the dark, emotional images he's able to produce just blow my mind and I think he's a genius. Also Hedi Slimane is a huge influence - the raw simplicity of his work is something I've admired and respect.
TANTALUM: What do you look for when figuring out who to use for your editorial team??
ANTHONY DEEYING: I work very hard to narrow down talent. I sort through so many books and websites seeing what the stylists/makeup artists have to offer. It's extremely taxing, but I do it because I know what I want and who will be able to deliver it. I love giving up and coming people a chance, but it's done after much research of them. haha. I'm very picky.
TANTALUM: What inspires you?
ANTHONY DEEYING: Again, movement/emotion is a major thing for me.
TANTALUM: How did it feel to see you work in print for the very first time??
ANTHONY DEEYING: Actually, the first time my work was published in print I took the cover of the magazine! The editor actually had an original cover already lined up but saw my shots, pulled it.. and replaced the image for the cover with the one I shot. It was for a French magazine, and I was fortunate to get a cover and three page feature in the issue! I also ended up being in Paris while the issue was on stands - so walking around Paris and seeing my image on the cover was beyond incredible.
TANTALUM: Final thoughts funny stuff that happened on shoot day??
ANTHONY DEEYING: To get the movement shots Evan had to be jumping around, dancing, whipping her hair around in the studio with no A/C poor thing had to break every now and then to get her makeup and hair reset because she was breaking a sweat. But she looked amazing and was definitely a trooper.

- jerome

August 23, 2012

Target Confirmed: Put Your Claws Up

Behold the AMBUSH Design Claw Ring. This baby has just enough whimsy to be classified as cute, and all the danger required in my prerequisites for jewelry. I first saw this baby on CL, the leader for the K-pop group 2NE1. I worship those girls with no apologies and their ring game is always on point. On one interview, CL was whipping her hand around with these huge claws on them and my heart skipped a beat. When I went to their show last Friday she was wearing the rings again in multiple colors and I was researching by the time I sat down on the train ride home. The ring is by the Japanese designer AMBUSH as part of their HOLY MOUNTAIN collection. Evil eyes, claws, crosses, and furs AND SEN M. IS MODELING OMGOMGOMG all strike a chord with me and my fate was sealed.

The only catches were the Japanese website and sizing, so I had to task a friend to translate for me. You have to put in all your information and they send you a confirmation email in about a week before you process the actual payment (still waiting for my confirmation - but let me know if you need help when ordering from the US). If you are curious, I am going to pull the trigger on the silver and blue claws in a size 16, the Japanese equivalent of my size 8 ring finger. You can also see the ring featured in the latest issue of i-D on newstands now.

- jerome

August 16, 2012

Hello, I Am Still Alive

Brian Lichtenberg Tank, Dior Homme Waistcoat, Cheap Monday Shorts, Zana Bayne Basic Harness, 5cm x Dr. Martens Boots

Hello, everyone! I am sorry I haven't been posting anything lately. The move to New York has kept me busy with new adventures that I am excited to share. Much has changed for me in my life and it has been filled with highs and lows, and a lot of new wardrobe acquisitions! Also, this is my new Sailor moon tattoo (I am quite proud of it - talk about henshin). Tomorrow I am going to see my favorite k-pop band, 2NE1. It will be my first time in New Jersey to see 2NE1 for the first time on their first world tour. A whole world of firsts. Anyway, this is what I have been wearing lately. I look like Tifa Lockheart most of the time. For those of you who don't know who that is, look it up because AMYAYZING.

This is my first full fledged summer in New York and it is absolutely beautiful. Walking around at night without a jacket and nothing but warm air rushing around your body is just as romantic as it sounds. Though the day heat is getting old, it does make my morning stroll through the West Village to get to work that much more pleasant. I haven't quite figured out how to dress in this weather without sweating profusely anyway. Is it me or am I not supposed to really care for these few months? Legit summer weather for a native San Franciscan means a shopping trip is in order. Eventually, I will wrap my head around summer dressing, but dang do I miss layering.
If you do want to see what makes me tick, I update my tumblr. quite frequently. It serves as an inspiration board more than anything else. Stay tuned for what will hopefully be continued regular broadcasting!!

- jerome

June 9, 2012

Warriors of Rhythm

This basketball jersey was made by my cousins in the 1990's for their DJ crew because we are hella Filipino. It doesn't breathe very well, but I love it. My brother was the original owner, but I stole it when he went to college. Our last name is on the jersey too, and you know I love some personalization on EVERYTHING.

