November 28, 2010

Lanvin x H&M x Jerome Gettin' Cray Cray

All clothing by Lanvin X H&M, Shoes by Lanvin

So finally the big reveal. I guess everyone in the fashion world besides those who don't look at price tags or get big name swag went bonkers for the Lanvin X H&M collaboration. Let's begin with the epic tale on how I scored me some limited lax-luxury lovin'. It starts with a wishlist. My beloved friend and I rendezvoused at my place to go over the top items we were after. I had my hands tied with my work schedule and birthdays and family stuff so my friend was going to take one for the team and wait in line as he had planned anyway. He planned to come to my place to get my list and money, wake up early, and wait in line at 3:00 AM for the best selection. He came over but then we got distracted by my new platform boots and shoe talk, I forgot to give him my money, and he left his phone in my car. FAIL. To top it all off, people had began waiting in line at 8:00 PM so he threw in the towel. EPIC FAIL.

No big deal, right? The peacoat he couldn't live without was just another thing from H&M. The suit I wanted was still H&M. Whatever, right? The morning of the frenzy I stopped by just to see the battle royale. By some stroke of luck I walked in and within 5 minutes of trolling around the suit in my size was placed in my hand. I took a step back and the trousers came with me but sadly the jacket was in the hands of a fierce looking Korean boy. It was clear that he was one of the 8:00-ers, and crystal who was leaving with the suit. Defeat eclipsed my heart after the thrill of the hunt seduced me. I am a very competitive person, and had to have a piece of this collection.

Fast forward to my lunch break and my look of desperation hidden behind large, crooked sunglasses at the doors of a still-bustling H&M. Round 2. I don't know how it happened but I turned the corner and there was the coat in my friend's size! It was big a mistake to try it on - I fell in love with the gorgeous wool coat instantly. The brass buttons and flawless cut compliment a surprisingly because it's H&M high quality piece. Oops. After puppy dog eyes from my bestie, some soul and eBay searching, I had surrendered the coat to him. Anyway, I was able to find the coat online for only $50.00 USD more (including shipping and sales tax), and what is that amongst friends??

The following days after the launch I visited H&M when I had time to try my luck at some returns. I was able to score the shirt and the knit drawstring trousers, but still no luck with the suit (it may have to be an eBay purchase). If you did not get a chance to score any goods from the collection, I suggest you stop by your nearest flagship before eBay. People are returning many things like shoes and suits after buying whatever they could get their hands on without trying stuff on. And if you are after the womenswear, try extra hard. There were some gorgeous dresses!! The only caveat is everyone will be wearing them to that New Year's party you were planning on show off at.

The packaging is incredible. Shopping bags are a long time obsession of mine, and these illustrated bags with ribbon handles are an amazing addition. The hangars are adorable and the silk screened garment bags are so charming!! They really pulled out all the stops. I am pleasantly surprised with the merchandise. Lately H&M has been disappointing with the quality and cut of their clothing, especially in the mens departments. They must have put everything into the collaboration because these duds are sweet. Good luck hunting for what you wanted :)

- jerome

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  1. the crazy thing is that hardly anyone is selling on eBay considering how huge the launch was. maybe it was the buying limit (2 per style per customer) but i think people are actually loving these clothes enough to forget about making profit. an actual restock may never happen, but im crossing my fingers for someone to return a stuff in your size, or for you to find a great deal online!!

    - jerome