November 8, 2010

This Could be the Week...

Tommy Ton's photos on JAK&JIL

I have been waiting and praying for Barney's to re-stock the elusive Céline luggage tote and box clutch in the colors I desire. Look how well they go with the Sofia!! Leopard too, which would be perfect with the sneakers I just ordered. Good thing pay day is on Friday or else I might not even be able to get it if it arrives. Heaven help me if the PS1 in smoke finally comes as well.

I have been stress shopping, but simultaneously cleaning out my closet. It is clear to me that my bank account cannot survive much more of this, so I have vowed to keep shopping to a minimum until the holiday sales. But these bags have been on the brain for too long...

A closet cleanse is a great way to make room for new items, make money from selling, and/or more importantly re-evaluate your taste. I enjoy discovering old things that compliment my newer garments. Let's see where 2011 will take me.

- jerome

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