December 13, 2010


I feel absolutely horrible about the blog neglect. The holidays are like the Olympics of retail, and the stress and hard work has taken its toll. My days begin with work and end with house chores, and holiday shopping in between. I am almost finished with my gifting, but there is added pressure this year for my family. I mean IF I GOT MYSELF A FRIGGIN' BIRKIN, THEIR PRESENTS BETTER BE GOOD time is running out. I hope your holiday shopping is right on track!!

Anyway, with the Birkin acquisition during less-than-ideal weather, I long for warmer weather and sun. Cloudy days keep me paranoid about bringing out my favorite leather goods. But more than anything I am sick of this muggy winter. I want to go to the Philippines to do some beaching, shopping, sunning, relaxing, resorting, and resetting! It might be time for a vacation. TOP MODEL INSPIRATION EDITORIAL TIME!

Daria Werbowy in French Vogue

One day I will have my own photographer to take pictures of me doing cool stuff like this.

- jerome

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