November 2, 2010

Jeepers Creepers

Shirt by Uniqlo, Tee by 3.1 Phillip Lim, Khakis by J.Crew, Creepers by Demonia

Halloween is over, but the Day of the Dead is still on! This is a good time to finally debut my creepers. I am not sure why I was suddenly attracted to these puppies. It may have been a natural footwear purchase after my obsession with finding a platform heel boot for men. The search for shoes that make me taller without having to buy an actual woman's shoe is tiring. During one googling session I came across a pair of creepers. I thought back to how my college roommate grew 3" before my very eyes whenever he put them on. So I went to eBay and got my first pair - in leopard no less. Why? WHY NOT??!! I went with the leopard because I am eying another pair of leopard shoes, so this would be a 2-fold test drive.

The sole of the shoe is a little more than 2" thick but the actual shoe is cut quite low, making them a bit tricky to walk in if you do not have any experience walking in heels. Luckily I wore nothing but 3" cowboy boots for a solid year in high school so my level is a bit more advanced than the average homo Joe. Still, creepers are not for those with weak ankles. When I put them on I measure up to about 6'2". Mission accomplished!! With more research my friends told me that their favorite brand was T.U.K. and I might invest in some wing tip or all black/white creepers for the next pair.

As an added bonus, this pair comes with a secret compartment hidden under the sole. So even though I am wearing khakis I can still be somewhat gothic. The miniature coffin is perfect for my chapstick or emergency cash or garage door opener or something. Or something.

- jerome

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    So jealous of your leopard Creepers.