November 26, 2010

Wide Leg Ways

Blazer and Sailing Shirt by Zara, Boots by Virgin Blak, Trousers by Balenciaga

So I was saving this for after Thanksgiving, and after my Lanvin x H&M reveal, but because there are other media outlets starting to take notice of this trend revival, I thought I would put in my two cents before it became a craze.

I LOVE ME SOME WIDE LEG TROUSERS. Flares even. I busted out the ol' AG Jeans and boots. There is something about a hidden leg and shoe, shrouded in a voluminous but sharp covering, that makes my heart flutter. Phoebe Philo got me interested with her play on proportions and minimalism. Pictured above are an amazing pair of trousers from Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière. I was really lucky in acquiring these as they were a thrift find.

Originally the flare was about 4' wider, but because these are more of a bell-bottom and not a full wide-leg trouser, I had them taken in. Unfortunately I look like an epic whale because of the combination of lighting, angle, and pressing my tailor did not press the pants to create the shape I wanted, but I couldn't wait and had to share; time is of the essence!! I think they are still lovely with a platform boot. I am in love. More bell shapes to come!!

- jerome



    You must show me and/or let me borrow!

  2. they sure are! seeing as the ricks are sold out everywhere, cost a bajillion dollars, and i am saving for a birkin, i went for the cheap. they are actually great quality and do not have any sort of counterfeit branding. also...

    I AM 6'4 IN THEM

    - jerome