May 17, 2010

Rock the Vote

It's that time of the month again, and trust me when I say my "time of the month" is getting really expensive. Financial Emotional ups and downs, and this time it is my birthday. We all know I need a little help when it comes to making decisions. I can barely decide on what to eat for dinner, let alone which bag to choose when offered a variety of color ways. So again, with the Louis Vuitton (oh, jerome!). I will keep this short and sweet. The SC Bag is pretty much the Birkin of LV bags, and if you cannot get passed price tags for handbags, then I cannot help you, nor do I want your advice. So which one should I get, the Jasper calf leather, the Asphalt suede, or the cobalt calf leather? The decision must be made on the 24th of May, so comment or email me with your vote!!

- jerome