I have no idea how to dress for the weather here in New York. It is just as unpredictable as San Francisco but a little more extreme. Furthermore, I'm still in the process of organizing my apartment and figuring out a place to photograph my outfits (photobooth for now). It has been a long time since I have blogged regularly, and lately I've been a little fatigued physically/emotionally and it's left me paralyzed/uninspired. New York has introduced me to a lot of new people, places, and things - just the thing to lift my spirits. Can't wait to share more, thanks for sticking around.

Follow me on intagram! jeromepourhomme, of course.

- jerome

May 19, 2012

Dark Stalkers C'est Chic

Morrigan wears Haider Ackermann Spring 2011. Hsien-Ko wears Céline Spring 2011

Here are more sketches. I have been trapped in my apartment due to a ridiculous reoccurring foot injury that just won't quit. Ironic, especially when my friends are actually in town. I decided to be productive in my static state so I took to the sketch book again. Morrigan and Hsien-ko were a natural choice for this project as they are two of my favorite characters from another CAPCOM game, Dark Stalkers. They are definitely more cartoonish because they have wings and giant metal claws, but oddly enough these collections are still complimentary.

If you haven't already noticed, my world is a strange jumble of fashion and animation and food. I will explain why I chose these looks for these girls when I scan the originals. I think I want to go ahead and color them too. So much fun! If you have any requests I am all ears, but something tells me there aren't too many fashion/gamer/anime nerds who are going to read this.

- jerome

May 18, 2012

Street Fighter C'est Chic

Chun-Li wears Chanel Pre-Fall 2010. Cammy wears Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2010.

There was a "Living Single" marathon on, which pretty much decided that I was staying in on this fine Friday evening. After making dinner and cleaning house, I decided to use my free time in a productive way. Here are some sketches I did this evening. I had this idea a few seasons ago to outfit some of my favorite Street Fighter girls in runway looks befitting of their characters. When I configure my scanner (it was a hand-me-down, let's hope it works), I will put up actual scans and possibly color them in. They turned out pretty cute I think! It feels good to be drawing again - it's like therapy.

- jerome

May 11, 2012

Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations

T-Shirt and Shoe Ornament by Prada

Yesterday I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art for the new Schiaparelli and Prada exhibit. It was such a wonder to see two intelligent, progressive, and Italian female minds collaborate and synchronize despite the decades that separate them. As you first enter the exhibit, a film plays that sets the stage for the rest of your journey. The title Impossible Conversations is to be taken literally as Miuccia and Elsa (played by Judy Davis) talk casually about their histories and philosophies. Elsa Schiaparelli passed away in 1973 of course, making the pairing physically impossible, but it is also unbelievable just how well their designs match when the clothes are separated by more than 65 years. Jackets made in the 1930s melt into skirts fabricated in our time to create a seamless match that had me scratching my head. It was as if Schiaparelli and Prada had designed for the same collections. You can see it in the prints and trims as well as the proportions and sensibility in the clothing designed ultimately by and for Italian women. One of my favorite conversations to watch was the discussion of whether or not fashion is an art; Schiaparelli says that it is with conviction, while Prada believes fashion to be a business first. I think that fashion is an art, but Miuccia's point about clothing being designed to sell has merit. She goes on to say that even "art" isn't art and that no one should really care. I think this means that art is what you want or need it to be and that for her personally it is mainly her livelihood. Whatever her stance may be, it is undeniable that Miuccia Prada is a visionary, sharing Elsa Schiaparelli's design sense in pushing boundaries for womenswear in a timeless and artful modern way.
If you are looking for the grandeur of the McQueen exhibit, be prepared to feel a little stunted. This exhibit is nowhere near as large or thorough, but it is still impressive. I recommend setting time aside to really watch each of the conversations, directed by none other than Baz Luhrmann. Don't miss out on the moving pictures in the last room! The gift shop does not disappoint for the exhibit. Pictured above is the very charming Prada Flame shoe ornament. Everyone was in a panic over the Mcqueen shoe, but I saw a surplus for both exhibits so don't worry. The book is a great read as well. Inside the cloth bound text contains the transcribed conversations between Schiaparelli and Prada and excellent photographs of the curated pieces, intimate close ups of the textiles and patterns, and original editorials from the 1930s. If you are Asian have OCD like me, ask for a new copy still wrapped in plastic because the cover is a bit delicate and I saw a few with scratches and hand prints. Jewelry, scarves, and nylon handbags from various iconic Prada collections are also available. I have my eye on the foulard with the James Jean prints from the fairy collection!! - jerome

May 8, 2012

Unpacking Slowly

Look what I found! This is my last pack of Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes from a carton I bought almost 9 years ago! It was buried in a miscellaneous drawer at my parents' house. My OCD made me keep one unopened. I wasn't lying, guys. They do exist! This was taken hours before I boarded my flight to New York.

