May 31, 2010

Target Acquired: Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Bag

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. I remember the first time I held the Sofia Coppola Bag; I was shopping in Hong Kong and was immediately drawn to the deep red of the SC bag's Jasper calf leather. The buttery, supple skin was nothing like I had ever felt. Thus, my real obsession for bags began.

Flash forward almost a year and I had a job, saved enough for 2 collection bags, and still the SC bag was out of my budget. Months of research and visits proved to me that the bag was next level. It is so exclusive, only a handful of stores in the US are even allowed to sell the bag (go SF!!) and it comes with a book that describes the collaboration. I had plenty of time to think about which one I would own. The Cobalt is a rich shade of blue and the Asphalt suede sings of luxury, but the Jasper is a red that embodies love at first sight. From the first time I held it, my decision was already made. To my surprise, luck, and gratitude, my mother had developed her ALLASIANSLOVELOUISVUITTON bag gene around the same time I did. She began to shop at LV all by herself, and knew that I was a little insane but had some sympathy for my obsession. Thus, my parents granted me a large birthday wish and the SC bag in Jasper became mine.

I began using the SC after the rain let up. It fits my daily essentials and whatever else I may need to bring from time to time. The handles are silky smooth to the touch, allowing for unbelievable comfort when holding it. The shoulder strap is an added bonus and convenience since I love the classic style and look of top handles anyway. Asphalt suede lines the inside of the bag with a patch and zippered pocket for organization. A covered lock and key bell accent the bag, adding security and subtle refinement reserved for those with a discerning eye. This is the only Louis Vuitton item I own that is made in Italy (everything else is made in France). In other less eloquent words, THIS BAG IS THE SHIT.

Thank you all for your votes!! I love and appreciate the others, but the Jasper is just my soul mate. It is the PERFECT day bag just as Sofia Coppola intended, and the only way to top it would be with a Birkin. Except for the PS1 I think I can cool it with the bags now, specifically Louis Vuitton. A full report of my birthday loot will come soon, when they arrive in the mail!! Besides, it is still technically birthday month, and summer sales have begun :)

- jerome

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