December 4, 2010


This past week has been hell at work, and with the weather slowly getting worse each day, I have succumb to seasonal cold symptoms. Thank goodness I am not legit sick yet but I realize that I am behind on posting. A couple of nights ago I attended a benefit wearing full blown palazzo pants. The next day, I was wearing tribal jewels and prints. Now I am in a fishtail parka and brogues. My style has been all over the place lately, which usually means I need to go shopping. Times like these are exciting because when you try out so many different looks, you develop your own spin on things. Here are some examples of my latest obsessions.

1. Tribal Inspiration - Kentaro Sawano in VMan
2. Keeping it Classy - Lasse Pedersen in Fudge
3. Glamazon - Blake Lively in Marie Claire UK

- jerome

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