November 12, 2010

Target Acquired: Louis Vuitton Monogram Stars Stole in Marine

Missing out on limited edition pieces can cause serious heartache. The endless online searching and sleepless nights can get to you, when finally sleep deprivation and anxiety have you considering paying A LOT of dough for such a rare piece. This was the case for my latest acquisition, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Stars Stole in Marine. Print was something I started experimenting with in clothing early last year but it has always been a favorite of mine when it comes to accessories, particularly scarves. A shemagh (Middle Eastern peace scarves) was often part of my everyday attire. But when I first saw the Monogram Stars stole, I knew I had to have it. Unfortunately I discovered the limited piece half way around the world whilst reading a fashion magazine a month old. Needless to say the stole was sold out before I even knew I couldn't live without it.

Here comes the obsessive behavior. For about a year I trolled the Internet, searching and searching for the stole with no avail. It became something to search for every time I was on eBay and I am on eBay everyday hunting for gems like these. I randomly came across the stole on a website for second-hand luxury handbags. The asking price was one helluva mark up at 3 times the original retail value. My heart dropped. This was it, my chance!! My intuition paralyzed my mouse button so I could step back and think about the bill. I would be buying a used stole that was rare, yes, but obviously priced at a ridiculous amount because the seller knows just how much I needed this goddamn accessory. I don't let anyone take advantage of me, so I closed that window.

Luckily I am not a quitter and searched for the stole on eBay approximately 15 minutes later. It was listed at the retail price, brand new with tags/box/duster/original receipt, AND free shipping. Lady luck shined upon me that day. MIRACLES HAPPEN.

Photos by Anthony Deeying


This stole is a true beauty and worth every penny. It is a linen/silk blend, which makes it breathable while providing unbeatable temperature control for all seasons in San Francisco. Graphically, the stole is pretty epic. The blocks of cherry, cream, and navy ripple throughout the piece with just a hint of cerulean peeking at the side. The nautical stars add depth, appearing in two hues of golden yellow. They also add a touch of art nouveau (my favorite art style) and Americana (my current style inspiration). These stars also make the stole resemble both the American flag and the Filipino flag, which is red, white, and blue with golden stars. I am starting to think this thing was actually made just for me. The rich colors fly gorgeously as the stole moves like liquid in the Autumn wind. I am sooo gay for this stole. I wore it today with a denim shirt and jeans from Uniqlo, Pleasure Principle Tee, Alfredo Bannister boots, and my Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag.

The LV thing is getting a little ridiculous. Thank goodness the SC is not brand heavy and the LV Monogram is seen only at the end of the stole. Contrary to popular belief, the scarf is not double sided. The stars fade into the monogram at the very end of one side as shown in the press pictures. It is funny how one post on HypeBeast can mislead so many people!! I am so satisfied with this stole and will continue to search for it's sister in Blue ;)

- jerome


  1. Love this story!
    Because i have the same scarf!

    I bought it from Cliff Edge when it came out.
    My mouse just went in automatic pilot and clicked on it haha.

    Too Bad I can't find allot about the scarf on the net because some people think it's a fake on:( But it is just a limited edition..

    I also want the blue one=D

    If you want you can add me on Twitter!

  2. And!

    You posted some very nice pictures!

  3. after i read your story , finally i just decide to buy one at the louis vuitton store in portland , but this one is 2011 collection louis vuitton monogram star stole american vintage. thank you

  4. I do love the new scarves too. I think the blue and yellow version is quite nice (Marine I think is the official name). It is such a beautiful piece that I might get another from this season :)

    - jerome