Greetings from Manhattan! I still haven't finished unpacking, but when I do I will upload pictures of my new apartment. It is spacious and (soon to be) fully furnished! My bed frame from Fabulous & Baroque won't be here until the end of June, but at least my dining room is complete and I can entertain! I haven't found a place to take photos from a proper angle and I no longer have a tripod. Surely there is somewhere I can work it out though! It is exciting to be in a new city. People like to dress up in this town (obviously) and being around that energy and enthusiasm is a major delight!

- jerome

May 3, 2012

Moving at a Glacial Pace

These Clow Cards in the books are worth way more than what I paid for as a kid. Sadly, I cannot say the same for Beanie Babies.

A lot has happened in the past two months during my leave from the blogging world: I moved my belongings to New York, got two new tattoos, ended a four year relationship with my best friend/partner, "vacationed" at my parents' house and my childhood bedroom for a small while, and Raf was officially announced as the man to replace Galliano at Dior - among other things. Needless to say I have been AN EMOTIONAL WRECK a busy bee. Tomorrow will find me on the redeye back to Manhattan to finally live and stay on the East coast. It has been a slow transition but much had to be done in an emotional capacity so that I did not completely lose it and chicken out.

Friends and family were both surprised when I popped into my favorite haunts these past two weeks. Everyone thought I had already moved. My stuff is all put away in my new apartment so technically I was visiting California all this time. For the most part it was just me sitting in my old bedroom eating my feelings and watching Card Captor Sakura. Anime has surely affected me since adolescence, and it sure did bring a smile to my face during this unbearably tough, though exciting, time... We parted on the best of terms, but I still miss him to the highest degree every day. It will take a while before I can speak to him without considering staying in California, so I will wait.

This is probably the most personal thing I have written on this blog so let me introduce my Tumblr again. There I will write about my personal life (stay tuned there for my realizations of a Californian in New York!) and reblog whatever my heart desires so that I can keep this blog as a fashion/style album and portfolio. I hope to continue regular posting once I am settled in New York! Miss you all.


- jerome

February 25, 2012

Take A Bow

Seeing Raf Simons cry during the finale of his final show for Jil Sander is making me weep uncontrollably. His exit didn't have the grandeur of Tom Ford's last show for Gucci; nor was it abrupt and scandalous as John Galliano's termination. The drama came from the tears of a talented designer who loves (and will clearly miss) his work. Watching a designer who cares so much is truly inspiring. Raf brought a new aesthetic to Jil Sander that was so natural and effortless that many of the brand's followers respected and adapted to it quickly - the rest of them who didn't quite agree will be appeased as Jil Sander herself will return to her eponymous brand to take lead. It will be interesting to see if she will carry on from her point of view forged years ago, or if she will continue to design around Raf's current vision which many have come to praise. There is no better person to follow Raf Simons than Jil Sander herself.

Rumor has it that Raf will take the job at Dior. His designs were a perfect fit for the modernity of Jil Sander, but I cannot wait to see what he will do with the heritage and flamboyancy associated with the French mega brand.

Another water-works inducing piece of news is the return of Hedi Slimane as creative director for Yves Saint Laurent. Stefano Pilati brought a darkness to YSL that I will miss, but I cannot tell you how much I have waited for Slimane's return to fashion! I was a fan when he was designing for YSL Rive Gauche, and clearly I and thousands more became disciples after his revolutionary work at Dior Homme. Slimane's leaving DH was a hard pill to swallow for so many because he would shockingly stop designing completely after less than fruitful talks with the corporate leaders about creative freedom. This return to fashion is so highly anticipated and I cannot wait to see how Slimane will design womenswear and how he may perhaps change YSL.

- jerome

February 23, 2012


So it has officially been a month since I last posted. Actually, the last update was an update on my vacation to explain why I haven't been updating at all. After much hyperventilating, soul searching, and hair pulling, I finally signed my lease. That's right kids, I am moving to New York City! The East Village in Manhattan will be my new home come April 1st. I solemnly swear to resume writing (REAL WRITING) as soon as I settle in.

