November 26, 2010

Star Shirts - The Obsession Continues...

Capsule Collection Images from The Fashion Spot

I am not so sure where my recent obsession with stars comes from. My black and white button down and Louis Vuitton scarf piece tell me that I find star shapes to be an attractive graphic element. This capsule collection from Christoper Kane might be taking things to another level. Behold this lovely resort 2011 collection including shocking nebula prints. These cosmic graphics are images taken by the Hubble telescope, blown up to create all-over printed garments as seen in the womenswear collection.

Photos from Interview Mag

Kane is known for these large prints after his success with the Gorilla and Floral series. I myself find nebulae to be fascinating and beautiful and I cannot wait for these babies to drop. See how layering the prints creates movement and interest to an already obvious statement. Dramatic visuals next to simple saturated garments has a great affect when broken up with the skin showing on the neck, arms, or legs. Bravo!!

Even though this is a resort collection, I am pretty sure these clothes would work for A/W because of the color palette. The nebula prints showcase a gorgeous spectrum of jewel tones which I find romantic and always appropriate for the colder months. Another mystery. Perhaps my affinity for this palette stems from the following music video seen at least once a month on YouTube during my childhood.

Sup, BAMBI??!

- jerome


  1. wow this collection looks really interesting!

  2. Christopher Kane is trying to give me an ANEURYSM!!! this ish is sooo AMAZZZZING!