May 17, 2010

This One is for the Ladies...

And once again I'm mad jealous. I want nothing to more than to sit down with great designers and beg for a job tell them to make man versions of their wonderful creations. I've been meaning to do a post about this particular subject, especially since I recently swore off buying women's clothes (I DID NOT SAY ACCESSORIES), so when Tommy Ton posted looks from the Dion Lee show during Sydney Fashion week I saw it as a prime opportunity to make my point. Because for realz, how sick would these look on guys:

Photos from Jak & Jil

Imagine those pleated knots as a shirt or tank, under a blazer with trousers and sandals!! Silhouettes may have to change but if you kept the iconic detailing I think the design aesthetic could translate beautifully into menswear. I love how "Australian" this collection is. Okay, I have never been to Australia so my impression is painfully American and superficial. But the organic prints, pastel color palette, and light as air fabrics scream island-water-sun-goddess. I want to wear this on a beach and take pictures, then promptly change and put on something I wont regret damaging. But first, it must be made available to me; to men!

- jerome

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