- jerome

January 22, 2012

Out of the Office

So posting during my vacation isn't going as swimmingly as planned. I have been super busy here in the Philippines. It is so wonderful to reconnect with my family and remember where they are from. Philippines is an entirely different world (if not for the simple fact that I paid the equivalent of 80 cents for a bottled water at a big ticket concert). I am only beginning my third day and already the most amazing things have happened:

1. Slept almost the entire 12 hour flight (15 hour travel time) thanks to the comfy business class seats
2. I had my palm read by one of the most respected healers in San Thomas (all good things I think)
3. Acquired some amazing pieces at Hermés, including a silk shirt on sale!
4. Indulged in a 5 hour spa session
5. Met up with a new friend at a gallery opening for renowned photographer Perou at the Ayala Museum in Makati
6. People keep thinking I am an "Artista" or actor/teen idol
7. Watched Katy Perry on whim, live, in the last show of her California Dreams Tour

The trip has also been one ENDLESS FOOD DIET FAIL EXTRAVAGANZA. Where this whole, "You look like Coco Martin!" thing comes from is a mystery to my bloated self. I blame it on my lack of jet-lag - the balance must be upheld. But I am not so worried about the scale seeing as I have the rest of the winter to trim down when I get back. The ultra luxe Shangri-La Hotel has been fun. They have security at the front door with sniffing dogs and metal detectors that kind of makes me nervous and impressed at the same time. I leave for the white sand beaches of Boracay tomorrow where wi-fi probably won't - and shouldn't - be had, so I thought a small update was in order.

Being out of California and singing a song as cheesy as "California Girls" really made me realize how much pride I have for the Bay. Let's leave nostalgia and sentiment for later... I leave for paradise tomorrow!!

- jerome

January 13, 2012

Glamour Shots

I found out what GPOY meant. I'm not sure that was the best discovery.

Vintage Motorcycle Jacket, H&M x Versace Sweater, Naked and Famous Denim, Nike Air Jordan 3, Hermés Bag

There are a couple of things I want to share with you all. First, I "borrowed" my brother's Jordan's after rolling my ankle during Christmas. No one is more surprised than I am, but somehow they go great with everything. I've never been a sneaker head so the borrow was purely out of necessity. Walking with a rolled ankle is impossible in unforgiving, leather brogues. Jordan's became my orthopedic shoes and my ankle's best friend. Two words: ARCH SUPPORT. Also, here is a close up of my initials stamped into the reverse side of the touret on my black Birkin. I like my monograms discreet, so this is the place I chose for all of them.

Yesterday, I finally styled a shoot after a long hiatus of active creative work. It was so much fun! The theme I conjured was "a motorcycle jacket for every man." My collection of outerwear has grown over the years, resulting in a strange mixture I am fond and proud of. Looking at the variations on one consistent item in my wardrobe (leather jackets) showed me how I came to my current styling choices. I have been so confused about my attraction to random styles, trying to make Rick Owens and J.Crew fit together. Perhaps it all makes sense when you look at the OCD preppy phase in my youth, the vintage/glam adventures I had in college, my quest for androgynous perfection, big brother's influence throughout my life, and my label obsessions in between.

- jerome

January 12, 2012

Kawaii Desho

Note: Always watch anime in a well-lit room and don't sit too close to the TV.

Jeremy brought home these adorable anime eye glasses. It is such a sweet gift! There are perforations so you can still see through them. However, it is a little creepy if you stare at someone for too long while they are wearing the anime eyes...

- jerome

January 9, 2012

Target... Acquired?

Karen Walker Sunglasses, Uniqlo +J Blazer, Céline Zara Silk Shirt, Naked and Famous Denim, Prada Shoes

On my never ending quest to obtain the Céline shirt I have been obsessing over since its runway debut, I may have found an acceptable substitute. I wandered into Zara looking to score on some basics during their mega sale and found this splendid silk shirt that mimics the original. It had to have been a return from another store because I have never seen it. The piece has a brilliant print that is similar enough to the Céline to achieve the same aesthetic, but different enough to be a dignified knock off without being completely counterfeit. Hooray! Now cross your fingers I can find the original when I go to Hong Kong. I hope I don't develop a silk shirt phase.

- jerome

January 6, 2012

Check It Out

Burberry Muffler, Schott Motorcycle Jacket, Blood is the New Black Tee, J.Crew Khakis, COS Boots

Happy New Year! 2011 was a major trip, but I am beyond excited for 2012 as long as it isn't the end of the world. There is so much happening this year already. The first fitting for my brother's wedding took place yesterday, I am starting to pack for my vacation, and there is a new set of frames being fitted with my prescription. Blog time has been cut down drastically, but my New Year's resolution is to allow myself more creative time. We will see how well this plays out given the move to New York!

I've had this check wool motorcycle jacket for a while now. It has kept me warm and toasty this winter season. The classic ivy league colors used to make Schott's Perfecto silhouette is a match for my wardrobe. Plaids have never been my favorite print, but I've recently acquired some pieces. Another is this Giant Check Cashmere Muffler from Burberry. It is extra long and wide and made from the softest fibers. I recommend getting your hands on one before the winter ends!!

- jerome