May 3, 2012

Moving at a Glacial Pace

These Clow Cards in the books are worth way more than what I paid for as a kid. Sadly, I cannot say the same for Beanie Babies.

A lot has happened in the past two months during my leave from the blogging world: I moved my belongings to New York, got two new tattoos, ended a four year relationship with my best friend/partner, "vacationed" at my parents' house and my childhood bedroom for a small while, and Raf was officially announced as the man to replace Galliano at Dior - among other things. Needless to say I have been AN EMOTIONAL WRECK a busy bee. Tomorrow will find me on the redeye back to Manhattan to finally live and stay on the East coast. It has been a slow transition but much had to be done in an emotional capacity so that I did not completely lose it and chicken out.

Friends and family were both surprised when I popped into my favorite haunts these past two weeks. Everyone thought I had already moved. My stuff is all put away in my new apartment so technically I was visiting California all this time. For the most part it was just me sitting in my old bedroom eating my feelings and watching Card Captor Sakura. Anime has surely affected me since adolescence, and it sure did bring a smile to my face during this unbearably tough, though exciting, time... We parted on the best of terms, but I still miss him to the highest degree every day. It will take a while before I can speak to him without considering staying in California, so I will wait.

This is probably the most personal thing I have written on this blog so let me introduce my Tumblr again. There I will write about my personal life (stay tuned there for my realizations of a Californian in New York!) and reblog whatever my heart desires so that I can keep this blog as a fashion/style album and portfolio. I hope to continue regular posting once I am settled in New York! Miss you all.


- jerome

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